Monday, November 4, 2013

The Weekend

We had a pretty laid back weekend over here that consisted of a lazy Saturday, church on Sunday as well as deer hunting and a trip to the mall. I think you can guess which ones went hunting and which ones went to the mall :) Jon got a doe and it was so great that James got to be with him. He liked everything about the experience except for the cleaning part. Jon said he sat in the truck for that!

Our Monday has been pretty laid back as well. Gearing up for another house showing though. Will be so glad for so many reasons when all this is behind us!! Today Olivia has wanted to play nothing but puppies so we have crawled around on the floor arfing like sad little puppies and pretending to take naps and then tickling the littlest puppy. Not much to blog about so hope you just enjoy the pictures!

1 comment:

Sam and Nelda said...

Such an engaged mom~ How many crawl around on the floor being a sad, whiny puppy-dog!

Livy in her dress with the hair and expression are a classic!