Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still going...

Matthew came to spend a few days with us while his mama caught up on some much needed rest. James and Audrey had so much fun having him here and I think Matthew enjoyed not having any of his siblings around for a few days! Grandaddy and Nonie were here also last week and these 3 spent a lot of time out on the porch with Grandaddy "flying in the air plane"!! And how funny is Iron Man on the far right?!

Friday afternoon an hour or two after Dad and Nelda left, the Sanders crew rolled into town for a church meeting at Trinity and we spent the weekend at church. It was another great weekend, it just went by way to fast!

Sydney is the only one who really loves us because she stayed behind to spend some time with Jon and I the kids and will be going back to New Orleans with us to babysit the children while we are at the rehearsal dinner and wedding. Everyone needs a Sydney in their lives, she is a jewel and we are enjoying every second of her being here with us.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Face #12

Jon and I are beyond tired after our busy (but wonderful!) weekend. But for some reason our children are not. They have the most energy of any two human beings on the face of this earth and I am really wishing they would share some of it with their dear mother. I figured no one would be interested in my ugly mug so, I decided to let face #12 of my daughter show every one how I feel at this hour!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A hodge podge of events

Yes, we are still alive. Yes, we have been very busy and no, it's not slowing down any time soon! Please pardon our absence in the land of blog but we've been kinda busy these last two weeks. Lets start with the illness that plagued our house for 10 days. The day after we got home from my sister's(Sunday), Audrey started running a real high fever. No other symptoms, just fever. James started running one the next day right before bed time so I figured a trip to the doc was in order. Tuesday we went traipsing to the end of the world (not really) to the ped's office and he said they had a cold virus and it had to wear off. We ended up back at the ped's office on Friday for nasty coughs and left with scripts for antibiotics and steroids because they both had the croup.

10 days is a looonnnggg time for kids to be sick so as soon as they stopped running fevers and their coughs started to sound like it was actually going to go away at some point, we packed the van, threw them in it and headed out to New Orleans for SuSu camp. SuSu camp? Well, in a nut shell Jon's mother started Aunt Su camp a few years back when her youngest nieces and nephews were young(er) to give their parents a break for a couple days during the Summer. James and Audrey were old enough to enjoy the festivities this year, so we took them. After I got them all settled at "camp", I jetted off to Hattiesburg to soak up some rays by Aunt Becky's pool and enjoy some peace and quiet and not have to hear the "M" word for a couple days! It twas very nice and I am already looking forward to SuSu camp again next year. HAHA!! BTW, my husband stayed at "camp" of his own free will. JSYK.

On Friday, everyone came to Hattiesburg, met up at Uncle Andy's house and caravaned to a church meeting at the church where Uncle Andy pastors in Mize Mississippi and where Jon was the invited preacher. We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Pleasant Home Primitive Baptist Church is a precious place with precious members and that meeting will always hold a special place in our hearts!! And we had a blast at the Andy Mozingo's Friday and Saturday night, thanks again for the hospitality y'all! Saturday evening after a meal of delicious BBQ chicken, we convened back in the sanctuary to sing a few songs. Andy called on each of the boys to help lead a song and this one in particular caught my eye!

Our Summer's are always jam packed, especially the month of June. We've got 2 church meetings, 2 (hopefully 3) sets of company and a wedding in New Orleans to attend, still this month so......the blog will be taking a back burner for a while. I might drop in once a week or so with some pictures, just to keep the hate mail at a minimum!