Monday, April 11, 2016

Purple Mysterious

There once was a little girl who would argue with a sign post. Who’s legs were always to tired to walk. Who’s arms were always to short to carry things. Who’s temper more often than not would get the better of her. But she was never afraid to try new things. She was always up for anything.

This little girl was always asking hard questions about Heaven and God and angels; questions that left her mother wondering if she really knew what she was saying when she would try and answer.

This little girl still wakes up in the middle of the night most nights and comes down stairs in the dark to climb in the bed with her mama. She tucks her cold feet into the warmth of her mama’s back and sometimes even asks her mama to hold her hand.

This little girl was also always trying to say hard words and more often than not getting them mixed up. Like purple mysterious for purple Wisteria. 

This little girl was also always listening to sermons and giving commentary. She looked up at her mother yesterday after her father said that we are all gentiles and spiritual Jews and said “Nu uh Mama, we are all Americans.”

This little girl despises being alone. She would rather go to sleep than have to play by her self. She also can’t stand to do school. Complains that it is too hard and it makes her hand tired. Her mother is beginning to think Kindergarten is either going to be a disaster or a disaster!!

Oh how this little girl lights up any room she is in. Her smile and her laugh are infectious. And most days her Mother (and Father) have to fight the urge to just roll up and be putty in her hand. She loves to help her mama with dusting and sweeping and washing dishes. Funny how her arms are never to tired to do the things she likes. She adores her older sister (although that older sister is getting a little too bossy these days) and she desperately misses her brother when he is not at home. Even if she can pick a fight with him quicker than you can say BOO!!

But most of all there once was a little girl who was loved all the way to the moon and back a thousand times.