Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To agree or not to agree

Yesterday I did not feel like cooking supper so we were going out to eat and decided to go see a church member in the hospital here in town while we were out. Just as we were walking out the door, another church member called to tell us they had moved her to the Thomasville hospital. So we tweaked our plans and headed that way instead. As we were driving, Jon and I were talking about what there was to eat in Thomasville when small fry #1 speaks his mind and says:
 "Daddy, I will not agree to go to Thomasville." He said it so emphatically Jon and I busted out laughing. It was like he was 30 years old and someone was trying to get him to jump out of an airplane and he was not about to do it!
Then small fry # 2 pipes up and says:
"Yeah, me neither” while she folds her arms and sets her mouth in a hard line!

Then I decided I needed a little snack and some water since we were going to the hospital first so Jon stopped at a gas station and got some peanuts for us all to share. And a few minutes later this is the conversation that was going on:
Audrey: Mama, can I have some more peanuts?
Jon: All the peanuts are gone honey. You will have to wait until supper to eat again.
Audrey: Awe man, now we will be hungry again. Now my tummy is gonna rumble 2 times!!

These kids! We are so blessed to call them ours and we truly are enjoying our front row seat to their growing up years.


Emily said...


Becky said...

they are soooooooooo funny!! cute, cute story

Dianne said...

And, you've only just begun...they learned early on to protest...crying, acting out. Now, they're learning to do it with words! Oh, the fun you're going to have. Hope it all gets "blogged". So sweet.

Sam and Nelda said...

Grandaddy laughed out loud while I read this to him and said, "I'm glad that we have front row seats for just a few days"!

They are so cute with the things that they come up with...

Kelly Spezzano said...

ROFL- that is too cute! I wish we lived closer so we could see them grow up too... you guys are having all the fun! ;) lol