Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Last of October

We had a great week, albeit a busy one. We’ve had a great month, in fact, even though it’s been a tear your hair out crazy month it’s been good. And even better has been these last 2 weekends where we have stayed home all saturday long and did nothing except whatever we wanted to do. For instance, Jon got up at the you know what crack of dawn to go hunting in 30 degree weather with 20 mile an hour winds this morning. And I slept until 9:15. Amazing. How is that possible you ask? Well James and Audrey are at the age where they go turn the t.v. on and watch it until I wake up, no prob. Olivia sometimes is cool with that and sometimes not. This morning she was cool with it but it was not because she was being thoughtful of me. No, it’s because she could eat candy this morning if I stayed asleep. Oh well, for me on a Saturday to be able to actually sleep late.....

This week was Red Ribbon Week at school to raise awareness about drugs. I find it ironic that they chose a 70’s theme and a Rock-n-roll theme. Aren’t we trying to raise awareness AGAINST drugs? Yes. So why are we encouraging the children to dress up as people from three of the most drug induced decades in American History?? Hey, I’m just saying how ironic it is! We (I) had so much fun coming up with ideas and ways to dress them!! I’m not the type of person to go out and spend a lot of money on costumes. In fact I usually wait until the absolute last second available to make any kind of plans for a costume so that’s probably why I don’t spend a lot of money on them. I was a little more prepared this year simply because Jacob’s mom called to see if James would want to be his twin on twin day. So we started talking and planning about a week in advance. Oohhh la la.

It’s either this stiff, deer in headlights look or... 

Silliness. I like the silliness personally

Tuesday was dress up day at dance so Miss Olivia went as an elephant using Audrey’s first recital costume. She was totes adorbs. And everyone squealed with delight to see an elephant in the midst of all those Princess Elsa’s :)

And wow do I need to clean and re-paint my back door. Heavens to Betsy I had no idea just how dirty and chipped it was until I took these pictures. Any suggestions for a new color? I am thinking red or possibly going all out and being that house in the neighborhood with the turquoise blue doors.

On Thursday we had the spotlight program at school where James and Audrey were both awarded with All A’s Honor Roll and meeting their A.R. goal for the 1st 9 weeks. I’m so proud of them!!

On Friday there was a “Halloween snack” that I helped with and I got there a little early (SHOCKER!!) so the teacher told me to feel free to walk around the class room and take pictures while the kids were reading. So.....guess what I did?