Thursday, April 21, 2011

Egg hunt

Last weekend a good friend of ours had a small Easter party and we had so much fun! The kids really enjoyed finding eggs this year and James found “the mostest” as he likes to say! He’s got the skills to be a champion egg hunter: a good eye to spot them hidden deep inside bushes and grass and he’s got a quick grab reflex!! Audrey isn’t quite as aggressive so Jon and I stayed behind after everyone retreated to the shade for refreshments and helped her find the ones that the bigger kids had missed because they were too fast to look for the eggs that a particular grownup had hidden extremely well! Audrey also still thinks she has to open each egg as she finds it to see what’s inside so that hinders her in the egg hunt game. One thing about the kids growing up is that they move so fast these days, it’s been challenging to get any good action shots or really any good pics of them at all.

My sister and her family are coming tomorrow to spend the weekend with us and we are planning on coloring some eggs and having a hunt of our own! I am so excited!!! This is the first time since Christmas that we will all be together and the twins have never colored eggs before so.........

The kids. We tried to get a decent picture!

The master egg hunter hard at work!

Daddy helping his little princess!

Audrey and her good little friend Elizabeth enjoying a cold drink

Not sure what’s going on here

Audrey and her bestest friend ever, Claire!


Dianne said...

I can SEE the masculine perspective of an egg hunt and the feminine displayed so wonderfully in James and Audrey's hunting techniques. James, masculine: MOST eggs...don't care what's in 'em. MOST. Audrey, daintily picking up so as not to damage and peeking to see WHAT she got, not how many. And, the BEST friends...easy to see in the expressions the REALLY, REALLY best friend...Claire. Happy Easter to you all.

Becky said...

PLEASE let them each have a's a Nenie thing.
I love y'all and I LOVE this post!

Sam and Nelda said...

Looks like ya'll are blessed with a great bunch of friends! Fun time in life for the kids.
Glad ya'll are getting together this weekend... Hope everyone stays well. I KNOW there'll not be a dull moment~ We'll stay tuned for the results. Much love...nb