Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Weekend

Saturday we headed up to Middle Georgia to spend the night with my sister and her family and for Jon to fill an appointment at a church there on Sunday morning. It was one of the quickest trips I have ever made back home but it was fun! On the way there we stopped at Popeye's for lunch and saw this sign taped next to the drive thru windowNow imagine the scene that probably unfolded to prompt this message!

Like I said, we had a great time with my sister and her family and we just couldn't get over how much Samuel has grown! You'll have to see him in person to get the full effect of his scrumptious little fat rolls but isn't he adorable? I got to rock him to sleep a few times and it made me miss my babies being that little. Note: I said Made me miss my babies being that little. Not that I missed having one that little!!The older the twins get the more fun they seem to have with their cousins. They can keep up better and their little minds are working on a totally different level then they were a year ago! It's so much fun to see them actually playing pretend together and laughing and running around like crazy. It's always loud when we all get together and it's never boring!!!
Eating their bed time snack of coco puffs!
Jumping on the trampoline. James wanted to get up there but he wasn't into the actual jumping part! And he didn't want to be up there with out his daddy!
My mom with Samuel

FYI: If you ever have an opportunity to have Jon and Buddy cook you supper, run away. Run FAR, FAR away!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rainy day fun

Today was a rainy, lazy day and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided last night that I wasn't going to do ANYTHING but play with my babies today 'cause they are growing up so fast and I rarely take a whole day to do nothing but play with them. We were done with all therapy sessions for the week, the house is in tip top shape (well um, maybe not tip top but it's good!)and I made a huge pot of Gumbo last night so there's no more cooking to do. Besides I needed it and so did they! We had a blast let me tell ya! We played hide-n-go-seek, read tons of books, cooked lots of delicious soups, made towers, watched the Food Network (I'm tellin' you my son is obsessed with food!), went to the bank and ate cheeseburgers from McDonald's! We colored and sang songs and did I mention read books?! They took a really long nap this afternoon (ole mama wore 'em out!) and I finally took the time to make some changes to the blog and do a little "cleaning" to the computer! I really can't believe how grown up they have gotten lately. Especially James, he's really made some big changes and especially with his speech. Audrey has always done things to shock and amaze us but it's always been a gradual process. She started piecing sentences together a couple months ago so when she finally started using 3 and 4 worded ones, we were expecting it. We were thrilled beyond words mind you, but we were expecting it. James did it practically over night. One day you were able to pick out a word or two to know what he was talking about and the next day he was telling us exactly what he wanted. They have gotten along a little better this week. Not quite as many throw downs and their attitudes as a whole have been better. We are still working on the no pappy thing and it's going pretty well. James automatically throws his down in his bed in the mornings and Audrey is much more agreeable to leaving hers! I'm attempting the big P.T. next. (Potty training) We had such a wonderful day and I was reminded again of how truly blessed I am to be able to stay home with my children. It is my hearts desire to be a good mother to them and try to raise them in a way that will honor the Lord.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yeah, the washable crayon maker persons should warn parents that they will have to let all the bath water out and then bath the already once washed children again from the faucet due to the murkiness of the water from the little bits that the color crayons left behind. Oh, and that the pink one ain't so "washable"!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

When the cat's away (or otherwise engaged)

I know I will totally regret laughing with them and videoing them enjoying their new found "slide" instead of stopping them, but I couldn't resist. And I really wish I could have seen who was the brains behind this operation. These days it could have been either one!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hair cuts

I finally took the advice of a dear friend and on Monday whacked my kids hair off with my own two hands. Okay, so technically there wasn't all that much whacking that went on but it sure felt like it. Maybe because it was my first time!I'm rather pleased with the results, even if it did take me going back and cutting more off 3 different times with both of them! I hated to do it but both of their manes had gotten rather long and shaggy and to be quite honest, I was a little embarrassed going out in public with them last week! James' hair was more than long enough for a pony tail and the back of it always looked like a rat had been sleeping up in there! And poor little Audrey had a very nice mullet going on on her pretty little head!See, he doesn't look much different, not from the front any way. And FYI, that is his hair line and not my shaky handy work!!See that little piece off to the left poking out? I think that is going to be her cowlick. It's the same length as every thing else but it just wont lay down straight. Very annoying. I've contemplated cutting that piece real short but I'm too scared!
The table that they are sitting at is the best $20 bucks I eva spent! I found it at a second-hand furniture store and they just adore it. They love to sit and color and watch cartoons at it. It's real low to the ground so it's a snap for both of them to get on and off it. It's Little Tykes so I was proud a myself that day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stop Bubba.

Those are two words you would hear quite frequently if you came to visit. The older James and Audrey get the more their personalities come out and the bigger their vocabulary gets!

James is your typical boy. He loves tractors, trucks, trains and bugs. He can spot them faster than I can. If there is a car or a bug any where (big or teeny tiny), he will see it and say the word a million times until I say it back to him! He still loves food (or nummies) and he is constantly asking for a "nack"(snack) even if he's just ate a belly full of stuff! And in the last two weeks he has mastered the art of tormenting his sister. He chases her around trying to tickle her or take her toys. (Really, he does.) All the while she's screaming "No. Stop Bubba. Stop" and he's giggling like the pesky little rascal he's turned into. He gets his pestering honest though. He doesn't just look like his daddy! And last but certainly not least, he's become a real daddy's boy lately. He constantly talks about daddy through out the day saying things like 'daddy tickle' or 'daddy doggy' or just plain 'daddy'. Usually when daddy gets home I've lost at least one little leech for the rest of the evening!
Daddy doggy!!
Audrey is your typical girly girl, except for the fact that she doesn't like to wear night gowns any more. She HAS to wear pajamas that have either pants or shorts. I'll put a gown on her and she immediately starts saying "No mommy. Pantings mommy." Yeah, pantings is her word for pants. She loves to have her toe nails painted and lately she loves for me to put bows in her hair, like the pig tails from the last post! She is still very, very motherly towards James and she loves to play with her baby dolls! She still loves to keen, keen (clean) and has gotten very good at helping me pick up their toys. (James just looks at me like "Whatever" and keeps on playing!) She also loves, loves, loves to "chalk" which is their word for any type of drawing or coloring utensil.They really have not been getting along very well lately. They are really at that age now where the other wants what the other has and it's just an ugly cycle day in and day out. I am constantly having to put out fires through out the day and Audrey's dramatic screams keeping getting worse and worse while James just stands there looking at her like 'Chill out sis'. They love to play pretend now. They act like they are going to the store and will put their bag over their arm and come find me just to say "Bye bye mommy"! Or their latest which is pretending to go nite-nite and then wake up. It's really cute!It's a lot of work, keeping after these two hooligans, but I love every minute of being home with them all day. Well, most of the time! They can be exhausting physically and mentally but they have this supernatural way of soothing my ruffled and exasperated feathers with just a look or a touch or especially a tiny kiss! And the best part is they don't even know it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a day already

This morning by 8:30, 3 melt downs and 1 time out had already taken place. Yes, time out. All of which my sweet little Peach was the culprit and the punished. She has really been a little rough around the edges this week but I sum it up to the fact that we are getting ready to say bye-bye to the pappies around here. When I say getting ready I mean making them leave them in their beds in the morning and after nap and only getting them when something tragic has taken place during the day. I'm no where near ready to say "good bye forever" to those hole plugs just yet but I am trying to be proactive for the future! Even though James hasn't been as obnoxious as Audrey, he has started biting. Yes, biting. Audrey has one nasty looking bruise and a complete set of teeth marks on her arm to prove it! Tuesday, Audrey started screaming at the top of her lungs and as usual I waited to see what she'd do next. When she kept crying, I poked my head around the corner to see what was going on and it didn't appear that anything sinister had happened. I figured Audrey was just ticked off because James was in her "space". At bed time that night I noticed this horrible bruise on her arm with a few teeth marks in it and realized what had happened earlier: bite #1. Then this morning, Audrey started screaming again and she was grabbing her arm and crying "bubba, bubba". So, I went to check it out but didn't see anything. I asked James if he had bit Audrey and he looked ever so guilty and started trying to explain it to me. The only two words in a very long sentence that I could make out were "sissy" and "book". He had his beloved tractor book in his hands so I surmise that Audrey tried to take his book from him and he had to go to extreme measures to prevent that! Before I put them down for naps a little while ago, I noticed a complete set of teeth marks on her little forearm making bite #2. Good grief Charlie Brown!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brace update

James is doing exceptionally well with his brace now! Even though he never fusses or complains (except for when he's real hot but who can blame him?) I was really not liking the brace simply because I didn't want him to be imprisoned by a piece of plastic. Those first few days were tough but the Lord blessed once again and by the end of our beach trip he was walking like he'd always been wearing it! I struggled up until last week with whether or not I should make him wear it at night time. I mean, having to wear it for most of the day every day gets old. Then throw in having to wear a bulky piece of plastic on your foot at night time when you are supposed to be comfortable. I didn't want to do that to him. But last week it started eating away at me so bad that we decided to just try it and see what happened. If he took it off then there was nothing we could do about it and at least we had tried. Bless his heart he never messed with it once, went right to sleep, slept all night and didn't even try to take it off the next morning before I got him up. He's such a little trooper!!His balance is much better now and he has a bit more confidence when going up or down the stairs with just one hand. He squats all the time now which is something he's never been able to do! He was out of it a lot last week since there was so much going on like swimming and playing outside in the late July heat. I was kinda concerned about that but I'm glad it now because I saw him squat down to pick something up which is totally amazing and when he would stand still, he put his foot flat every time which is also totally amazing! Now if we can just get him to walk flat footed we'll be in business!Thursday makes his 4th week with the brace and I can hardly believe it's only been a month! While it seems like ages since he first got the thing, I am amazed and so very thankful for the progress he has made!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To exhausted to sleep

It's 10:30 on Sunday night after a long, tiresome weekend at the end of a long, tiresome Summer. I am so tired that I cannot sleep which I detest more than being exhausted. We have had a wonderfully busy Summer but I am pooped out 100%. However, I wouldn't go back and change one moment of these last 2 months. We have been able to spend so much time with family and friends and been blessed to attend many spirit filled meetings at the house of the Lord that the achy, grumpy, old lady-ish(no offense any one)feelings that I have right now are totally worth it! Like I said in an earlier post, we ended our Summer with a bang by attending Cool Springs annual meeting. We've been in Middle Georgia for the past 5 days and had such a wonderful time! But I walked right out the door when we left Wednesday with out my camera so I don't have any pictures from the weekend which shames me greatly. We attended 6 services and the children attended 5 of them. (They are still not communion appropriate right now. We tried that at Tired Creek and well, lets just just say it wasn't purdy!) Thursday night they were just horrid so old mama here went to Target, dropped a nice chunk a change and went to church Friday night armed with new toys and nummies to keep those little minds occupied! And it worked, believe it or not they were pretty much perfect little angels for the rest of the meeting!!Like I was saying, we had a wonderful time this week. It was so great to be back home with all my family and friends and get to catch up with them. I miss every one so much and it's like a little shot in the arm when I get to see them. Even if it's only for a few hours. Daddy was the visiting preacher this year so that made it just a tad bit sweeter!! James and Audrey had a blast playing with all their cousins and sitting here talking about it just makes me more upset that I forgot my camera. Arrrggghhhh.
Anywho, my dear hubs has to go back to work tomorrow. Bummer. I DREAD getting back into the old routine but I am looking forward to having a "normal" life again! Even though we have had so much fun lately, it's time to settle down for a while and recharge the old(and young!) batteries. Wish us luck!!!!