Friday, June 27, 2008

"Oh For Crying Out Loud"
Now say that out loud, in your best Scottish accent and you will say what Jon and I say all day long to our children. "Oh for crying out loud Audrey you were just in the best mood, what happened?"OR "Oh for crying out loud James you used to love that game, why are you screaming at me?" But don't you know secretly, in their little minds they are saying "Oh for crying out loud mother, must you take ONE MORE picture of me? That dumb flash is making me go blind. Honestly." We got all gussied up today to go to a luncheon so I thought it would be nice to get some pictures outside for a change. Well ole mama had James sitting up by himself (trying to get some "big boy" shots) and I got distracted and let him fall back and bang his head on the ground. I know it hurt poor baby, but honestly. After that if I even made the motion to put him down he freaked out which resulted in lots of blurry pictures because it is not easy taking them without being able to look through the lens! But I thought the one below was kinda cool so I put it on here.
Jon had to go to a funeral today and he was all gussied up too. So,when we all got home I thought someone was in a better mood so we tried it again. Nope. He screamed every time we put him down. But I got some really cute pictures with their daddy!
Princess Audrey is little Miss Photogenic and loves to have her picture taken. She was in such a good mood this evening and we laughed and laughed at her. The child never stops and she continues to have these little bursts of energy and just spaz out. I started calling her my little spazmanian devil!

He was attached to his daddy like leech today. Did not want to get down for some reason. I reckon he was in protest against me for taking his picture so much! He was just chillin on top of his daddy and would play with his hair and talk to it and then squeeze Jon around the head! It was precious.

We are heading out again tomorrow, down to the Crescent City so we wont be around for awhile. Hope every one has a wonderful weekend and a great week next week. I will. I wont have to worry about laundry or dishes or sweeping or mopping or vacuuming or..........y'all get the idea!
And maybe, just maybe, me and my darling husband will get to go on a date; or maybe two dates if we're lucky!


~sydney~ said...

YES!!!!!!!!!! I'm the first to comment! I'm here with yo crazy dad! We havin' a good time! I hope to see you next week! Have fun in NOLA! I miss you guys and by the way....u all look like BEASTS all gussied up!

Dianne said...

Wonderful parting shots...I will miss my daily "fix" of babies and Mama's blogs. But, I can appreciate your not having to be "The Mama" for a few days...and I DO hope Your Prince Charming can take you some place special. Course, Subway would be special when it's been a space between "dates".

Love you guys and thank God for the "likes" of you.

Much love,

Dianne (-:

Becky said...

Gorgeous family. Simply gorgeous.

Sydney thinks she's so cool using words like "beast" and "gussied" in the same sentence.

~sydney~ said...

i don't "think"....I know!

Dana said...

How sweet. Hope yall have a wonderful week, and hope you get a little alone time. I know that is scarce these days.

amber said...

So funny! And they are so stinkin' adorable!! Loved the bathtub video!!