Friday, October 11, 2013

WARNING: Picture Overload

If I could only eliminate the need for sleep, bathing, eating and if I had a speedy jet plane that could transport me and my kiddos to where ever we needed to go in an instant, I could be Super Mom. Or Super Woman. Or, I could just be proficient and productive 24/7. But since I cannot escape any of these things, I guess I'll just keep doing what ever it is I've been doing and hope that at the end of the day or week or month I'll have something to show for it. Maybe I should just have my self cloned 10 times and I'd be set.

Any hoot. These last few weeks have been busy with a capital B and I have been lazy with a capital
L A Z Y. Those two things do not mesh well together. Not at all. Especially when you've got an extremely energetic 2 year old with you all.the.time.

Last time I promised some pictures of the ideas I had in store for James and Audrey's 6th birthday so here ya go!! I had so much fun coming up with the ideas (some from pinterest, some my very own!) and Jon and I had the BEST TIME EVER making them come to life!!!! These are totes going to be family traditions now for every birthday!! (I am the worlds worst at remembering to charge batteries on my camera's. Had to use the small one early in the morning resulting in some blurry pics. My sincere apologies!!!)

I had been working with Olivia for the last few days to get to her to believe and accept the fact that it was James and Audrey's birthday and not hers. Something that is quite hard for a 2 year old to wrap their mind around. But I made some progress the day before and so when i went to get her up to go upstairs and wake up J&A, she was SO excited!!!! She was all into it and sang HB to "J&A" and not "me" haha!! But around the time of the gift unwrapping she started to derail and by the time we sang HB with the candles in the pancakes, she couldn't take it any more and started BAWLING her eyes out. It was pitiful and hilarious all at the same time. If I had had the video camera rolling (we really gotta invest in one that's NOT in the camera we r taking pics w/) I am 100% certain that we could have one a sum large enough to pay for her college education. It was that good.

After our morning festivities we rode to school in a "painted" van and even though we didn't get many honks (Note to Self: put the word HONK on the BACK of the van next time!) they still thought it was the best thing ever!! They wore little badges all day, Olivia and I took cupcakes to share with their class mates during recess, they got out of school early, they got to eat Japenese food (the fire place as they say) and then they got to go do a little bday shopping at Target. It was a blast of a day and they both said it was the best birthday they have ever had. Now that is what Mama's like to hear!!!

I swear, as soon as they turned 6 years old, they have grown 3 feet. It's amazing how much they can change in the blink of an eye. They seem so big now. *Sigh*

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Becky said...

this looks like SOOOOOOOO much fun!! It's like Christmas morning! They'll never forget their 6th birthday, I'll bet. Totes sweet. and legit. too turnt. aight. keep it one hunna.