Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Second Mizell down

Monday night James woke up with a fever and bad headache. I knew it was only a matter of time! I took him and Olivia to the doctor yesterday and they tested him for flu and strep, just to be sure. They both came back negative but the doctor went ahead and prescribed the Tamiflu since he has been exposed and the flu tests are not always accurate. That is so curious to me but whatever. She also wrote            Olivia a script for some Tamiflu to keep her from getting it and told me to wait two weeks and then all of us need to go get the shot!! Yippee skippy.

James has not been as sick as Audrey was no vommiting, thank goodness, just a little upset stomach. But his head has hurt him pretty bad which just breaks my heart. He feels much better today so I will send him back to school tomorrow. Audrey came home from school yesterday extremely weepy and just overly tired so I decided to keep her home today as well. No need to push her. Olivia hasn't really shown any symptoms except for being overly emotional but you can't really base any thing on that, haha!! I must say it was SO NICE to not have to get up and get going this morning since it is FREEZING outside today.

It did get a little dicey around here about 9:30 this morning so I had to whip them into gear and do some homework and reading and a few chores that consisted of simply putting away a basket full of clean and folded clothes but you would of thought I asked them to climb Mt. Everest!!
While Audrey and I were doing her homework from yesterday, I set James up in the kitchen doing a Highlights puzzle book. He loves those things and I am glad that I got a subscription to it. He drew an amazing picture of a penguin. I am so glad that they got their drawing skills from their daddy and not me. I can't even draw a good stick person :)

Hoping things will get back to normal around here tomorrow and for the rest of the week!!


Becky said...

CUTE pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry your poor baby is sick. I used to LOVE Highlights magazine! I can't believe it's still around. Are Goofus and Gallant still in there?

Sam and Nelda said...

Poor babies... My fav was the "Hidden Object Picture"...