Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Being twins these two know how to make the most of their daddy’s shoulders. And one of their favorite things to do is to both get on those shoulders and play chicken. Yes, they try and throw each other off. It’s hilarious to watch!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Making up for lost time

The Summer is always a busy time but it seems like we are making up for all the sitting at home we did last Summer since Olivia was newly born! We haven’t stopped since school let out. The first week I painted two bedrooms up stairs. The next week Jon and I went for a little get away down to Orlando for a few days and man did we ever have a blast!! Audrey had her ballet recital the day after we got home and we had a church meeting going on in the area that we attended. My sister and her family came down for a visit on Sunday night and just left this afternoon and we didn’t stop going the whole time they were here! Our annual meeting at Tired Creek is this weekend, we have company coming for a meeting next weekend and then my daddy and step mom are coming for a few days. THEN we are going to Alabama for a few days. THEN we are spending a week at the beach. THEN we are spending a week in New Orleans.....shew. I’m tired already. But, the good Lord willing we will make some wonderful, precious memories during the Summer of 2012. We already have!