Thursday, November 7, 2013


Tuesday was parent observation day for Audrey's dance class and I was excited to go so I could see just what she's been learning and doing this year. She has complained quite a few times that she doesn't want to go because it's hard and she can't keep up with the other girls. I've tried to encourage her and remind her that this year is harder because she's older and the last two years were much easier because they were the "baby" class :)

Getting to watch her was a trip. Audrey has always been our quirky kid. When she doesn't know what to do with her self she just kinds flops around and makes funny faces. Even though she knows all the moves and all the terms, she does have a hard time keeping up. But it's not because she can't do it. No, it's because she got her mama's genes in the twitchy department and the concentration department. I see that in her homework.  She may not look like me, but gosh after observing her in dance it's like watching a 6 year old Amanda take gymnastics and I've been thinking ever since we started homework it's like trying to keep a 6 year old Amanda in focus. Poor baby, is all I can say. I hope she grows out of it quicker than I did. Well, I don't twitch and flop any more but I do have a difficult time keeping my concentration.

If at the end of the year she doesn't want to take again, I am not gonna make her. She says she just wants to stay home. With me. Again, 6 year old Amanda. Bless her little heart! Even though she can't keep time very well, she truly enjoys herself while she is there. Always a smile and little laughs here and there with her friends. It was a fun day! I have lots more pics but these just showcase her quirky posture and funny faces for the day! Oh and the fact the she was THE ONLY ONE who forgot her ballet slippers that day. . . .

This picture cracks me up every time I see it. I snapped this at the very end
of class. These 3 were struggling. Jon because he got the job of wrestling Olivia the whole
time so I could take pictures and video. Olivia was struggling because
she wanted so desperatly to get down and dance her self. And James 
was just bored out of his mind!!!!


Sam and Nelda said...

Oh my goodness~ This is a good post. Poor Audge, find something she'll flourish in! Love, love, love her pics...

nelDA doesn't laugh very much (like my sweet dad)... BUT... the last pic made me seriously LOL!

Becky said...

WHAT A FABULOUS POST! Made me laugh so hard!!!