Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Running in Circles

Could someone please tell me why at the end of each and every day, I am so exhausted that I feel like I've been running a marathon and yet I look around me and it appears that all my running about has been in vain; like I was just going in circles? There are dirty dishes in the sink that some how missed my daily wash. There are toys and swings and exersaucers and blankets and pappies and bibs and burp rags and bottles(I could seriously go on all night here)strewn here and yonder. There are clean clothes folded but not put away that are piled on our bed. There is junk still piled on the table and in the twins room from my cleaning escapade yesterday.
I am beat and extremely frustrated right now. Being a stay at home mom (lets not forget "of twins")AND a preachers wife can some times make you pull over-time ALONE. But and however, at least the clothes on the bed are folded!


su said...

Hang in there Sweetheart. It gets easier when they're older. The Princess sits !!!! You go girl.

Emily said...

Hey Dear! Um, I hate to add to the frustration right now, but sometime while you were running around crazy somebody came into your home and slipped some purple and gold ridiculousness underneath your beautiful child! I am certain you had something a more lovely shade of red and black there before, right? I mean, surely . . .


Becky said...

I agree with you, Emily. Don't know about that ridiculous blanket. It's a Mizell thing, I guess. Trust me, not all of Jon's family is that weird.

I absolutely love that picture of Audrey. She really is in control of the place, isn't she?

Can't wait to see y'all TOMORROW! Stop working so's just us! Hugh won't be comfortable if there aren't dirty dishes in the sink and (ahem...unfolded) clothes on the bed.

By the way, when does Su sleep?
Love y'all!

Amanda said...

Ladies, ladies, ladies. If this is the first time you have noticed the beautiful purple and gold blanket that ALWAYS adorns our floor, then perhaps a check up with the eye doctor is in order!

And does it shock you that MY daughter is in control of her surroundings?

the ladner family said...

hate to say but that is motherhood! my house is way cleaner now with two kids than it was with one baby for some reason. i think you just get used to balancing everything and it does get easier!
My advice is when they are about 1 and a half start teaching them how to clean and life is so much easier!

Emily said...

Hmmm! Well, whattaknow! You're right! That purple and gold has appeared before (now that I go back and look.) I guess there's usually a baby lying on it though and covering up my view. Now with Miss Priss sitting up and all, I could just see it in all it's horrific glory!

Thanks for the reassurance that all the kinfolk ain't crazy! I suppose there may be some glimmer of hope then for the poor children. ;)

Note to self: go buy your favorite twins something in red and black. NOW!

~sydney~ said...

Mannio! You are Wonder Woman! Don't worry bout all that cleaning! It's just us! I can't wait to see you and James and Audge tomorrow! Love ya!

Laura said...

Too funny! I literally laughed out loud when I read the last line..."at least they're folded!" At our house, right now, all I can say is- at least the clothes are clean...wait, they're not clean... I better get off the computer! :-)