Thursday, April 29, 2010

A fun day

A few weeks ago while chatting with my friend Beth on Facebook, I suggested we meet up somewhere, one day and let the kids play. She readily agreed and after a little research we decided Chehaw Park in Albany would be about half way for both of us. We went today and just had the best time, ever!

There is a zoo at this place along with a large pavilion, tons of places to picnic, and best of all a pirate ship playground!!! First off, the animals. Wow, they had a large variety of cool animals to see. From rhinos and black bears to a copperhead snakes and alligators, we saw a lot!

Yes, he was pulling his sister.

We enjoyed a lovely picnic of pb&j sandwiches, Capri sun, chips and fruit. Surprisingly enough, the fruit was the biggest hit!

After what seemed like an eternity (only an hour) and millions of "I want to go play on the pirate ship" we turned them loose to play on the gigantic play thingy! Well, I use the term "turned them loose" very loosely! There were 3 bus loads of kids that invaded the place about the time we sat down to our picnic. And they didn't leave until about 5 minutes before we did! So, we didn't exactly turn them loose!

This picture doesn't do this thing justice, jsyk!

Finally, a turtle he could ride!

Lillie, Becca, James and Audrey

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The misfortunates of having a sister...

"Son, little boys do not wear make up. They especially do not wear lipstick."
Seriously, I am going to have to hang a nail from the ceiling for a place to put my pocketbook (aka purse for those of you who don't have a Georgia upbringing). Because some how their short little arms and even shorter little fingers are always pulling it down from various stashing locations to find gum and other things they shouldn't play with. The lipstick however, takes the cake!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Alligator Point

After living here for almost 3 years, we decided it was high time we trotted ourselves down to the beach for a day trip. We are only about 1 1/2 hours from Alligator Point, FL so we decided to check it out. The kids loved it, we loved it, so we will definitely be making more trips in the upcoming weeks. We like where we chose to plop down in the sand this time but,
will probably go a little farther south to the crystal clear waters of Carrabelle next!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


We have hit yet another milestone in the Mizell household, the big kid bed. In this case the big girl bed. Yep, that's right, Miss Audrey Grace Peach Mizell has officially graduated from her crib to a toddler bed. I got all misty eyed last night during mine and Jon's nightly rounds to look in on our kids before we hit the hay. Still hard to get my mind wrapped around this.

A couple of weeks ago Jon attempted to turn her crib into the toddler bed we thought it would turn into but, much to his chagrin he found that we are missing a few key pieces (like the guard rails) that more than likely got "misplaced" in the move or perhaps we never even had them to begin with (bought it second hand) or maybe it wasn't ever supposed to turn into a bed. Whateva the reason, we rigged into a bed she could climb in and out of (we like to procrastinate around here) with the hopes that she wouldn't fall out and she didn't. At least for two weeks she didn't.
I was awakened by the most horrid of sounds Tuesday night followed by the ear piercing screeches of a little girl who had been rudely awakened by rolling out of her bed and hitting the cold, hard floor. Ouch. Sooo, I made a little trip to Target yesterday afternoon and bought our poor, bruised daughter a safe(er) bed to sleep in! And I let her pick out her own little "bed in a bag" that she's just crazy about!

Our darling of a daughter has really amazed us with this whole potty training thing. She gets up in the middle of the night and wanders down the dark hall to go use the bathroom, never once calling out for us. If we are still awake and she gets up to go and she sees one of us sitting on the couch, she holds up her little finger and says "I gotta go tee-tee, k?" And she always, always closes her door. It's hilarious to watch. What does she think she is? A teenager or something?

Another thing Miss Priss does, is not come out of her room except to use the bathroom. Even in the mornings and after her nap, 9 times out of 10 the girl stays in her bed until I come in to get her. She's an angel, she really is. She's tender and can be shy around people she's not real sure about and she is one of the most loving, caring children I've ever known. Until you cross her and I mean really cross her ( her brother can key you in on how to accomplish that!). But come to think of it, I don't know many little Georgia Peaches who aren't that way!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going backwards..

These pictures are from a little more than a month ago. I know, I am way behind on posting them but better late than never! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fishin buddies

Last weekend Jon took James on his first fishing trip and let me tell you, it was a success! I had told Jon a few weeks ago that I thought James was old enough now and would really enjoy it but Jon wasn't so sure. However, my suggestion got Jon thinking about it and the Sunday that I had to take Audrey to the doctor for her allergic reaction, the boys came home from church with a Spiderman fishing pole. (Uh, they made a pit stop at Walmart for the pole!)

We decided it should be a boys trip so Audrey and I went to Lowes to buy flowers and let the boys bond over stinky, slimy fishies. I was a little worried about not being there to see him catch (or try to catch) his first fish but Jon got some wonderful pictures so I really didn't miss much. And my boys got to spend some quality time together just being boys! And I had the best time looking at all these for the first time. I'm so used to being the one to take the pictures and show them to Jon. Not the other way around!

Does this picture make you cry or what?! How big does my baby look!

He's got a bite!

Workin so hard to get that fish in

He got him!

Yeah, he's a boy

that just caught his first fish!!! Million dollar smile, baby!

The fish is almost as big as him

Getting ready to catch another one

Takin a break from all that hard work!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First visit to the zoo

During our stay in the Iron City we took a trip over to the zoo and let me just say that it was wonderful. The weather was perfect, the crowd was minimal and we even got a little surprise when we got up to the ticket counter and found out it was half price day! James and Audrey have always loved animals (as most kids do) so it was a real treat to see their little faces light up when they realized that they were actually looking at REAL animals! When quizzing them the other day about all the animals we saw and the things we did, the first thing Audrey said was "OOohh an dat daddy wion took that mama wions food aaawaaayy." Interpreted to: while we were visiting the lions they put on a real show for us when the "daddy" lion jumped up on the rock where the "mama" lion was and stole the giant chunk of raw meat she was chewing on. It was pretty cool and apparently stands out in Audrey's little mind! I put together a little slide show of our visit, as there were just a few too many pics to put in one post. Hope y'all enjoy, we
sure did!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

Last week was Jon's spring break and we went over and up to Birmingham to spend a few days with my dad and Nelda. We headed out the Saturday before Easter and had an amazingly easy and uneventful car ride and just enjoyed ourselves to the fullest for the next few days! Daddy and Nelda recently moved (yes, again!) and I think that this one will be the favorite of all of Grandaddy and Nonie's residences. It has a playground and a pool!On Sunday the Easter bunny came and brought lots of cool stuff but he forgot to bring some spare attitudes in case two little rugrats were overly tired and in desperate need of replacements! These were the only pictures they would cooperate for and even though the backgrounds aren't very Springish, the faces make up for it!

We waited until after naps to do Easter baskets (or baksets as James says) and hunt eggs. Glad we did because they were in much better moods and really had fun sorting thru their goodies and then finding the eggs that the Easter bunny left for them. We hid the eggs in this little grassy area a few doors down from the Bryant's apartment and the day we left James spotted that little area and said "Look dat's where da Easta bunny left his eggs!" That kids memory still amazes us!

Green is James' favorite color and every time Audrey found a green egg she would say "Here Bubba, here's you a gween egg!"
I've got more pictures and stories for the rest of the week so keep checking in, you dedicated blog follower's you!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Night time trot's

Last night my daughter woke me up 3 times to......TEE TEE IN HER PRINCESS POTTY. And she really did go tee tee, all 3 times. And she had a pull up on but still chose to go in the princess potty. Does this mean that very soon we will have to turn her crib into her big girl bed? Does this mean that my baby girl is no longer my baby? I knew this day was coming but I still don't LIKE it!

It only took 2 days to have her tee teeing in the the potty all the time (except for nights) and a couple days after that she was going #2 in the potty all the time. Now she is asking to go in the middle of the night. I'm still in shock that she was so quick to catch on. As for the Bubster well, he averages going in the potty twice a day: once on his own and once with me reminding him. The rest of the time he comes to find me to tell me that he has tee teed on his cowboys or whatever under wear he is wearing at the time. One day he came and found me and said 'I tee teed in lou kitchen, mommy"(his y's are l's these days).