Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blue Toes The Thanksgiving Turkey

Audrey was invited to go get a pedicure last weekend with one of her little friends and since Jon was out of town I said yes faster than Audrey did! 2 kids vs. 3 kids is, well, it's one less kid and when you don't feel well that's like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's night :) (I came down with the flu on Friday.)

She was gone pretty much the whole day and when she got back she was telling us all about it and showing of her pretty sparkly blue toes and we were all ooing and awing. I went in the kitchen to fix her supper plate and she followed me in there and pulled me down to whisper in my ear "Mama we also got to get cup cakes at that nail place but I didn't want to tell James because he would say that's not fair! So don't tell him but I wanted to tell you." Two things struck my heart when she said those words 1. My daughter just told me a REAL secret!!!! and 2. She is such a thoughtful little kiddo and always has been looking out for that brother of hers. And this still baffles me to no end because she can push his buttons like nobody else and lovvvveeees to do it too!!

James and I enjoyed our little time together while Audrey was gone and while Sassafrass napped some of that attitude off. It's not often I get to spend quiet time with the twins (just two us) so this was refreshing. We played Memory and tied and then we played about 150 games of Candyland and laughed and laughed and laughed at each other. He took to stacking the deck once, so he could get all the fun cards. Mizell blood runs thick!! It was fun and we bonded a little bit that day, I think. Me and my son. I sure do love him!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Olivia has the ability to command a room. If she's in it most likely most eyes are on her. I don't say this to boast, it's just a fact. And she doesn't even know she's doing it. She's so animated and friendly, she's just being herself and people love it. A lot of the times when we are out and she passes by someone or even sees someone across the parking lot she will say "Hey! My name's Wivi." (Lately though it's turned into Wivia and I'm not sure how I feel about that little advancement.)

She always gets comments on how beautiful she is and how cute she is and how sweet she is from complete strangers (while i enjoy ppl bragging on my baby it does get a little much at times). And she gets tons of compliments on her speech. She is very advanced for her age (again, not boasting just stating facts) and I think it has to do with 3 things: 1. She's a girl 2. She is the youngest of two very big talkers and 3. She sits and reads with us every night while we are reading big kid books with James and Audrey. I'm talking 20 pagers and for the most part she sits there and soaks in every.single.word. She lives for book time every night. And I read to her during the day most days too!!!! Maybe she will be a librarian?

Last Thursday we went to the store to buy a few things to make biscuits with and one of those things was buttermilk. Monday we went back to the store and as we were passing by the milk she starts saying "stop we need buttermilk! we need buttermilk!" Well one of the ladies that works there who we see often (I live less than 1 mile from walmart...) always comments on how cute O is and that day she heard her talking about the buttermilk and I didn't think she was gonna quit laughing! She say "Buttamilk? What you know bout sum buttamilk?" Then she said she was gonna start calling Olivia buttermilk and a while later when we ran into her again, she said 'Hey buttamilk!' and started chuckling; so did I, naturally. Olivia continued her "command" of the "room" by saying "Hey! Thats not funny!" Which just made her new friend chuckle even louder!

Did you notice a common theme in any of these pictures? Yes, that's right. Never once was did she make eye contact with the camera. And I have lots more than just these. The few times she would look at me, I wasn't ready. I AM SO SLOW!!!!!!! And the last picture is pretty much her protest to the camera after about 15 min of it in her face. **Sigh** Buttermilk can't help it, she's almost as cute when she's angry as when she's happy :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Giving myself a number

I know you all have been dying for me to play that "If you like this I will give you a number and you have to tell ___ random facts about yourself" game on facebook so I thought I'd oblige you all and just do a blog post about it :) So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be amazed!! Or bored.  Whichever.

1. I do not like the dark. As a child I was petrified of the dark and used to pile my entire collection of stuffed animals on the side of the bed that I did not sleep on so they could protect me from what ever creatures lurked around my bed room at night time. Not sure what was gonna protect me on the side of the bed that I did sleep on.

2. From the age of 7-8 my parents took me off of wheat because I had an allergy to it and it gave me a raspy voice. After a year off of it the allergy went away so I only had to endure 1 birthday with a cake no one but me would eat. That was a sad birthday for me especially because I shared it with a friend that year and every one ate her cake and not mine (Did i forget to tell you to grab a box of tissues? sorry).

3. I was homeschooled until the 8th grade when after two years of begging relentlessly my parents finally gave in and sent me to a teeny tiny private school in the middle of nowhere and there I stayed until I graduated high school. Best 5 years of my life!!

4. I didn't join the church until I was 20 years old. 

5. I met Jon and fell in love with him when I was 7 years old. Really. I used to day dream about him for hours on end and pray so hard that his Papa would bring him to Cool Springs every time we had a meeting! I eventually forgot about him (because he never showed up!!) until we met up again randomly when we were 18 and I had a boyfriend. I took one look at him and couldn't remember for the life of me what I thought was so great about him when I was 7. I know, that's kinda harsh but it's the truth. About a year and a half later he showed up again in my life (this time as a preacher) and all it took was seeing the back of his head and, well, the rest is history!

6. I am a horrible procrastinator. Actually, I guess that makes me a fantastic procrasitnator.

7. I detest cleaning out the refrigerator but I love to clean bathrooms.

8. My cowboy boots (or would that be cowgirl?) are the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own and I wish I had about 10 pairs. Does this make me a redneck??

9. I have seen every single episode of Friends at least 20 times each. Might even be 30 by now.

10. If I ever came back in another life and could choose to live any where in the world it would be New York City. And I would be a street life photographer.

11. If I could choose to live any where in my real life I would choose the Drummond Ranch. And I would be Ree.

12. I had to go to summer school in between my sophomore and junior year in high school for geometry. I had to take it again my junior year. (And I still can't spell the word.)

13. Being a house wife/stay at mom is the best full time job I could ever dream of. I honestly do not wish I had a career outside of my family. Even though one day I hope to be a somewhat successful photographer, my family is my most fullfilling work.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It not funny

Ray Ray woke up in a foul humor this morning. She is usually in a pretty good mood when she wakes up but not today. Suspicious. And she was for what ever reason royally ticked at her poor old daddy this morning, didn't even want to tell him good morning. He took it in stride and as he was leaving (she was eating her waffle) he called over his shoulder "good bye I love y'all" and in a growly voice she hollered back 'goot bye' Ahhhahaha!!! We got a good laugh out of that one. She knows she loves her daddy and knew it was part of their morning routine to tell each other good bye and even though she was NOT in the mood for sentiment she told him any way. That child!! That child!!

Later, while we were playing play dough she looked at me and said "I don't feel good. I need to go to tha doctor." I couldn't help but chuckle at her because what 2 year old tells you they need to go to the doctor??? She looked at me and said "It not funny!!! I.DON'T.FEEL.GOOD."

Just a few minutes ago we had to go to the Wal mart for a few things and she walked around for a bit helping to push the buggy and put stuff in and then all of a sudden she says "Oh, I don't feel good. Can we go home?" Do you suppose she's heard the term "I don't feel good" in excess lately? I think so. Her eyes are red and she kept covering her face any time the sun would hit it so I think she's probably got a headache. Glad I've already got that Tamiflu. If I had to make another trip to the big T this week I, well, I'd go but I wouldn't like it :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Second Mizell down

Monday night James woke up with a fever and bad headache. I knew it was only a matter of time! I took him and Olivia to the doctor yesterday and they tested him for flu and strep, just to be sure. They both came back negative but the doctor went ahead and prescribed the Tamiflu since he has been exposed and the flu tests are not always accurate. That is so curious to me but whatever. She also wrote            Olivia a script for some Tamiflu to keep her from getting it and told me to wait two weeks and then all of us need to go get the shot!! Yippee skippy.

James has not been as sick as Audrey was no vommiting, thank goodness, just a little upset stomach. But his head has hurt him pretty bad which just breaks my heart. He feels much better today so I will send him back to school tomorrow. Audrey came home from school yesterday extremely weepy and just overly tired so I decided to keep her home today as well. No need to push her. Olivia hasn't really shown any symptoms except for being overly emotional but you can't really base any thing on that, haha!! I must say it was SO NICE to not have to get up and get going this morning since it is FREEZING outside today.

It did get a little dicey around here about 9:30 this morning so I had to whip them into gear and do some homework and reading and a few chores that consisted of simply putting away a basket full of clean and folded clothes but you would of thought I asked them to climb Mt. Everest!!
While Audrey and I were doing her homework from yesterday, I set James up in the kitchen doing a Highlights puzzle book. He loves those things and I am glad that I got a subscription to it. He drew an amazing picture of a penguin. I am so glad that they got their drawing skills from their daddy and not me. I can't even draw a good stick person :)

Hoping things will get back to normal around here tomorrow and for the rest of the week!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

First Mizell Down...3 to go....maybe....I hope not....

Kicking myself today and every other day this past weekend. I have always gotten the kids flu shots in October, usually at the very beginning of the month. This year, for what ever reason, I kept putting it off. Oh yeah, probably because I have had my fill of screaming, thrashing children who act like getting a shot is as bad as getting your leg chopped off. Not judging them, I well remember the fear as a child, I'm just saying. (Jon is the only one who has had the shot so far.)

Friday afternoon Audrey's best little friend's mom called to say that she had just taken her daughter to the doctor and she tested positive for the flu. Did you hear a shriek from the southeastern part of the state around 4:30 pm Friday afternoon?

The next morning at church, Audrey laid her head in my lap the entire time. I knew it was coming, just a matter of hours because that's so uncharacteristic of my little Peach. We went home, ate lunch and she took a 2 hour nap. When she woke up from the nap she was running a fever and was coughing a little. Then she threw up all over the rug in the living room. I felt so bad; I was on the phone with the after hours clinic and she came in jumping up and down, waving her arms and I assumed it was her protesting going to the doctor so I shooed her away. When I got off and came out of the office she came running up to me and frantically says Mama I threw up!!!

She tested negative for the flu but the doctor said she really believed it was just to early for it to show up as negative and since she had been exposed to it and was running a high fever with cough and vomiting, she went ahead and gave her Tamiflu. She told me with in 24 hours she would be feeling better and even though I was skeptical because it didn't seem like she kept much of her first two doses down, by yesterday evening she was pretty much back to normal!! She slept in the playroom Saturday night in case she threw up any more and then made it back to her room for last night :)

We've always known that Audrey was a good mediator between Olivia and James but we really discovered this weekend just how much she means to both of them as individuals and as a part of the sibling unit!! Olivia just could not handle not being able to hug Audrey or kiss her or even be in the same room as her yesterday. And James had a few issues with Audrey getting more attention than him and having to go to church and school with out Audrey. And James and Olivia don't exactly play well together, they are just too much a like!!! But yesterday I think they bonded and by the evening they were out in the yard picking up pecans (say it pee-cans) together and having a good time with no arguing. Too bad Audrey can't be sick more often! Just joking around!!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Tuesday was parent observation day for Audrey's dance class and I was excited to go so I could see just what she's been learning and doing this year. She has complained quite a few times that she doesn't want to go because it's hard and she can't keep up with the other girls. I've tried to encourage her and remind her that this year is harder because she's older and the last two years were much easier because they were the "baby" class :)

Getting to watch her was a trip. Audrey has always been our quirky kid. When she doesn't know what to do with her self she just kinds flops around and makes funny faces. Even though she knows all the moves and all the terms, she does have a hard time keeping up. But it's not because she can't do it. No, it's because she got her mama's genes in the twitchy department and the concentration department. I see that in her homework.  She may not look like me, but gosh after observing her in dance it's like watching a 6 year old Amanda take gymnastics and I've been thinking ever since we started homework it's like trying to keep a 6 year old Amanda in focus. Poor baby, is all I can say. I hope she grows out of it quicker than I did. Well, I don't twitch and flop any more but I do have a difficult time keeping my concentration.

If at the end of the year she doesn't want to take again, I am not gonna make her. She says she just wants to stay home. With me. Again, 6 year old Amanda. Bless her little heart! Even though she can't keep time very well, she truly enjoys herself while she is there. Always a smile and little laughs here and there with her friends. It was a fun day! I have lots more pics but these just showcase her quirky posture and funny faces for the day! Oh and the fact the she was THE ONLY ONE who forgot her ballet slippers that day. . . .

This picture cracks me up every time I see it. I snapped this at the very end
of class. These 3 were struggling. Jon because he got the job of wrestling Olivia the whole
time so I could take pictures and video. Olivia was struggling because
she wanted so desperatly to get down and dance her self. And James 
was just bored out of his mind!!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

For crying out loud, Charlie Brown

Children bring so many questions to the table. And not just questions of their own that they literally ask but they bring a general sense of wonderment with them every where they go. Like a swirling cloud of dust that covers them. Kinda like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.

I bought Peach two pairs of those fancy church socks on Sunday during our outing to the mall. I took them to her room and placed them neatly in her sock drawer. That was just 2 1/2 days ago. I went up there this morning to pull out all her shorts and replace them with pants(because she is bad about putting on shorts when it's 40 degrees outside because they are cute!). I decided to just go through her entire dresser and remove all items that she could not wear any more or that didn't belong as I have found the occasional barbie doll stuffed beneath her panties before! I didn't find that this time. No, instead I discovered that 1 mate to 1 of the pairs of brand new church socks is missing. Poof, disappeared. 

I also realized that the child has so many panties in her panty drawer that it boarders on insanity. How did that even happen? I haven't bought her any panties for probably two years. 

As usually happens with me I go in to do one tiny project and end up re-arranging an entire room. No exception today. I ended up going through her whole closet and all the bags of clothes that were in there not to mention all the ones that were hanging on the double rack. It looks soooo much better and now she is set for the winter months and I wont have to tell her she has to go back up and change. Thanks to some sweet friends Peach is going to be rockin her wardrobe this year and I didn't have to buy one thing which makes it so much sweeter. I did realize though that she child's pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, and dresses now rivals her panty drawer :)

I moved on over to her brother's room to do the same and surprisingly he had very few pieces to pull out. I knew his clothes stash was considerably lower than Audrey's just because I have two friends that pass down clothes for her and none for James since since they only have girls but I did not think it was that much lower. Poor fellow. I need to go shopping for him so he can have 40 pairs of pants too :) I kid. But really I was thinking gee he needs pants. Fast forward to when I was heading down stairs and as I was shutting the linen closet door that is at the top of the stairs, I thought I saw the shadow of a laundry basket. I stuck my head in farther and sure enough, it was a laundry basket full of clothes. JB's clothes to be exact. You guessed it: That's where his other clothes were and Lord know how long they been there either. My kids are the worst stashers in the history of stashers. My mother tells me they get it honest but I'm just not sure I believe her. . . . 

And last for today is voices. Probably the greatest phenomenon in the world to me is how my kids will talk normal or less than normal in the car. They are always SO LOUD at home in the house and even outside. Like, they yell for EVERYTHING. From room to room, upstairs to down stairs. Fighting, not fighting. Does not matter; their voices are loud and shrill at most any given time. Except for when we get in the car and they are trying to ask you questions from the back seat. Then they decide to whisper or at least speak in a normal tone at a normal level. The one or two times a day that you actually need them to speak at an obnoxiously high voice level, they don't. They choose to speak normally. And then they get aggravated at you because you have to ask them speak louder please. I must add though that Miss Sassafrass keeps it consistent. She's just as loud and shrill in the car as she is at any other place and time. It's phenomenal.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Weekend

We had a pretty laid back weekend over here that consisted of a lazy Saturday, church on Sunday as well as deer hunting and a trip to the mall. I think you can guess which ones went hunting and which ones went to the mall :) Jon got a doe and it was so great that James got to be with him. He liked everything about the experience except for the cleaning part. Jon said he sat in the truck for that!

Our Monday has been pretty laid back as well. Gearing up for another house showing though. Will be so glad for so many reasons when all this is behind us!! Today Olivia has wanted to play nothing but puppies so we have crawled around on the floor arfing like sad little puppies and pretending to take naps and then tickling the littlest puppy. Not much to blog about so hope you just enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Batman and Sofia

I needed some practice on a few specific things and much to my surprise when I suggested dressing up in what ever they wanted to and going outside to let me snap a few pics of them James and Olivia were all in!! Audrey, ehh, she declined. I've got to say that Batman, Sofia and their photographer had a great time until Batman thought it would be a cool idea to climb ON TOP of the van. We called it quits after that. Maybe I can bribe Audrey next week to get in front of the lens. Kids these days.