Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mizell Fun Fact’s

1. We have a king size bed and somehow, most nights, Jon gets kicked out and I am squeezed up to the edge with 2 bed hogs right beside me and enough room for 2 more people on the other side.

2. Audrey pretends to be a cat most days. Sometimes she gets a hankerin to be a puppy!

3. James doesn't have to do much of any thing and usually gets his way when his sister is around.

4. Our local Walgreens has 2 pharmacists and 3 assistants and we don't have to tell them our name any more when we pull up at the window, they just know us. (thank u allergies and asthma)

5. The twins eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch almost every single day.

6. I laugh at my kids when they fall down. NOT when they get hurt, mind you, just when they fall. I know. my husband has been telling me for years that I have a sick sense of humor. I am just one of those people who finds it hilarious when people fall down. Come on, you know it's funny!!

7. Every afternoon when Jon comes home, the kids scream and run to the door like they haven't seen him in years!

8. We sit down and eat supper at the table together every single evening.

9. The twins haven't taken a bath in months. They take showers. It's a wonderful thing!

10. Fun fact #1 has changed. No more bed hogs. In fact, I have so many pillows and move around so much now, nobody wants to sleep in the bed with me!

11. Audrey loves flowers. Flowers of any kind. Big, small, weeds. If it has a colorful bloom on it, the child can spot it. And if it's pickable, she will pick it and give it to me with the most angelic smile on her face and sound in her voice!! She even notices flower beds out her window when we are driving along in the car.

12. Jon was reading to the twins last night the story of baby Jesus and James asked his daddy “Daddy, does Jesus sit in a chair?” We are still picking our jaws up off the floor from that one. Don’t tell me kids aren’t listening in church.

13. James told a man in Wal-mart the other night that he couldn’t wear earrings, he wasn’t a girl.

14. And just this morning I caught James dipping his pull-up in the toilet and I told him to stop doing that. With out evening blinking he says “I don’t want to look at you. Go to your room.” Nice. (And no, I have never told him that, ever. So he didn’t learn it from me.) Later, when he was demanding that I turn on Superman, I told him he must of woke up on the wrong side of the bed because he had already hurt my feelings when he said he didn’t want to look at me and he said, “But I want to now, mommy.”


Becky said...

Ok that was worth waiting for. My co-workers thank you for starting my day right!
When is somebody gonna notice what a gifted blogger you are and make you a national sensation (a la Pioneer Woman)?!

Dianne said...

I'm wondering that myself! Your blogs are the most interesting thing I navigate to, repeatedly, daily. I LOVE Pioneer Woman, mind you, but I know you and your family personally, making it even sweeter. This was a GOOD catch-up with the twins. Love that Audrey loves flowers. Me, too. She blooms where she's planted. The popsicles are wonderful warm weather announcement, James not wanting to look at you...GEESH! Love 'em, 'manda, love you.

Sam and Nelda said...

Love the hilarity and wit in your home! Love the precious pics of the kiddos... Love that your little family always sits down (in chairs) for your evening meal. Love the hair do on Audge and the fun in the sun in their lawn chairs with some double popsicles goin on! It's all good...(glad you have your pillows at your side with room in the bed too):-/ nb