Monday, September 28, 2009

No more cheap laugh's at my expense......

Notice any thing about my title? Yes, I have L's and P's now. And question marks and commas and all those other keys I was missing!! Saturday, my hubby and I went out to celebrate 6 years of marital bliss. We ate supper at Carrabas and went shopping at Good Will. Isn't that romantic? We were elbow deep in books when I started laughing and told Jon we really were just an old married couple now. We were shopping at Good Will as part of our anniversary outing and not because we had too, because we wanted too!!! That trip though landed us with a nice new (uh used) key board (that doesn't have milk stuck to the inside of some of the keys) for a whopping 10 bucks!

Now that I have all my alphabet back, I will try to post more frequently through out the week. TRY being the operative word here! I started feeling like I'd been run over by a truck Saturday night and just knew for sure I was coming down with the flu. Or worst, the piggy flu. I layed up in the bed all day yesterday while my mom and Jon took the kids to church that morning and then Jon took them back with him that night. I feel better today but went to the doctor any way since we are planning on going to the Good Hope Association in Mississippi this weekend. They did the flu swab on me and it came back negative. I do have a low grade fever so she said I probably have some type of 48 hour bug and to get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Will do captain. At least the drinking plenty of fluids part any way. I'll get as much rest as two 2 year olds will allow. Which isn't much these days!!

A few afternoons last week Jon had to meet some people at the church to discuss some renovations that the church is going to be doing. So, he would come home after work and get one of the kids to take with him. James went the first day and this is what Audrey did pretty much the whole time they were gone: Lay up on the couch like a teenager and watch Popeye!The next day Jon took Audrey and James and I went to the store. He really enjoyed getting to ride in the seat the whole time we were there! I know it gets old always having to take turns with your little sister! He had a fit when he saw the pumpkins (or mumpkins as he calls them)nso I had to let him "touch" them. "Touch" is his newest thing to do. He has to "touch" everything. Guess that's better than licking! The last day, Jon took James again so it was just me and Ms. Audrey. I didn't have any thing to cook or clean or iron so we had some great one on one time together. They haven't had much of that that since there's always been two of them and it was really hard for Jon to come get one of them when they were real small and not walking. But the older they get, the more important it is for them to not only have one on one time with Jon and I but also to play by themselves. They are so used to always having a play mate around and it's rare that they go to separate parts of the house and play alone. Not that there is any thing wrong with that and I am sure the older they get they will WANT to play alone. Okay enough of that! Audrey Grace is really into playing with her dolls now and this is what I walked in the room to find the last afternoon of "alone time". She had lined all her dolls up and was sitting next to them, reading!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Icnic Side

I cant turn my back on these two for one second any more. My trustworthy children have turned into scoundrel's, just waiting for the next opportunity to arise that wi give them a rush of excitement and their mother and father heart attacks. Heart attacks from near misses of certain horrific injury or, going insane from the constant whining and shri screams that escape their itte mouths these days. Jon and I are certain we sha either be deaf by age 30 or at the nut house in Miedgevie by ateast 35. Either way it ain't gonna be urddy!!! (just ike this ost!!)
I must give my kids credit though, they sure know how to have fun!!!!!!

More outside the box thinking for me--se checker works great for adding missing etters. That is when it can figure out what word you are trying to use!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Giant Leap

Every moment of every day it seems like my children are making changes. Getting bigger and older in some way, whether its growing an inch or learning how to walk and run with out any thing holding them back! Over the last week and a half my darling son has made two HUGE accomplishments. By the time we left my dads last Friday he was walking flat footed!!!! Every moment that he is out of his brace now, he walks 100% flat footed. And if that isn't enough, over the weekend he started running with it about 95% flat. Walking is hard and running is even harder so for him to be doing both of these with in days of each other is phenomenal. Such a wonderful blessing. An answered prayer. September 9th marked two months that he's been wearing his brace. Even though now it's hard to remember the days that I didn't put it on him, in the grand scheme of things, 2 months is not a long time. Two weeks ago, April (his PT) decided since he was doing so great she only needed to come every other week instead of every week. This Tuesday, after being here only 10 minutes, she looked at me and said "It's incredible. He doesn't even need me every other week now. I see him once a month until it's time to re-evaluate for insurance. After that, he probably won't even need me".

The Lord is so merciful, isn't He? We are gonna miss seeing April every week though. She's been a great support to me and the kids just love playing with her. Good thing we live in a small town. I'm sure I'll be running into her at Wal-Mart!! We go back to the Orthopaedist in December so we are status quo until then(meaning he wears the brace the same amount of time during the day).I put together a little video of James and his new accomplishments and of some of his exercise equipment that April lent us for the next few months. She gave us 4 different things for him to work with, so a few times each week we have our own little gymnastics party!!! James and Audrey both have gotten quite good at them, especially the balance beam!!! Each of the things she gave us helps James strengthen his calf muscles and ankles by having to balance.

Bet you are so glad that I got my computer fixed, huh Well I didn't. Just thinking outside the box. I begged Nenie, who graciously agreed(wonder why), to add my ls and ps for me after I wrote this post!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Georgia on my mind

We will be packing up and heading South in the morning so I wanted to post once more before I have to go home to a broken computer. Boo. Please enjoy being able to understand my writing one last time and not scratching your head trying to figure out what in the world this nerd is trying to tell you!
We have had such a wonderful and relaxing time(well I've been relaxed. the kids have been in high gear all week!)here and it will be sad to leave Grandaddy and Nonie. But I miss my husband, a lot. And my own bed. There ain't nothing like sleeping in your own bed after you've been gone for a few days. I miss my camera too. I remembered to bring it but forgot to charge the battery so it punked out mid-carousel ride Monday night. We have packed a lot into our days here and the kids are slap worn out by bed time. We are an hour behind our body clock's here so their sleep schedules have been thrown off which makes way for a tad bit more drama when nap time and bed times gets close. But, they've been taking extra long naps so that makes up for the drama! Nelda and I snuck out twice this week during nap time to do some shopping. FYI, Kohl's is having a fantastic sale!!!
So tired
I love the looks on their faces. They look so shocked at what ever is on those pages!!
Peach, well, being Peach!! They had a great time playing on those two steps this week. I hope they don't get any bright ideas when we get home.
A real man's man. Wearing camo and holding a baby!!

Riding in this really cool attachment for a bicycle that daddy borrowed from a neighbor. They love to ride!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ain't no ham like Birmingham!

On Saturday of this past weekend, James, Audrey and myself loaded up and headed "north" to Birmingham to spend the week with my Daddy and Nelda. Jon was supposed to come with us and stay through Labor Day but sometimes last minutes changes occur. Especially when you are a preacher! We sorely miss dear dad but we are having a blast! We spent the day at church Sunday, got to catch up with old friends and hear some wonderful preaching! During the afternoon service James decided he wanted to help lead singing so he got himself a book a proudly marched to the front.Of course your camera never works when you want it to so we had to reinact the moment and of course it wasn't as cute as the actual moment but you get the idea any way! He was so cute standing up there. He stood up there for almost a whole song before he turned around and tried to venture into the pulpit! I really hope he doesn't want to do it next time we are in church. A two year old child standing in the front of the church, holding a song book and looking as natural as the 20 something year old beside him, is kinda distracting!!!Sunday evening some neighbors had some friends drop by with their horses so we had to go out and see them. James got to touch one and he loved it. HE loved the horses! Audrey did NOT. She didn't want to touch them or even get near them!

Yesterday we went to my absolutely, most positively favorite store in the whole entire world, Hobby Lobby. Yes, I realize that's a little dramatic description but it's true. I could stay there for hours and it's REALLY good I don't have one close by me. Jon might have to get a 2nd job to keep us off the street......Today we have just lazed around and played with the kids. Well, watched them play really. They have done an excellent job of entertaining themselves with all the new and exciting things that Nonie has!

Trying to peel something off the sidewalk
Pretending like they were babies
Getting ready to swap cars for like the millionth time

And my favorite, spanking their legs.

We will be coming home this weekend but I don't know how often I will be posting. At least with words any way. Last week I spilled some milk on my key board and no longer have the use of my L's, P's. It's really quite annoying to try and type with out using L's and P's. Have you ever tried? They are very important letters. It's amazing how many L's and P's one will use in a day.