Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve The kiddos are a little fussy today. I think it is because they miss their daddy so terrible! Jon has gone to Hattiesburg for the New Year's Meeting and to be with his family for a few days. First New Year's in 6 years that we wont be together. Sad huh? I think so! My mother came yesterday evening to stay with us until Jon comes back on tuesday. I am planning on getting alot done these 2 days but we shall see how that goes!

This is Audrey waiting for her bath

Good thing mama has two arms!

How cute is my baby girl?!

Me, Jon, James and Audrey on Christmas Eve

We miss you daddy! Hurry up and come home!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

No one get excited. Nothing about babies today.

Nenie and Becky (you english-language people you) I PROMISE I DO know how to spell. Really. Ask Jon. He will tell you.

I almost hit the floor reading back over some old posts when I realized that I spelled distress destress. How embarrassing. It is such an easy word. Where are those little wavy lines when you need them! And how even more embarrassing if no one caught it. Oops.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Say hello to our little goof ball!Sorry his head is kinda cut off. But it is hard to try to get a baby to smile, hold him, and take a picture all in the same motion. He has finally started to smile at us when he is awake! He has always smiled real goofy in his sleep but seeing him smile at you when you are talking to him is such a treat! I probably drove him crazy trying to get him to smile this morning! Jon was holding him last night and James had his little hand on Jon's chin as if to say "I love you daddy" I had to snap a picture.
They got two Baby Einstein videos for Christmas and Audrey sat and watched an entire video this morning. At the end I think I heard her coo a little in excitement at all the colors. It was precious. James however, doesn't care a bit about it. He would rather stare at the door than pretty colors and shapes on the t.v.! Such a boy! We took our tree down last night. First time in 5 years that the tree has been down before New Year's. I bet I beat everyone this year, huh?!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Grandma got run over by two reindeer!Merry Christmas! We had a really nice, quiet day with just the four of us. Truly one of our happiest yet! I remember how last year at this time I was a "little" sad because we had wanted kids for so long and it just didn't seem possible. But wow what a difference a year can make! We just never know, do we? When I mentioned quiet, it was honestly the quietest Christmas either one of us had experienced. Not that that is a bad thing, but I really did miss the chaos and mayhem of Christmas past. Especially talking with all the Mozingo's out in the country this morning and hearing all the noise and screaming and laughing. I can just picture everyone. Some sitting quietly in the corner, just observing the hilarious scene that is before their eyes and others using hand made microphones to try and have their funny story heard above all the others!! And then talking to my sister when they got to my dad's this afternoon. Knowing that she is going shopping alone tomorrow as well, it just makes sense that we should go together, doesn't it? Then I hear Hannah and Matthew in the background and wish James and Audrey could be spinning in the red chair that Grandaddy so sweetly taught them to sit in and spin till they get sick! But my sadness only lasts for a few fleeting moments when I get a glimpse of my precious husband and darling children. And I remember how a few months ago there was a slight chance we might have had to spend Christmas with them in the Hospital. Suddenly the quietness of our little house way out here in Grady county doesn't seem so lonely!

We have truly been blessed far beyond measure this year. We have so much to be thankful for. Most of all for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for without Him all the joys of Christmas would not be possible. When I think back over this past year, I can honestly say that once again we have been showered with blessings that we do not deserve. In March we found out we were gonna have a baby! In April we found out it was gonna be twins! In June (after much prayer and discussion) we decided to move and moving to a new place with new people can always be kinda scary but everyone here in the community and especially at Tired Creek have been so generous and loving. We immediatly felt at home and have never felt out of place since. In July we found out we were having a boy AND a girl! We went on MANY preaching trips during the summer and on October 2 our most wonderful boy and girl came a little early! Almost into November we got to bring our little bundles home and had our 1st Thanksgiving as parents. Now we have had our 1st Christmas as parents and other than the 1st one as husband and wife, it has been the best one yet.
We want to tell all of our family and friends how much your love and support every year means to us. But especially this past year. We have experienced many changes and some have been hard for some of you to understand. Like moving, or not moving and having not one but two premature infants that can't be around children and large crowds which are the TWO things that make up both of our families! But your love and support have never waivered and we are so thankful for you all. We love you and the good Lord willing, next Christmas we will get to be with you! All our love and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I want to share the funny story of when I went into labor with ya'll.
It was a normal monday around here, for me any way. Jon had gone to work and I decided to get out of the bed and go lay on the couch. We had just gotten back from a meeting in Macclenny the day before and I was pretty tired. Nothing unusual. I got up to go use the bathroom and much to my pregnant bladder's dismay, found the water not working. I called the land lord and left a message. By about 12:30 we still had no water so I called Jon to see if he knew of something I could do to make it start running. He told me not to worry, he would see about it when he got home. (I was using the bathroom all this time, just not flushing. Yuck.)
I fell asleep after talking to Jon which was kinda odd, I usually took a nap about 4:00 and my legs felt a little achy. But again, nothing too out of the norm. I woke up about 1:00 and was hungry, so I put some shrimp in the oven and sat back down. When the timer went off, I got up and went into the kitchen. As I was taking the shrimp out and setting them on the counter, I suddenly felt and then heard a HUGE gush. I knew immediatly what had happened but I was in total shock and denial. I was only 31 weeks and I hadn't had ANY pain. I was all alone and totally freaked out. I couldn't get it together enough to decide who to call 1st: the doc or Jon so I called them at the same time.

When Anne answered at the school, I shouted: "Anne my water just broke. Tell Jon to come home NOW!" then I shouted to the nurse the same and she told me to go to the nearest hospital and make sure the twins were okay and then come to Macon. I was frantic because I knew it was to early, they were to small. Then I called my sister, which now thinking about it, probably wasn't the nicest thing seeing how she lives 3 hours from us and what could she really do but freak out herself? But she calmed me down. I was sitting on the couch talking to her when I heard, literally heard, the truck tires screaching down our dirt road. Now you have to be going pretty fast to do that on a dirt road. I saw him come through the gate and almost hit the house! I wish I had had enough mind to have the camera recording him when he came through the door. It was priceless. He had this worried, excited, frantic look on his face and he was hunched over like an old man! He almost didn't know what to do either! I had a bag that while I was waiting on him and hastily packed. Well, I still had not unpacked from Macclenny so I would have been good to go but for some dumb reason I dumped EVERYTHING out onto the bed. When I realized what I had just done, I screamed. And these were the contents that ended up going to the hospital: contact case, solution, brush, deodorant and I think a tooth brush. No clothes. No underwear. Nothing for Jon. No video or still camera. No baby books for their footprints. No car seats. Nothing.

We jumped, well climed, in the van and took off. Oh yeah, in the mean time the nurse had called back and Dr. Durso, who was on call, said to bypass the nearest hospital and just come straight on. Which sounded alot better to me! So we sped around every car, truck, van, semi, red light, cop and while passing the slow ones who would not get out of his way, Jon would give them this nasty look and point at my belly and shout (like they could really hear him!) "she's having a baby"! We live about 2 hours from I-75 so we are travling at the speed of lighting on back roads! Meanwhile, Jon told me that when the principal burst into his room and screamed "your wife's water just broke" he just stared at her and said I know. I just talked to her and told her I would fix it when I got home. "what" she said. And he told her the water was broken at the house. She said "Oh, hold on" and got on the intercom and said "Anne, did Mrs. Mizell say her water or the house water?" And Anne scremed "HER water" when Jon heard that he said He jumped up and ran out! Needless to say, we made to the hospital in time. I didn't even start having contractions until about an hour after we got there. They tried their best to hold the labor off as long as they could. They gave me a steroid shot and some other stuff, well in all visits in the hospital, I've never had so many things hooked up to me!

Mama, Will and Betsy were waiting for us at the hospital when we pulled up and let me tell you it was nice to see some family there for us. We were so frazzled. We couldn't even talk to anyone on the way there we were so nervous. Uncle Hugh did call and really helped to remind me that the Lord is always in control! Well, the rest of the families were burning up the phone lines, especially all those who live out of state, trying to decide what to do since they were trying to hold my labor off. Well, you know the grandparents don't chance nothing, so they all headed that way. Daddy and Nelda made it about 7 or 8 p.m. I think Ronnie and Susan made it about 1 a.m. The next day, all of my aunts and uncles hung out at the hospital and Uncle Lonnie, (since he was so close in Atlanta) Nenie, Becky, Emily, Sydney and Isabella came from Mississippi. I got 2 rounds of steroids in me before James let everyone know he was ready to come. About 4:30 on tuesday his little heart rate kept bottoming out so Dr. Durso decided emergency c-section becasue James was in such destress. Everyone but Uncle Will got to be there for the birth. Poor Will was stuck in class and had his phone turned off. But he got there soon after!

I was proud of Jon. He gets very quesy at the site of blood and he stuck it out with me during the section! He has some funny stories about the whole process, especially the one when he saw the doctor jump on me with his elbow to get Audrey out! I was so worried the whole time that I had done something to make this happen so early. But the more I think about it the more I believe that the Lord was delivering us from something far worse where James is concerned. He was in such destress and had such a HARD time that 1st week getting his blood pressure stable and then finding out about his heart condition. These words come to my mind:1.God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform; He plants His foot-steps in the sea and rides upon the storm. 2. Deep in unfathomable mines of never failing skill; He treasures up His bright designs, and works His soverign will. 5. His purposes will ripen fast, unfolding every hour; the bud may have a bitter taste, but sweet will be the flower.

We went through ALOT of bitter tastes the first month of their life, but the flower really is so sweet!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Uh, no mom, you may not go back to sleep! Bright eyed and bushy tailed Bit-Bit here had other plans for mama this morning. James woke up at 6:45, almost 2 hours past his usual 3 hour mark! But I was so sleepy I told myself as soon as I got them both changed and fed I was hopping back in the bed this morning. Well, it ended up being like a circus. They kept me going back and forth between their cribs for 30 minutes.James spit up, clean him up. Peek at Audrey, oh she really spit up. Peek at James, he has already wiggled out of his blanket and face first into the bumper pad. Audrey starts howling again. Pick her up, maybe she has a bubble. Oh, nope. She has pe-peed on herself (2nd time this morning by the way) You pretty much get the picture. Audrey was just to cute this morning all wide awake so I snapped a few pictures trying to get a smile. Didn't get one though. She loves to lay and look at her mobile and bumper padwhen she is in a good mood so this is how I left her this morning. Needless to say, by the time I got everyone settled, of course I was wide awake! Better luck next morrow!
I took these yesterday. They were in a good mood until I layed them down beside each other. I don't understand, they seem to love each other, don't you think?!

Bit loves to have her hands on her face and lately she has found her fingers to suck on when she isn't attached to her pappy.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Good grief. Holy cow. Leaping lizards. Great day. Oh my word. WOW. For heaven's sake. Sweet Moses. Those are just a few phrases that describe the day here yesterday. Jon was gone pretty much all day yesterday, it being Sunday and all and by the time he did get home about 8:15 p.m. I cannot recall a time in recent past that I was happier to see him then I was at that moment last night. James was pretty good all day. I take that back, he was a SAINT compared to his little sister! The only time he really made any noise was when he got hungry. The rest of his day was spent either sleeping or staring at the Christmas tree with a blank look on his face. Audrey, on the other hand, screamed bloody murder if I got out of her sight for a second. And sleep? Ha! She decided to take 10 minute cat naps every couple hours or so instead of a nice, long nap like a good little girl. And she only wanted to be held. No swing, no bouncy seat, no crib. Nothing. Just dear, sweet, precious mama. By the time the sun went down, she just wasn't happy period. It didn't matter if I was holding her or not she just wanted to cry. James eventually got cranked up and by the time Jon got home I was rocking them both as fast as I could. But the whole reason for this story is this: about 5 minutes before Jon walked in the door Audrey was screaming so loud and so viciously she literally passed out. I promise. One minute she was howling and the next sound asleep. I about passed out my self wanting to laugh but I didn't dare. She has been fine ever since! Excuse my looks but you try taking care of 2 varmits ALL DAY LONG and you'll look like this too!Nonie and Grandaddy bought them reindeer antlers for Christmas and James seemed to like his pretty good!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am obsessed with my children's feet! But who can blame me seeing how utterly adorable they are! We TRIED to take a picture for our Christmas card today but uh, it was alot easier when it was just me and Jon! I figured it would be easy since they have always done so good at other "photo shoots"! Not so today. We got a few okay ones but I don't think I am gonna use any that I have put on the blog. We are gonna try again tomorrow, maybe. And uhm, for those of you (and you know who you are) who made fun and laughed at me for saying I was gonna have James in a suit every sunday, eat your heart out!

This is pretty much how it went the whole time in front of the tree, as you can see in the picture below this one, the pappies were the only thing that would satisfy them and you can't take a good picture with pappies in your mouth, especially James' big, nasty one!

Excuse this one. I am only somewhat computer/blog literate!
We had a b-day party for my Uncle Frank's 70th b-day tuesday night and they wanted a picture of all the brothers that were there (fyi-this is not all of them) and nobody noticed that a blonde, curly headed little girl had snuck in! That is Hannah Grace and doesn't she look mischevious? Some would say a look she gets from me but.................
We went to the doctor Wednesday and da-da-da-dum: James weighs 8.4 and Bit Bit weighs 7.13
We were so proud. I guess those little clumps of formula in the bottom of her bottle didn't bother her weight gain one bit! The doctor was proud and said they were taking off like lightning!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Okay here are a few things I have learned over the past month and a half:
1. Never by all that Wal-Mart has of a certain kind of bottle and 10 extra nipples because you have twins and they both eat 8 times a day, until you know that your children are gonna be able to suck on them with out pooping out after 1/2 ounce.
2.Do not buy 8 NUK pacifiers, open and sterilize them because that is what both your niece and nephew used until you know that your children will like them. They both gag on the nuks and now I have 8 pappies that no one will use. Any NUK users out there?
3.Don't buy the biggest can, most expensive formula that Wal-Mart offers until you are sure that it wont cause your children to stay up all night and all day moaning and groaning.
4. Don't buy 1,000 premie diapers because you just know it will take months for your children to grow out of them.
Hey, I know you live and you learn. But honestly living and learning for two at once is getting ridiculously expensive!

The pictures below are of when the kids (and adults) came to visit us in Macon. I honestly don't know who had more fun. The grandparents and aunts who got to see their precious babies in the hospital or these wild indians at the Ronald McDonald House!
We love dong! (aka uncle jon)

Well, he is not a wild indian! Not yet any way! Yes, he is lifting his head up on his own!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Do I spy two dimples!
Poor Audrey had a tough night last night. She was so restless. She probably only slept about 1 hour between 3 and 8:30 which is not like her. I thought she was just working on a poop but she got that out this morning and is still restless. Hollering out, grunting, twisting around. It is very pittiful. I have a feeling mama is gonna be holding someone an awful lot today!

Her Nanny B bought them both Christmas pj's when they were in the hospital and I just knew they would never grow into them! But they have and these are Audrey's. She looks like a little candy cane!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Okay, they finally did it. They finally tag teamed me to the point of no return! Today has been an interesting day! Lots of times they both get hungry at the same time and starting going nuts. I usually have the bouncy seats to turn to, but not today! This morning James threw up all over his so I decided to wash the pads on both of them. I new it was dicey but it had to be done.

When Jon and Will got back from church I ran up to the store to get me a few much needed Dr. Peppers and it was exciting to get of the house on such a pretty day, even if only for a few minutes. When I got back, our land lords daughter called and said she needed to stop by and get the key to the house next door. Jon and Will were fixing to leave as Lynn pulled up to go to the beach to surf for a while. Something I planned for Jon to get out of the house and have a REAL break. Aren't I sweet?! Anyway, I had James in my arms and was outside talking to Lynn after the boys left. Audrey started crying and once I realized she had reached the point of no return I told Lynn I had to go. So I came in and put James down to change Audrey's diaper. Of course he started screaming. I changed Audrey and put her down to change James who never stops crying when you change his diaper. As expected, Audrey let me know what she thought of that! It was well pass their time to eat so I put them on the floor in the living room to fix their bottles. Note, they are still screaming. Like I said I usually can put one of them in their seats and bounce it with my foot while I feed the other and that keeps them satisfied till their turn. Did I mention I couldn't do that this time?

I was at the point of hysteria because I knew there was no help in site for hours. So I somewhat calmly asked the Lord to help me. PLEASE. I immediatly thought about something Nelda had said about balancing one on my knee while feeding them both at the same time. Something I have never had to do. Not only because I always have their seats available ( have I mentioned that yet?) but because I am always afraid that their heads wont be held up right in the correct position and they will choke to death. Well, I had no choice today. So I looked around and saw the boppy that never gets used. I grabed it and put James inside of it. He looked comfortable enough (still screaming though) and put Audrey across my lap and shoved the bottles into their mouths. Instant peace! Poor bit-bit had tears streaming down her face. Even though I had to let them gulp it down, let some if it stream out the sides of their mouths and only be burped once, I did it. They got fed and they didn't choke to death! Hooray for me! I feel as if I could climb Mt. Everest right now. But I wont because they have to eat again in and hour and a half! Maybe the pads will be dry by then!

Yes, this is gross but I had to show what happens when you have to burp two babies at once and are sitting on the floor with 1 burp rag and have it under the child who usually throws up and of course, they switch it up on you. This is courtesy of Ms. Audrey!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

We had a good day yesterday. Just hung out and watched everybody sleep. That is pretty much the norm for us around here. Audrey is starting to be more awake during the day than James is and James now shakes is right leg like a puppy dog when he is eating! Last night I had them sleeping on the floor in the living room with us while we ate supper.This is the pittiful primpimg face she makes sometimes. Mostly in her sleep. Must be a bad dream or something?!I snapped this this morning. This is the result of me being to tired to get up and feed my children at 5 am so I put them in the bed with me with the hopes of them sleeping longer and it worked! We slept until 8:30! Sweet sleep, especially with these two angels! Of course all the medical people out there today would probably turn me into child services for letting them sleep this close. But man, sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do!!! And as a side note to the blog I posted the other day about why are my children crying. I just want everyone to know that I wrote that in fun. I don't really believe that my children will turn out to be serial killers or gothic or cleptomaniacs. But as every mother does, I worry that I wont be a good enough parent to them. And I don't constantly live in the fear that my children have some sort of awful diease or have RSV. If I really thought that, would I be telling all of you or taking them to the doctor? I felt like this needed to be cleared up because there were only a handful of you who actually got my humor. I have received quite a few calls from family memebers (mostly men by the way) who were actually afraid I was not doing well. Even my own husband said it was the most pitiful thing he had ever read. Come on! I am doing great. I love my children and am so happy to be their mother. I am not going over the edge or suffering from post-pardom depression. Seriously, those things cross every mother's mind, especially new mothers. But I don't live in the fear of them actually coming true. So for the record let me say again, I AM DOING GREAT! I AM NOT IN TROUBLE NOR DO I REALLY BELIEVE I AM RAISING HARD CRIMINALS!!!! Love you all and thanks for all the comments. Next time I try to be funny I will certainly clarify that that is what I am doing!! HA-HA! :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Last night James would not go to sleep. We thought we were gonna have about an hour of quiet to our selves and watch a little t.v. but he had different plans. He wasn't fussy, just WIDE AWAKE!! I guess he just wanted to be with his parents. He loves us so much!
He hates the process of getting into and out of the bathtub but he LOVES to be in the water. I guess this apple didn't fall far from the tree! For those of you who don't know, his daddy his obsessed with all things having to do with water! And look, mama really does exist!

One day I will try to get a better shot of this childs head so maybe you can see what I mean when I say his head is identical to his PaPaw's. The hair line, the way his fuzz parts (PaPaw doesn't have fuzz though!) and his forehead. It is really cute!
Thanks for all the comments you guys. I was glad to see everyone could see my humor. I just needed a little comic relief and Jon wasn't around to help me out.
For those of you who have blogs that I know of, I try to comment on them but for some reason this computer will only let me do it like 1 in every 100 times that I try. I can't even comment on my own blog. So Amber, wish we could be there in January, we were looking forward to it but definitly in May. Can't wait to see ya'll and maybe I can get an appointment with the ever so talented Mrs. Ferrell to have some pictures taken? You are so amazing. Seriously I am always blown away at the pictures of the girls that you take. We got your Christmas card and Jon thought it was some advertisement from Sears or something when he first looked at it!
And Ol'Mama, what happened? You haven't been first in like 3 or 4 days? You aint loosen your touch, are you? :)