Friday, June 27, 2008

"Oh For Crying Out Loud"
Now say that out loud, in your best Scottish accent and you will say what Jon and I say all day long to our children. "Oh for crying out loud Audrey you were just in the best mood, what happened?"OR "Oh for crying out loud James you used to love that game, why are you screaming at me?" But don't you know secretly, in their little minds they are saying "Oh for crying out loud mother, must you take ONE MORE picture of me? That dumb flash is making me go blind. Honestly." We got all gussied up today to go to a luncheon so I thought it would be nice to get some pictures outside for a change. Well ole mama had James sitting up by himself (trying to get some "big boy" shots) and I got distracted and let him fall back and bang his head on the ground. I know it hurt poor baby, but honestly. After that if I even made the motion to put him down he freaked out which resulted in lots of blurry pictures because it is not easy taking them without being able to look through the lens! But I thought the one below was kinda cool so I put it on here.
Jon had to go to a funeral today and he was all gussied up too. So,when we all got home I thought someone was in a better mood so we tried it again. Nope. He screamed every time we put him down. But I got some really cute pictures with their daddy!
Princess Audrey is little Miss Photogenic and loves to have her picture taken. She was in such a good mood this evening and we laughed and laughed at her. The child never stops and she continues to have these little bursts of energy and just spaz out. I started calling her my little spazmanian devil!

He was attached to his daddy like leech today. Did not want to get down for some reason. I reckon he was in protest against me for taking his picture so much! He was just chillin on top of his daddy and would play with his hair and talk to it and then squeeze Jon around the head! It was precious.

We are heading out again tomorrow, down to the Crescent City so we wont be around for awhile. Hope every one has a wonderful weekend and a great week next week. I will. I wont have to worry about laundry or dishes or sweeping or mopping or vacuuming or..........y'all get the idea!
And maybe, just maybe, me and my darling husband will get to go on a date; or maybe two dates if we're lucky!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mama To The Rescue!
Well, it sounded good in my head last night anyway. Jon is a night owl so he has been tending to the children(if they stir) until he comes to bed which is really nice for ol'mama! About 2 a.m. I heard Audrey crying and when I saw what time it was I thought "Poor Daddy, I'll go help him he doesn't know what to do with her" so I did. At least I thought I did. I rocked her for a few minutes then decided she was just hungry so I fixed her a bottle. She ate and we rocked again, this time for about 15 minutes. About the time I realized something was different than the usual nighttime awakenings, she sat straight up and looked at her daddy and started laughing. The child was wide awake and ready to play. We were flabbergasted and decided the only thing we could do was let her play and wear herself out. Jon said it only took her about 45 minutes(yeah I went back to bed!). Wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't in the middle of the night! We will find out tonight if it was just a fluke or if we are in for some long nights. I hope it was just a fluke because I am not in the mood to be up letting her "play it out" or if worse comes to worse "cry it out". I JUST got rested up from last week!
James had a good day and a good night last, thank goodness! He was turning circles in the floor last night after his bath, going from one toy to the next! They had a ball this morning in their room while I was cleaning up in there. I don't know how it happens because they can't even walk and talk yet but their room is the junkiest one in the house and each time I clean it up I promise myself that it wont ever get like that again. Yeah, well I'm sure I'll be doing it again in a few weeks!
Audrey was trying out her cover up for the beach this morning! I only put the hood on her head and somehow she got one arm through a sleeve!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bath Time

James and Audrey love their bath especially when I have enough time(i.e. when the other one is not crying) to let them stay a while and play. They have these cute little bath toys that squirt water and they just think its the greatest thing when they get squirted. But they both react differently which is just another joy of raising twins so watch and see!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mama Mia

I know. I know. It has been a little more than a week since the last time I posted. Sorry 'bout that but we have been extremely busy and it wont be slowing down too much before the Summer is over. Here is a little review of what we have been up to.

Thursday June 12: Audrey starts running a fever and eventually throws up. It was the first time she has ever been sick so we were a little anxious. That started the week-and-a-half long sleeping strike that has been going on in our little family!

Friday June 13: Posh and Becks and 2 of their 3 kids (thanks aubrey!) came for a church meeting/weekend visit. We had a wonderful time, of course. Who doesn't enjoy having celebrities in their home for a few days? So beast! Sunday June 15: James wakes up with a fever and thus starts the only wanting to eat 4-5 oz at a feeding which doesn't do mommy's nerves much good! But he never throws up and his fever is gone by Monday. (He has just started eating his regular amount yesterday.

Monday June 16: We load up and head to my sister's for the week. We had the best time even though the nights were dreaded. Seriously, the MOMENT I would lay my head down on my pillow and close my eyes one of my darling children would start moaning and groaning and crying out and tossing and turning. And, as soon as I would get one settled, the other would start up. It was like they were in cahoot's together to make my life as difficult as possible! I imagined them saying: "Okay, I'm tired now, it's your turn to keep her up!" This continued until last night!

Tuesday-Saturday: Hannah Grace was my big baby sitter. She helped me feed them their cereal in the morning and would keep them entertained for hours during the day. I told her when Uncle Jon has to go back to work in August she will have to come stay with us for a week to which she replied "Mommy, when is August"! Little side note: 2 sisters + 4 children (3 of whom are under the age of 2) = Complete and Utter CHAOS! But we made a lot of memories that wont soon be forgotten! (I forgot my digital camera so no pics from the week)

My children have been busy growing since we've been gone. Audrey can sit up now, completely on her own for a very long time before she topples over. She is trying her best to crawl. She will get up on her knees and rock back and forth. And if there is a toy that she wants she will eventually get it; she will scoot, roll, and stretch until she has it in her chubby little hand! She is a very determined little girl. And boy oh boy talk about animated and spastic! She will definitely keep you laughing.

James can roll really good now and he can also scoot around. He isn't too interested in sitting up by himself but he does love his bumbo seat and exersaucer. His gums I think are really bothering him now and maybe that is why he poops 100 times a day and cries if you look at him wrong. Or maybe he is just rotten. He cries if you lay him down and isn't in the mood to play by himself and he cries if you take something away from him but the moment I pick him up he hushes and sticks that tongue out in a huge grin which melts my heart and makes me roll my eyes because I know he's got me. It is going to be so hard to discipline him if he keeps the cute faces up!

They have both gotten the "We don't pitch fits in this family" and "That is not acceptable behavior" talks many times over the last week but I don't think they really get it. Oh well, I guess it is good practice.

I found their onesies at Wal-Mart and had to get them. After all, it is our family motto:
Sleep is for the Weak!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Running in Circles

Could someone please tell me why at the end of each and every day, I am so exhausted that I feel like I've been running a marathon and yet I look around me and it appears that all my running about has been in vain; like I was just going in circles? There are dirty dishes in the sink that some how missed my daily wash. There are toys and swings and exersaucers and blankets and pappies and bibs and burp rags and bottles(I could seriously go on all night here)strewn here and yonder. There are clean clothes folded but not put away that are piled on our bed. There is junk still piled on the table and in the twins room from my cleaning escapade yesterday.
I am beat and extremely frustrated right now. Being a stay at home mom (lets not forget "of twins")AND a preachers wife can some times make you pull over-time ALONE. But and however, at least the clothes on the bed are folded!

Monday, June 9, 2008

True Love

I took a nap today. What!!!! Yep. I could hardly believe it myself. I haven't taken a nap with my babies in a long time and I really enjoyed it. I don't sleep during the day for 2 reasons: #1 I usually have waaaaay to much to do around the house to waste time sleeping! #2 If ever I do decide to lay down, they instantly decide they are done napping! But today I decided "what the heck" and I went back to sleep with them this morning. Well, the house is a WRECK. I have done nothing but feed, burp, change and play with babies, watch t.v. and eat junk food. We had fun and I wouldn't trade the memories me and my children get to make together for anything in the world. I am exhausted, once again, but oh so happy!

We tried chewing on cold, carrots today for their little gummies (which by the way James has 2 chiclets just on the brink of breaking thru!) and they really liked them. James more than Audrey though, he chomped on his for a long time and carried on quite a lengthy conversation with it too! Audrey got real excited when I gave it to her but after a couple minutes she had thrown it out and moved on to something else! Thanks for the tip Nonie!

I am taking the twins to a friends house tomorrow so I can do some serious cleaning. I have been planning this for weeks now and I am so excited. I know that sounds strange but I can't tell you the last time our house was really clean. I just barely have the time (or energy) to keep things sanitary!

The video you are about to watch is true love for sure. James thinks everything Audrey does is hilarious which is pretty smart because she is a crack-up for sure! (Be sure to watch James' expression in the 2nd part)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Y'all Better LOOK OUT!!
We went to my daddy's last Sunday and spent a few days in Bama just hanging out and relaxing! Nonie (that's what our kids call Nelda) has ALL KINDS of toys that she has collected over the years for her grand-babies and Audrey really liked the car. Next thing we know she will be asking her daddy for that Mustang he always wanted and I have a sneakin suspicion that he'll go right out a buy her one!

James LOVED the leap frog froggie and the walker (even though he can't move it yet!) I have an exersaucer at home and a few weeks ago I tried putting him in it and he screamed like a banshee so I hadn't tried it again. It is crazy how fast they change. As soon as I put him in the walker at dad's he started laughing and talking to all the toys on it and would stay in it for a good while.

Just in the last 2 weeks both of them have really changed. Their little personalities are really blooming and it is becoming more and more evident what they are going to be like as "little people"! James is so studious. He studies and examines everything he gets his chubby little fingers on. Like tonight, I had him in his exersaucer (there are about 10 toys on it) and he picked out this bear and stared at it for a good 5 minutes. Sometimes he would reach out and touch it, sometimes he would just talk to it and sometimes he would stare at it like he was trying to figure out how it worked. It was precious. I think maybe I am raising the next Albert Einstein!! And if an item he is playing with has a tag on it, he will find it and it will keep him occupied for ever.

Audrey, oh little Audrey. She is never still. She is never quiet. And boy did I get a reality check at church this weekend. My baby is no longer the quiet, still, little bit she used to be during church! She squirmed and she flipped and she flopped. She had to look all around to see what everyone else was doing and one night as her daddy was closing out the service, she saw him and let out one of the biggest squeals she has ever squealed! He couldn't help but laugh! She is definitely gonna be the child I have to keep shushing but she is sooooo precious. She smiles at everyone she comes in contact with and I just want to mash the stuffing out of her!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June Meeting
Tired Creek Primitive Baptist Church will host our Annual Meeting this weekend starting Thursday, June 5. We will have service Thursday night and Friday night starting at 7 p.m. Saturday morning at 10:30 with lunch to follow and afternoon communion. The meeting will conclude with Sunday morning service at 10:30 and lunch to follow.
Elder James Issacs of Magazine, Arkansas is scheduled to be with us Thursday thru Sunday and Elder David Crawford of Macclenny, Florida is scheduled to be with us Friday and Saturday.
Please come and worship with us if you can, we would love to have you. If anyone would like directions please leave a comment with your email address and I will get with you. If you can't be with us in service, be with us in prayer!

Monday, June 2, 2008

8 Months
My darling children, I cannot believe that 8 months has passed by so quickly. When I think about that, it literally brings tears to my eyes. I am thankful that the Lord has blessed you both to be so healthy and happy but oh how I already miss holding tiny babies in my arms. I love watching you two grow up together. It thrills my soul to watch the two of you smile at each other. If it has been a few hours since you've seen one another, the moment you spot each other you both break into huge grins and start laughing. You like to play on the floor together and you really like to sit in our laps together. And believe it or not, I think you actually like it better when you get rocked together. I love to come into the room and find James chewing on Audrey's toes and Audrey sucking on James' pappy! I love how you love each other! Having twins is exhausting but I wouldn't change it for nothing!
James Bryant you are the light of my world. I love it when you smile at me. Your eyes shine so bright and your tongue shakes while you laugh. You certainly have your Father's personality; easy going and even tempered. I love how you babble quietly to yourself most times. I could sit and listen to your sweet noises for hours. Other times you have a deep throated loud growl to let us know that you are in the room! However, you have a temper that can be scary when it rears its ugly head! Thankfully though it does not take much to calm you down. Usually a pappy and a hug will suffice. Small details interest you. You have a few taggie toys and you love to examine the tags for hours. You also LOVE to chew on anything you can get into your mouth, especially your daddy's finger! Starting solids has been so fun with you. I just knew you were gonna take to it like a duck to water because of the way you stare at the food on our plates at supper time. I was right! You made a few funny faces at first and you still spit some out but all in all you eat it very well. You son, are my snuggle bunny. You love to be held close and you loved to be rocked. I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams the day you came into my life James. To remember how fragile the first few days of your life were and to see now how the Lord has blessed you to grow into a strong and healthy little baby boy is one of the greatest blessing of my life. I love you my darling son.
Audrey Grace. You are my little sunshine with a smile that is captivating! You are such a pleasant and happy little girl. I love how every time you see me you smile at me like you are seeing me for the first time. You are our little wild Indian(some would say you take after your mama!)constantly moving. You always kick your legs wildly and since you have found your toes, they are always in your mouth! I love how vocal you are. Always screeching about something. The only time you are ever really quiet is early in the morning when you first wake up. You will lay there for a good 30 minutes just talking quietly to yourself, waiting for your daddy to come kiss you goodbye and me to come get you up for the day. You love to play with your brother's pappy and you don't mind stealing it right out from under his nose! You also don't mind taking whatever toy he is playing with at the moment! You love to look at books, especially ones with bright colors. You were a blast to watch eating rice cereal for the first time. The way you gaged and carried on was priceless! You like it now, since I started mixing applesauce in with it! You are our little angel sent from heaven. I was blest beyond my wildest dreams the day you came into my life. I wish I had better memories of your first hours and days here on this earth but I am so thankful that the Lord has been so merciful to us! I love you Audrey, my Princess of Grace.