Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Olivia has the ability to command a room. If she's in it most likely most eyes are on her. I don't say this to boast, it's just a fact. And she doesn't even know she's doing it. She's so animated and friendly, she's just being herself and people love it. A lot of the times when we are out and she passes by someone or even sees someone across the parking lot she will say "Hey! My name's Wivi." (Lately though it's turned into Wivia and I'm not sure how I feel about that little advancement.)

She always gets comments on how beautiful she is and how cute she is and how sweet she is from complete strangers (while i enjoy ppl bragging on my baby it does get a little much at times). And she gets tons of compliments on her speech. She is very advanced for her age (again, not boasting just stating facts) and I think it has to do with 3 things: 1. She's a girl 2. She is the youngest of two very big talkers and 3. She sits and reads with us every night while we are reading big kid books with James and Audrey. I'm talking 20 pagers and for the most part she sits there and soaks in every.single.word. She lives for book time every night. And I read to her during the day most days too!!!! Maybe she will be a librarian?

Last Thursday we went to the store to buy a few things to make biscuits with and one of those things was buttermilk. Monday we went back to the store and as we were passing by the milk she starts saying "stop we need buttermilk! we need buttermilk!" Well one of the ladies that works there who we see often (I live less than 1 mile from walmart...) always comments on how cute O is and that day she heard her talking about the buttermilk and I didn't think she was gonna quit laughing! She say "Buttamilk? What you know bout sum buttamilk?" Then she said she was gonna start calling Olivia buttermilk and a while later when we ran into her again, she said 'Hey buttamilk!' and started chuckling; so did I, naturally. Olivia continued her "command" of the "room" by saying "Hey! Thats not funny!" Which just made her new friend chuckle even louder!

Did you notice a common theme in any of these pictures? Yes, that's right. Never once was did she make eye contact with the camera. And I have lots more than just these. The few times she would look at me, I wasn't ready. I AM SO SLOW!!!!!!! And the last picture is pretty much her protest to the camera after about 15 min of it in her face. **Sigh** Buttermilk can't help it, she's almost as cute when she's angry as when she's happy :)


Sam and Nelda said...

Seriously! What a darlin little Wivi!!! Gettin cuter by the day and I LOVE her little attitude...

You GOTTA send this WHOLE post to Reader's Digest! (or I will)...

(hahahaha BS)

Becky said...

NELDA!!! foiled again!
On a side note, that little buttamilk the librarian is a HOOT! Can't wait to see her (and her pretty cute sibs)