Monday, March 30, 2015

That time a year ago

I have a laundry list (isn’t that what they call it?) of things waiting on me that need to get done and sitting at this computer looking through pictures and blogging is not on there. Maybe I should get up and go pencil it in so that when I am through here I can go mark it of my list and feel productive!!
Yes, that is what I will do!

I sat down looking for something else and ended up looking through pics from last year around this time and was hit by a huge wave of nostalgia and other emotional feelings. So I felt inclined to blog about it. Aren’t you lucky?

We’ve been back in this house for almost one year now, May 2 will be a year. When I think back (and I do often) on how March and April of 2014 were spent, it makes me tired and sad and happy all at the same time. It also humbles me because I am reminded of all the many lessons we learned during that period of our lives. And lastly it makes me so grateful that our lessons were short lived and the repercussions did not last to very long.

It makes me tired thinking of how we literally busted our behinds for 2 months working on that house. It makes me sad thinking about how much time we lost with our kids during that particular point and how miserable Jon and I ended up being out there. And it makes me happy remembering how much pure fun our kids had while we were there. They came home, did their homework and went outside and didn’t come back in until bed time. They climbed trees and learned to ride their bikes and just had the best time kids could have. I can still hear their happy squeals through that kitchen window!! They loved it so!

It humbles me when I remember the most important lesson we learned is that you have to wait on the Lord. You cannot MAKE His will your will. If you try, you will create a disaster.

It makes me grateful because our disaster was fairly easy to recover come. We certainly didn’t deserve that but the Lord is merciful and He chose to bless us that way. For that I am grateful.

We moved back 3 weeks before school was out. As sad as we all were to leave that little house I cannot begin to describe the relief we experienced when we finally spent that 1st night back. I can’t describe it but I will never forget it. Never.

Note: All these pictures were taken around the 1st week we moved back

helping his mama practice with her light in door ways

contemplating life back on 7th Ave

throwing the ball on top of the roof

the still very rare occasion that these two laugh and play together :)

this was right before she lost her very 1st tooth

grandaddy came for field day at school

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Struggle Is Real, Y'all

The struggle of life is real. The struggle to stay on task is real. The struggle to stay caught up is real. But today the struggle to learn to ride a tricycle when you have extra short legs, now that is real. Bless her heart. We’re trying, we’re learning and one day our legs will grow enough where we don’t have to struggle!!

Real quick, I did send my camera off and I did have a few things repaired on it and even though I’ve only used it twice since it came back, wow. I wish I had sent it off months and months ago!! Well worth the money. And as far as printing off pictures goes, I finally dived in and tried a new printing company that had been recommended to me and printed of about 65 pics just to see and I was very impressed. Mpix is the company and I highly recommend them!! Super fast turn over time and awesome quality!! I also had 3 large canvas printed and finally got them hung on the wall. I’m no where near being done but I feel very good about my efforts and will most certainly continue!!