Friday, May 20, 2011

34 Weeks

 I had my 34 week check up Tuesday and everything was fine. James and Audrey accompanied me by themselves this time and the doctor let James hold the device that you listen to the heartbeat with. He thought that was pretty cool! I have 5 weeks or 34 days or 816 hours left and only 3 more appointments before Tookie Baby Mizell makes her arrival into the world and the Mizell Family! It’s finally here and I can hardly believe it. For whatever reason hitting the 5 week mark was a huge relief for me in the “Oh my gosh already hurry up and let this pregnancy be over with” department!! I’m still wayyyy over looking like Humpty Dumpty and never being comfortable, and not being able to breath and constantly hitting my big pot belly on every thing I come in contact with and having to visit the little girls room 10 times every hour and these darn braxton hicks that continue aggravate the stew outta me when I’m just trying to relax! But I’m more willing to be patient and ride it out even if it doesn’t sound like it!!

I’m still working on some things in her nursery but maybe I’ll have it ready for some pictures soon.
We do have a name picked out but are not telling any one. And it’s driving people nuts, especially one lady in particular. I won’t name any names but Nenie, you know who you are!! A couple weeks ago the kids and I went to Target to get some basic supplies for Tookie and I let James and Audrey pick out most of it. They had the best time and especially enjoyed picking out 1 special thing for her; Audrey picked some pappies and James picked a Turtle wash rag! I think they are really gonna be into her, for a little while at least. Audrey kisses her each night before she goes to bed and James will if he sees Audrey do it!

We have lost the charger to our camera so I don’t have any new pictures for today so here’s a little walk down memory lane :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To agree or not to agree

Yesterday I did not feel like cooking supper so we were going out to eat and decided to go see a church member in the hospital here in town while we were out. Just as we were walking out the door, another church member called to tell us they had moved her to the Thomasville hospital. So we tweaked our plans and headed that way instead. As we were driving, Jon and I were talking about what there was to eat in Thomasville when small fry #1 speaks his mind and says:
 "Daddy, I will not agree to go to Thomasville." He said it so emphatically Jon and I busted out laughing. It was like he was 30 years old and someone was trying to get him to jump out of an airplane and he was not about to do it!
Then small fry # 2 pipes up and says:
"Yeah, me neither” while she folds her arms and sets her mouth in a hard line!

Then I decided I needed a little snack and some water since we were going to the hospital first so Jon stopped at a gas station and got some peanuts for us all to share. And a few minutes later this is the conversation that was going on:
Audrey: Mama, can I have some more peanuts?
Jon: All the peanuts are gone honey. You will have to wait until supper to eat again.
Audrey: Awe man, now we will be hungry again. Now my tummy is gonna rumble 2 times!!

These kids! We are so blessed to call them ours and we truly are enjoying our front row seat to their growing up years.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

John 16:21

John 16:21 reads: A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world. I am stretching this verse slightly. I did not give birth the natural way with the twins nor will I with their baby sister. And there are lots of other mother’s out there who had c-sections like me or who adopted their children and will never experience the true “travail” that is being spoken of in this verse. But it can apply to all mother’s, I believe, no matter the way their children were born into this world.

Raising children can be the most exhausting, frustrating job in the whole world for two reasons:
1. Most days James and Audrey have more energy than I can even imagine having and
2. One minute they can have me so frustrated with their rude behavior, sassy tongue and straight up defiance (among a mired of other offence’s) that I just know I have gone horribly wrong somewhere and am raising two little heathens. And then the very next minute they can be the absolute most adorable and sweetest little children God ever created! Especially when they are sleeping. It doesn’t matter what they have done with in a days time, each night when I go in to kiss them before I go to bed, their little sleeping faces are so angelic and innocent, it makes me forget each and every frustration I had with them that day. I believe firmly that the Lord makes them that way on purpose! I remember like it was yesterday, after having a particularly stressful day with the twins when they were infants (which was almost every day) and being at the edge of insanity, I would go in and watch them sleep for a little while. It would calm me to my very core and remind me how blessed I truly was to have them, no matter how hard it was. Even with Tookie baby I know it’s true. A few nights ago I was having a horrible time. I was sooooo tired and couldn’t get comfortable to save my life. No matter the position I got in, my stomach felt like it weighed 3 tons and every muscle and bone in my body ached. Not to mention the fact that baby girl was practicing for the 2020 Olympics by punching my bladder, kickboxing my ribs and doing somersaults. I was miserable and completely over it. Then I went in to kiss Audrey good night and there she lay, sleeping so peacefully with her mouth partially open, one arm flung over her head and the other draped around her Minnie Mouse. Amazingly my aches and pains and grouchy mood melted away as my heart flooded with emotion and I thought “Yes Lord, I know, it is all worth it.”

p.s. Just in case you couldn’t tell, the pics today are old, from 2009. The other day I found a flash card I had forgotten about and oh what a joy it was to see so many pictures I’d totally forgotten about! Some I just had to share!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

32 Weeks

Yesterday was my 32 week check up and I was lucky to have 3 compadres accompany me that rarely get to attend my appointments. 2 due to choice, 1 due to work schedule. I had a ultrasound yesterday to get a gage on the size of Ms. Tookie and boy have things changed since the last time I saw her! She barely has room to move around in there and it was extremely hard to even see her, especially her face. So, I don’t have any pics of her to share. We were able to see her put her legs over her head, one of her feet jab into my abdomen (which explains a lot!) her hands all over her face and what appeared to be a rather chubby little cheek! We heard her heart beat and the tech took lots of measurements. She appears to be perfectly healthy still and growing at a normal rate. Oh and she is still a she :)

We know that you can never be 100% sure about weights and measurements and the health of babies inside the womb until they are born; even with the technology of the ultrasounds of the 21st century. But it appears that she weighs 4 lbs and 3 oz and she is right on target with my due date of the 29th of June. Yesterday I was actually 31 weeks and 6 days which is the day that the twins born and Audrey weighed 4 lbs, 4oz the day she was born. I thought that was pretty cool because we can imagine exactly how big Tookie is and what she “looks like”! She is right around the 50th percentile so the doctor thinks she will be around 7 to 7 1/2 lbs when born.

I am now officially scheduled with the surgery department of the hospital to have my c-section on June 22 at 12:30 p.m. I have 50 days left until then. 2 more 2 week appointments, then I will start going every week. Yay!!!! The days are winding down but sometimes it feels like it will never get here. Especially when I have the horrible bouts of heartburn that have been plaguing me lately or Little Miss sticks her foot in my ribs and leaves it there for hours, or I have to continue to just watch James and Audrey on the playground because this old beached whale really is a old beached whale now!!

I have to say that since I have made it past the day that I went into labor with the twins and Tookie is still in there, I feel so relieved. I’m not so nervous any more and I just feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It’s a wonderful feeling and I thank God for it!!