Monday, October 28, 2013

Yee Haw

Today starts Red Ribbon Week at school and today was Cowboy/Cowgirl day. James was PUMPED about today and as he was getting out of the car he told me "I been waitin' for this day for so long!" LOL, bless his sweet little heart!!! Audrey squeezed her feet into her pink cowgirl boots from last year, promising that they weren't too tight. I'll be interested to see what shoes she has on this afternoon, since they had to take their tennis shoes because Monday is a P.E. day. She wasn't too excited about today because she had her heart set on wearing this sequin skirt that someone gave her. I have to appreciate her love for all things sparkly and girly but we had a long conversation about how it's the kind that you have to wear leggings with because it borders on being too short for a 6 year old. And what if some one saw your rear-end on the playground?? That remark just sparked the question of "What's a rear-end?" (and at this moment we are clean out of leggings, tights, socks and any thing else that could be considered cool weather attire for one's legs and feet.)

We have several cowboy hats around here and Olivia loves to put one on and say yee haw and then throw the hat in the air. I wonder just where this child gets her personality from. Every one here at my house is always so dull and boring. As the picture below demonstrates. Dull and boring.

Not pictured below are: Olivia's matched socks, Audrey's hat on her head and James's other cowboy boot and both of them actually on his feet. He had to dig the other out from under a pile of junk in the back of the van and he got stuck on the back of the seat. Oops!

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Becky said...

dull and boring. as usual