Friday, February 13, 2009

8 days and counting

In just 8 short days we will be moving. I cannot believe it is finally here! There for a while it seemed as if we'd never get finished with our house. Well, we're not actually "finished" but it's close enough so we're movin' in! We've put in some long , tiresome hours but it will all be worth it in a few days! Next week is gonna be crazy hectic and at some point we're gonna start getting things cut off so.....this will probably be the next to last post for some time since I have no idea when we'll get things up and running again or even have the time to blog. As you can tell, my babies still l-o-v-e to read! I am amazed at how that is the one thing they never get tired of. Please excuse Audrey's partial nakedness. I have no idea why her shirt was off that day.I got another surprise this morning from Peach. I could smell that she had "done her business" so I carried her to her room to change her. Well, when I unzipped her pj's I saw that her diaper was off. Somehow the little stinker got her diaper stuffed down in the left leg of her footed pj's and the poo-poo was in the right leg, smashed on her little foot like a pancake. Honestly, how does she do these things?
James likes to lick stuff. I know I've said that before but I just think it is so funny. He licked the faucet and the bottom of the tub last night and he loves to stick his tongue out into the running water. And the other day at the store, I must of told him "stop. don't lick that" a million times. What delightful little beings I am raising! Audrey likes to poo in random places and James is a licker. Hmmm, I hope the two don't cross paths one day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You scream, I scream, we all scream.......

Sunday morning church service was not a very pleasant experience for me. Despite having to keep up with my twinkies and keep them fairly quiet(and out of the center aisle) during church for the last 12 months,(and most times y'all someone is either sitting with me or comes and gets one of them)they have been little angels in church. Seriously.Either we just had a bad day which can happen with kids or they have reached "that age". I was trying to be all optimistic about it but my sister kindly informed me that this was "the age" both of her kids started tormenting her in church. Oh great.
I know you are thinking "oh what could those precious angels have done that was so bad?" Well, first off they both wanted to be with me, in my lap. "Oh that's not so bad" you say. Well how about them not wanting to share my lap? James freaked out if I even thought about putting him on the floor. Audrey tried to jump over the back of the pew several times. James dumped the entire baggie of snacks on the floor and laughed. Audrey screamed, very loudly. I warned her not to do it again. James took Audrey's pap. Audrey screamed, very loudly. I warned her not to do it again. James threw a gold fish in the middle of the aisle and pitched a fit because I wouldn't let him go get it.(I may have been light headed from the cold I had (still have) but I ain't no dummy. That gold fish was just a ploy to escape down front!) Audrey would hit my nose with the corner of a book every time she wanted me to read it. James would look at Audrey. Audrey would scream, very loudly. 3 strikes and you're out Missy. James throws a ever living fit when I get up and walk out with Audrey. So my trusty side kick(Lynn) has to take him out to calm him down. I come back in with Audrey and we are back to square one, wanting only to sit in mommy's lap and NOT share it. Audrey screams, very loudly. OH MY WORD!!!! I warn her not to do it again. James starts wriggling making it very hard to keep them both in my lap and Audrey screams, very loudly.

That's it. I can't do it anymore. I know we are distracting the people behind us. I can hear some of them snickering and who can blame them? We were a circus. I'm sure some of them were thinking "When is she going to take them out? I can't concentrate on what the preacher is saying". So I took them out. Sometimes it's just not worth the fight. At least not at this age any way.I'll leave you with my husband's response to my morning to which only another preacher's wife can really understand: "Oh I'm so sorry honey. So, you didn't get to hear any of the sermon?"

Friday, February 6, 2009

Confessions of a 16th month old drama queen and her trusty side kick!

We have been so incredibly busy for the last two weeks, I've barely had time to breath. Actually, I can't breathe right now because I have a nasty head cold. Haha! James and Audrey have it too. I think their dear sweet daddy gave it to us so this week has been trying, to say the least!! Things have been happening 'round here like mad. Last Monday me and the kids went to Savannah with 10 other family members to be at a surprise welcome home party for my cousin Ben. It was so great to see him and his sweet wife! We haven't seen them since the twins were born. He's been in the army for the last 7 years and has been over seas 4 times I believe. He came home for good last Sunday night! We are so grateful to him for his service to our country and so thankful for his safe return home!!
Then that following Saturday my sweetie of a husband threw me a surprise b-day party at our new house. We had a great time; there were so many people and so much food. It was great! And once again he made turning another year older a little easier!!
This week Audrey has learned how to crawl into the exersaucer! So I guess Jon finally gets his way and we can retire those two items! And the more time that passes the more dramatic she gets. Honestly. All poor little James has to do is start crawling her way and if she is playing with something she starts screaming like mad. James just looks over at me like "what'd I do?"
Even though she is such a little drama queen she already acts like a mother hen to James. Yesterday he got hurt and while I was rocking him trying to calm him down, she found a cracker and brought it to him. Then later while he was getting his diaper changed and was still crying, she did the same thing only this time she took his pappy out to put the cracker in. Afterwards James leaned over and hugged her. As many times as she has screamed at him and he has slapped her on the head this week, they have laughed with each other and chased each other just has much!Now the next picture and little tid bit may be a bit controversial to be telling in blogger land and if it offends you, my deepest apologies. Seriously. (Not that I will ever forget this moment but I did want to document it!) So on my actual b-day last Sunday Audrey Grace gave me the most memorable present of all. When I went to go get her from her nap that afternoon I was greeted with the most horrible stench when I opened the door. Then my eyes met with every mother's worst night mare. Pooh, every where. Oh I started screaming and thank goodness my mom was there because Peach had it ALL OVER HER. I shudder at the thought of how the cleaning process would have gone had I been there alone. Ugh.
That week she had learned to take her diaper off when she had no pants on and silly old me let her sleep in her dress. Yeah that won't happen again. As it appears in the picture I think she had already used the bathroom and then remembered "hey, I can take this thing off". So she did. But then she found there was not a very nice thing in there and discarded it to the corner. Then I think she had to go again (notice the nice big area in the middle of the bed) and that's when she got her hands and feet in it. She wasn't too interested in it though because she still had her pappy in and none of it was on her face. Whew!!

And this morning James got so quiet I had to go searching for him. I found him all sprawled out on the floor sucking on a lolly pop. Man! I don't know where in the world that came from 'cause we don't eat lolly pops around here yet. Nenie said it's because he's still down on the floor and there is more to find on the floor!! I have to stay at least 2 steps ahead of them at all times or it's bad news for somebody. Either a huge mess for me to clean up or a boo-boo for them and yesterday it was boo-boo alley around here. Oh and James has dumped a glass of water in his face twice this week trying to drink it!

Our routine in the mornings is for me to get the coffee pot going, fix them their juice and some cheerios in a bowl. Then while I drink my coffee and get my morning FOX news fix, they drink their juice and eat their cheerios on their little couch. Well this morning I obviously didn't fix it fast enough because before I could even get my coffee going, Audrey brought a bowl in and set it on the kitchen floor and pointed up at the cereal. She's getting to smart for this old, tired mama!!