Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bugs and vacuum cleaners

Olivia Ray has a huge personality. And she has a huge imagination. Yes, already. And, she is very dramatic. What!! One of MY girls is dramatic?? This is so unexpected.

Bugs. She does not like them. Not one bit. And that’s a total 160 from her big bro and sis when they were her age. James and Audrey would (and still do) touch ANYthing. James loved rolly pollies (still does) when he was her age. Audrey wasn’t scared of them but she didn’t have such an affection for them. We have fond memories of sitting out in the back yard in the grass looking for them and playing with them. Our yard has tons of them. Miss Pitty Pat Punkie Doodle does NOT LIKE ROLLY POLLIES. We were out in the back yard yesterday digging in the dirt and I found one and tried to give it to her and you would of thought I tried to get her to eat it. She started saying “Ouchie, ouchie, no, no, mama. No.” I tried for 10 minutes to get her to see that they were ok but she wanted no part of it. I did get her to open her hand and she let me put it in her palm but as soon as she realized what had happened she started shaking her hands and jumping up and down screaming “ouchie, ouchie!!” It’s quite comical. And then there is the hex bug that James got for Christmas. She wont go near that thing. I found it in the kitchen yesterday and out it on the floor and turned it on. She ran out of the kitchen screaming “ouchie ouchie” and I couldn’t help but laugh. (Don’t judge) I left it on the floor and she would not walk near it. She went all the way down the hall and through the dining room to come into the kitchen just so she wouldn’t have to go near it. Poor baby.

Vacuum cleaners. Just in the last 6 months she’s started to run from ours every time I turn it on. She used to not be that way. Don’t know what happened to change her opinion of them. Crazy child. The thing doesn’t even have to be on and she will point to it and make this scared face and say “Uh uh uh uh” and I will say “Yes, that’s the vacuum” and she says “Ouchie, ouchie."

She is a hoot. And I am loving every minute of staying home with her. I wouldn’t trade being able to stop what I am doing to sit down in the floor with her and read her the book that she brings me for anything in this world. The Lord certainly has blessed me with 3 beautiful, outgoing, big personality babies. I wuv them so.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brother and Sister

On Monday’s while Audrey dances James, Olivia and myself usually go to Walgreens. Like I’ve mentioned before, I let James pick out some candy for him and Audrey. This time while we were going to go pick Peach up we had the following conversation:
James: Why does Audrey always have to get the same thing I get?
Me: Well y’all like the same things since y’all are best friends.
James with a weird look on his face: No we aren’t.
Me: You’re not? Why?
James: No. Because we are brother and sister.
Me: Well brothers and sister can be friends.
James: No, they can’t.
Me: Why not?
James very matter of factly: Because we are brother and sister. (If he’d been 10 there would of been a “duh” and the end of that!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

19 Months

Olivia turns 19 months old today and I feel very guilty for not only not blogging since December 11th but not blogging about her since November 8th. And she’s the baby for crying out loud!!

Once we got back from Christmas vacation Miss Pitty Pat started turning out the words. She can now say and does say many times a day: Wata (water), Bike, Bir (bird), Down, Uppie (up), MINE!!!!, Me (for when she wants you to do something for her), Vroom (the sound of a car) Minnnnie (Minnie Mouse), Mmmmm and smacks her lips (when she sees something she wants to eat) Eewww (For something gross i.e. She will stick her and down the back of her diaper if she poo’s, bring it out with a little on her finger and say Eewwww. Classy, huh?! We are very proud!) Weeee and claps her hands (For any thing she thinks is fun i.e. going outside or upstairs) Book, she traded Auda for Audey, Nonie (for Nelda), Nenie (nenie), Uh-oh and No. She says hot for anything that is hot or even warm and she will blow at it. She says Owie for ouch and says it for ANYTHING, it’s funny and a little annoying. Gotta for gotcha when we play chase. Toes for toast, out with a lot of emphasis on the T!! Down, me down!!! And done while she puts her fork on her plate and hands the plate to who ever is close to her. She can point to her nose, eyes, hair, head, ears, foot, toes, tongue, teeth and we just learned elbow and knee!

She answers no for everything. For instance if you ask her does she want to go take a bath she says “NO” shakes her head and heads for the bathroom! She tells on James and Audrey now which is the funniest thing eveR!! If they wont give her what she wants or if they drag her down from some chair she’s not supposed to climb on or dig something out of her mouth that shouldn’t be there, or if they shoo her out of the bathroom where she’s not supposed to be, she starts crying, comes and finds me and says “Mammmmaaaa!!! Audey!!!!" or “Mammmmaaa!!! Bubbaaaa!!!” Or if they have something that she wants that may or may not be hers she screams “MINE” and sometimes gets a tad angry. She is known to pinch the arm or face or maybe even bite. We have really had to crack down on that though. She’s got a little bit of a Princess mentality!!

She likes to color and can hold a crayon pretty good. She still loves to read and will sit by herself looking at books for a long time. She still picks teddy bears over baby dolls and cats and dogs are her favorite animal. She will sit and watch Caliou, Mickey, Curious George and Dora. She will crawl around on the floor saying Maow for Meow or neigh like a horse. She can also baaaah like a sheep!  She wants to desperately be at the big table with all of us. Her high chair has lost it’s credibility as a suitable place for her to sit and eat. Somebody needs to go get that poor kid a booster seat or something.

She had her 18 month check up last week and her stats are:
Height: 31 1/4 inches making her in the 26%
Weight: 21 lbs, 11 oz making her in the 12%
Head Circumference: 46.2 cm making her in the 48%
The Doctor was very pleased with her growth.
 She still doesn’t like to ride in the car seat very much and doesn’t mind letting us know it. Which can make for some very unpleasant car rides. She wants to be down, running around. Who can blame her, really? Other than that, she’s very content most of the time. Still full of life and energy at every turn. She can go from 0 to 60 in .3 seconds. She listens very well for her age (most of the time) and she is very dramatic about everything. She keeps us laughing because she is so stinkin cute!!

FYI, that’s a pan she is sitting in

She is very girly, very girly. She loves to clomp around in Audrey’s high heel shoes and I do mean clomp!! Hannah and Audrey were playing dress up at my dad’s over Christmas and Little Miss just HAD to dress up too. It was priceless. She twirled and twirled in that thing and hummed the whole time. 

I came to the conclusion yesterday that our children are extremely blessed to have parents where one is the oldest sibling and the other is the youngest. They each have an advocate!!! Jon understands how annoying it can be to have to give way to a younger sibling and he reminds me of that from time to time. And I need reminding because I am the baby and Olivia is the baby and I think she’s pitiful because she just wants to play too!!! And those “mean” older siblings wont let her and don’t think she’s cute. They just think she gets in the way. HAHA!!!!