Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Goodbye, Goldie

Our school had their annual Fall Festival over the weekend and even though it rained and everything had to be moved inside down different hallways through out the school, there was a good turn out. Olivia got to take her first horse ride, my husband was pied in the face a little over 100 times, Audrey got her face painted and James won a goldfish.

It was so crowded in the elementary hall that I was not really paying attention to the "Go Fish" game James wanted to play. I know, I know. The name should of tipped me off but I just thought he was going to be fishing for a prize or something because I couldn't really see what was going on. Much to my chagrin, he won a gold fish and we got to tote it around for the rest of the night. James was SO EXCITED because he's been wanting a pet of some kind for a while now but we just aren't on bored for any of that yet. I have enough to feed and clean up after as it is and most of Jon's experiences with pets when he was little were slightly traumatizing.

Any who, we got Goldie home and in a temporary dwelling place and transferred him to a fish bowl yesterday. James was excited to put this little castle he had painted in there. Well, this morning when I got up I found that Goldie had departed this world. Oh boy, I was so nervous for James to find out. #1 because I didn't want him to be sad and #2 I didn't want to get blamed for his 1st pet kicking the bucket. I knew he would say it was my fault because, well, I'm mama and most things are my fault if they go wrong just because I'm the easiest person to blame!! Well he came in the kitchen and saw Goldie just floating there and said "Hey look I guess Goldie is still asleep." I just smiled at him and then he said "Or is he dead?" I had to break it to him then and surprisingly he din't start crying! He took it like a champ, scooped the dead fish out with his hand and went a flushed him down the toilet. Then came back and said "I know why he died. Cause you wouldn't let me feed him last night." See????

Well, he wasn't angry just matter of fact. But I gently reminded him that DADDY(!!) didn't let him feed Goldie last night because he still had food floating around. When I told him that gold fish just don't live very long usually that seemed to satisfy him. All in all our short lived pet ownership went well and maybe just maybe we will be getting us another one some time soon. Maybe.

Disclaimer: I had to help out at Jon's pie booth for awhile so James tagged along with one of his buddies and they got their faces painted so that why I have no pics of J getting his done. Audrey tagged along with one of her friends and that's why I have no pics of her on the horse. My mom brought Olivia about 5:30 and while I was helping at the Kindygarten booth I was able to snag a few pics of her doing some stuff. James racked up and won a fishing pole, a 2 liter drink and the goldfish. Not to mention the amount of candy they came home with was like Halloween!

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Emily said...

That's soooo cute! ! Audrey looks sooooo old in that last picture.