Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthdays, Baby Showers, Kings and Another Continent

October is just two days away and I still find our calendar just as busy as it was during the Summer. How does this happen? Does life ever slow down? Granted, we are home Sunday-Thursday nights usually just the 5 of us but every.single.weekend. is filled with company or out of town trips from now through Christmas almost. And it started 2 weeks after school! Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE having people visit us and we LOVE to visit. But it just seems like our life never stops being...busy. Maybe January and February will be slow and quiet months for us. Maybe. And maybe, just maybe, if we didn’t have all these things going on in our lives we would be bored and I’d be blogging about how we never get to DO anything and how bored I am. Haha!!

Anyway, the twins have their big birthday party this Saturday. I say big because we decided to do an “event” party and are giving them one at the YMCA in the gymnastics room. It is gonna be a fun day and they are oh so excited! I am making the cakes again, so stay tuned for that drama. You know I always represent in the cake drama department :)

Next Saturday I am helping to give a baby shower for my sister in law, Angela and even though I am not looking forward to the drive I am really excited for the shower! We’ve been brain storming really hard on it and it’s gonna be fab! And it’s always so exciting to celebrate a new little someone being born into the family, especially the FIRST for a new mama and especially when it’s the little brother and his wife who have celebrated 7 nieces and nephews being born into this world. It’s their turn now! We can’t wait!!

Oh and I can’t forget how I volunteered myself to go and read with some 1st graders on a regular basis once or twice a week and how my darling baby boy (that has paws for hands and feet now) was nominated for King “of the whole school” by his class mates again and how I decided that I had to let him do it this year since he was nominated last year and I didn’t let him do it cause it just to much work. But I’m a sucker for punishment so you can find me between now and October 18th on the middle school hall selling pizza at break time in the hopes that those hungry middle school boys will buy enough pizza to crown my son King. Hahahaha!!! More on that to come, don’t worry!

My daddy is heading out for his 6th trip to Africa on the 12th of October. It always leaves me with  apprehensive to think of him going over there but especially so this time it light of all the crazy, dangerous evils and illness that are taking place in that direction right now. We all got to spend some time with him last week and it did all of us a lot of good to see him before he goes, so I am very thankful for that. And I am very thankful for his faithfulness to minister to our people over there. His steadfastness in the faith is very humbling. But I will be glad when this trip is over and he is back home where our lives are still quiet and peaceful. Pray for him, please. For his safety and health as well as for the Brother that will be making the trip with him. And for the brothers and sisters in Christ that they will be ministering to.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I’m NOT lazy!

For years I have been trying to figure myself out and have recently come to the conclusion that it’s an impossibility to do so. I have these spurts of creativity and great motivation where bam bam bam I turn projects out left and right, I never put my camera down, my house stays spotless for days at a time, no body is looking for laundry in the morning rush, I exercise, eat and sleep right, and I put Paula Deen to shame. And then somewhere, out of nowhere, I have 10 projects that I can’t even start, not sure if I even know where my camera is, my house looks like a tornado lives here(or 5), nobody can find any clean clothes in the morning rush, I stay up way to late, I eat ice cream right before I go to bed and the SHRED dvd gets “lost” and instead of putting Paula to shame I’m making my grandmother roll over in her grave. There’s lots more I could add to the “how my week goes wrong” list but I need to draw the line somewhere!

If there was some kind of magical way to make everything go right and smoothly 100% of the time my goodness I wish someone would pass the fairy dust!! But I think I have just come to the conclusion that life is tough and some days are better than others. Profound, I know! And you just have to learn to accept it and when you have bad days, look forward to the good days and when you have good days WORK YOUR BEHIND OFF cause it might be a few weeks before you have another monstrous spurt of energy that allows you to accomplish more than the surviving basics!

All that being said, I have managed to clean up my hard drive, SCORE! But am still working on organizing and then choosing some to print. It’s rather overwhelming but I did it to myself so I shan’t complain. 

As for this here blog, good grief!! SO MUCH has happened that I have not cataloged I don’t even know where to begin. That’s overwhelming as well. Not to mention the crazy summer we had, the busy fall we are having and the even busier winter that lies ahead!! There are just not enough hours in a day. And to think that I even contemplate the very IDEA of homeschooling when I get so frustrated with the ridiculous common core math that my 1st graders are coming home with. Somebody just shoot me now.

Happy Thursday everybody :)