Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheerio to daydreaming

I must start off by saying that I am not a huge Royal Family fan. I don’t get all giddy when they are mentioned, I don’t collect Royal Family memorabilia and, I find it rather distasteful that our American news shows thought it more important to cover more of the day before the Royal wedding than the tragic, epic disaster that took place in Tuscaloosa on Wednesday. But I will save my soap box for later. I have however been very interested in Will and Kate and I guess it’s because they are so close to mine and Jon’s age and come on, what woman/girl do you know of that doesn’t enjoy a good wedding and all the beautiful things that accompany it?! That being said I did not arise at 4 a.m. this morning to watch the wedding ceremony live. I in fact forgot all about it until I turned the t.v. on this morning and saw the bride and groom arrive at Buckingham Palace. I was immediately glued to the t.v. after that! I watched all the recaps, the incredibly huge crowd march to the Palace and saw them kiss, twice!

I imagined what it would be like if it were Jon and I riding in that carriage and fancied how we would look dressed up in such beautiful apparel, waving to our kingdom from the balcony of Buckingham Palace! Silly, I know but still, just sayin! Any way, all my dreams of me and my Prince Charming were instantly dashed when I finally realized there was an awful lot of commotion coming from my kitchen and peeled myself up from off the couch and went to check it out. And this, my friends, is what I get for day dreaming:

They drug their table into the kitchen to have a party, took most of the can goods out of the pantry and even got one open enough to drink the juice out of it. They are lucky it was just fruit juice they got. They took all my pots and pans and bowls out from under the bar, ate half a box of cereal and all of my bagels  are half eaten.

Sure wish I had some of those Royal housekeepers right about now!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who had the mostest fun? We did!!!

My sister and her family arrived late Friday night and after we got the kids situated and asleep, us grownups stayed up way to late laughing and talking. Like most sensible young adults with small children tend to do when they get together! We enjoyed a lazy (as lazy as u can get with 5 kids running around like wild Indians) Saturday morning and eventually got around to dying some eggs. I had forgotten how long it’s been since I dyed an egg and have to admit I enjoyed it almost as much as the kids!

We went out on the back porch to make our fun mess and it was a beautiful morning to do so. All the kids had a total blast and James and Audrey really got into it. They had a very successful, fun first time coloring and decorating eggs.

As soon as we got candy in the plastic eggs, me and Bets went to the front yard (still not sure why I suggested that locale when we have a hugeamongus back yard) to start hiding the eggs. The kids came out full force lookin for those eggs and the looks on Audrey’s face every time she’d find one was almost too much to take. You would of thought she had struck gold every time! James, Matthew and Hannah were scooping them up like crazy and Samuel was right behind them. I think he enjoyed his first little egg hunt as much as the others!

We had a wonderful weekend and in the crazy, crazy chaos that surround us on Sunday morning before and after church, we did not even attempt to snap some pictures of the kids or even ourselves in our Easter best. We will have to take some next time we get all dolled up and pretend that those are our Easter pictures!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

30 Weeks

Had a great appointment yesterday, even though I had to wait an hour and a half. There were a few emergencies that took precedent over all us expectant moms in the waiting room and these are the times where I am so grateful and thankful that I (we) have such a great support team/church family/surrogate grandparents who are always ready and willing to keep the kids when I need them to!

My belly measured at 32 weeks and the doc thinks she is gonna be big. Perhaps this will push my c-section up another week; we’ll have to wait and see about that though. She didn’t kick him this time when he listened to her heart. He found it immediately and was right on it so it was loud, probably the loudest little heart beat I’ve ever heard! So sweet. He wants to do an ultrasound my next visit to get a look at how big she is and I can hardly wait to see her again.

This is the first full profile picture I’ve taken since I found out I had the little Tookie growing inside me. I wanted Jon to take one and he, as usual, snapped a few before I knew he was doing it so I really did not pose this way on purpose. But I thought it was a humorous and decided to share.
p.s. Do notice the bling on pinkie finger, my son gave that to me. found it in an egg and said “boys don’t wear rings. Here mama!”

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Egg hunt

Last weekend a good friend of ours had a small Easter party and we had so much fun! The kids really enjoyed finding eggs this year and James found “the mostest” as he likes to say! He’s got the skills to be a champion egg hunter: a good eye to spot them hidden deep inside bushes and grass and he’s got a quick grab reflex!! Audrey isn’t quite as aggressive so Jon and I stayed behind after everyone retreated to the shade for refreshments and helped her find the ones that the bigger kids had missed because they were too fast to look for the eggs that a particular grownup had hidden extremely well! Audrey also still thinks she has to open each egg as she finds it to see what’s inside so that hinders her in the egg hunt game. One thing about the kids growing up is that they move so fast these days, it’s been challenging to get any good action shots or really any good pics of them at all.

My sister and her family are coming tomorrow to spend the weekend with us and we are planning on coloring some eggs and having a hunt of our own! I am so excited!!! This is the first time since Christmas that we will all be together and the twins have never colored eggs before so.........

The kids. We tried to get a decent picture!

The master egg hunter hard at work!

Daddy helping his little princess!

Audrey and her good little friend Elizabeth enjoying a cold drink

Not sure what’s going on here

Audrey and her bestest friend ever, Claire!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not just the fish were skeered

Sunday evening, after we got home from an afternoon of visiting, Jon took the kids fishing. This was Audrey’s first time and I think, I think she enjoyed herself!!

Daddy caught her that fish and wasn’t able to catch James one. So needless to say James gets a little pouty when he talks about the fact that “Daddy caught Audrey a fish but didn’t catch me one.” And his pond experience this time was slightly traumatic for the little guy. I wasn’t there so this is a second hand account: Jon was trying to catch James a fish. James needed to go potty so of course he shucked his pants down and went on the bank. Jon looked away for as long as it takes to cast a line and heard a big splash followed by a very loud “waaaahhhhh, daddddddyyyyyy!!!” Jon wasn’t but about 5 feet from James so he was there fast enough to “fish” him out before any more trauma could take place! And James did not fall in deep water so it wasn’t a really dangerous situation, just an extremely traumatic one for a 3 1/2 yr. old!! (keeping count of how many times I use the word ‘traumatic’?)

When they got home James was all smiles telling about how much fun he had. Then he got real pitiful and told me how he fell in the pond while he was trying to go potty. His little lip started to quiver and his eyes filled up with tears. It was heart wrenching to say the least! I quickly started to tell him about the time I was a little girl and fell off of a big, tall dock into a pond and granddaddy had to fish me out and his daddy told him he fell in once to. James took great comfort in that and now when he talks about it (which is at least every couple hours) he throws in how we fell in too!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mizell Fun Fact’s

1. We have a king size bed and somehow, most nights, Jon gets kicked out and I am squeezed up to the edge with 2 bed hogs right beside me and enough room for 2 more people on the other side.

2. Audrey pretends to be a cat most days. Sometimes she gets a hankerin to be a puppy!

3. James doesn't have to do much of any thing and usually gets his way when his sister is around.

4. Our local Walgreens has 2 pharmacists and 3 assistants and we don't have to tell them our name any more when we pull up at the window, they just know us. (thank u allergies and asthma)

5. The twins eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch almost every single day.

6. I laugh at my kids when they fall down. NOT when they get hurt, mind you, just when they fall. I know. my husband has been telling me for years that I have a sick sense of humor. I am just one of those people who finds it hilarious when people fall down. Come on, you know it's funny!!

7. Every afternoon when Jon comes home, the kids scream and run to the door like they haven't seen him in years!

8. We sit down and eat supper at the table together every single evening.

9. The twins haven't taken a bath in months. They take showers. It's a wonderful thing!

10. Fun fact #1 has changed. No more bed hogs. In fact, I have so many pillows and move around so much now, nobody wants to sleep in the bed with me!

11. Audrey loves flowers. Flowers of any kind. Big, small, weeds. If it has a colorful bloom on it, the child can spot it. And if it's pickable, she will pick it and give it to me with the most angelic smile on her face and sound in her voice!! She even notices flower beds out her window when we are driving along in the car.

12. Jon was reading to the twins last night the story of baby Jesus and James asked his daddy “Daddy, does Jesus sit in a chair?” We are still picking our jaws up off the floor from that one. Don’t tell me kids aren’t listening in church.

13. James told a man in Wal-mart the other night that he couldn’t wear earrings, he wasn’t a girl.

14. And just this morning I caught James dipping his pull-up in the toilet and I told him to stop doing that. With out evening blinking he says “I don’t want to look at you. Go to your room.” Nice. (And no, I have never told him that, ever. So he didn’t learn it from me.) Later, when he was demanding that I turn on Superman, I told him he must of woke up on the wrong side of the bed because he had already hurt my feelings when he said he didn’t want to look at me and he said, “But I want to now, mommy.”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

28 Weeks

I can hardly believe I am in my 3rd trimester already. Wowza! I had my 28th week appointment this past Wednesday and me and Tookie Baby checked out good. I no longer get an ultrasound each visit (BOO!) but do of course get to hear her heartbeat. (At the last two visits she has kicked the doctor when he tries to find her!) This visit I got the results from the blood work I had done a couple weeks ago to test for gestational diabetes and a few other things and it all came back looking perfect, thank the Lord. I wont say how much but I've gained the accepted amount of weight so far and had the doctor tell me I was a poster girl for pregnancy weight gain, woo hoo!!! Not so sure how that's gonna hold out though, I am starting to feel a little, um, puffy!

Took is moving around constantly these days and I mean constantly. Last night and this afternoon she kept waking me up with little kicks and bumps and rolls. I sure hope she doesn't keep that up, it's slightly annoying! She kicks and rolls so hard at times now, she can make my whole body jump! I've started having to carry a pillow to church with me for my back and can just barely bend over to pick things up with out toppling over and if I don't wear good shoes while I am up and about doing things, good gravy do my feet start aching within minutes! Oh and I really detest looking at myself in the mirror these days. Ugh. In my opinion gone is the cute baby bump and here is the hugamongus pregnant belly and everything else that accompanies it. No need to start naming all those things!

I have her room partly ready now. The crib and changing table are in her room finally and I have the bedding in the crib. Just waiting on a mattress and that will be finished. I have a few things on the changing table and all her clothes washed, folded and put away. I had none of those things accomplished when the twins made their surprise early arrival so I feel way more prepared this time!!! I honestly cannot believe that in just a few short weeks (11 to be exact, Lord willing) we will be looking at and holding another wittle baby girl. So exciting!!

I was 32 weeks (31 and 5 days to be exact) when my water broke completely and totally out of the blue with the twins so, just a little more than 3 weeks till I get past that “milestone" Lord willing, and am counting the days. I will admit that at times I am extremely wary and a tad bit (OK, more than a tad bit at times!) nervous that something will go wrong again. We've been praying about it constantly, that the Lord will spare us and our precious baby girl from another premature birth. We believe the Lord is able and are just trusting that He will take care of us but I still can't shake those little bits of fear from the back of my mind and have finally attributed it to the fact that there were no warning signs and no concrete explanations afterwards with the twins. Just speculation as to why my water broke. So, I really have slowed down over the last month and am not pushing myself at all. I have hung up the traveling hat for now,  the farthest I will go is to the doctor and back. My husband has been and I know will continue to be a trooper. I am very blessed to have him. So very blessed. And my children, I hope, will come out of this experience not as damaged as my very active imagination likes to tell me that they will be!!