Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bugs and vacuum cleaners

Olivia Ray has a huge personality. And she has a huge imagination. Yes, already. And, she is very dramatic. What!! One of MY girls is dramatic?? This is so unexpected.

Bugs. She does not like them. Not one bit. And that’s a total 160 from her big bro and sis when they were her age. James and Audrey would (and still do) touch ANYthing. James loved rolly pollies (still does) when he was her age. Audrey wasn’t scared of them but she didn’t have such an affection for them. We have fond memories of sitting out in the back yard in the grass looking for them and playing with them. Our yard has tons of them. Miss Pitty Pat Punkie Doodle does NOT LIKE ROLLY POLLIES. We were out in the back yard yesterday digging in the dirt and I found one and tried to give it to her and you would of thought I tried to get her to eat it. She started saying “Ouchie, ouchie, no, no, mama. No.” I tried for 10 minutes to get her to see that they were ok but she wanted no part of it. I did get her to open her hand and she let me put it in her palm but as soon as she realized what had happened she started shaking her hands and jumping up and down screaming “ouchie, ouchie!!” It’s quite comical. And then there is the hex bug that James got for Christmas. She wont go near that thing. I found it in the kitchen yesterday and out it on the floor and turned it on. She ran out of the kitchen screaming “ouchie ouchie” and I couldn’t help but laugh. (Don’t judge) I left it on the floor and she would not walk near it. She went all the way down the hall and through the dining room to come into the kitchen just so she wouldn’t have to go near it. Poor baby.

Vacuum cleaners. Just in the last 6 months she’s started to run from ours every time I turn it on. She used to not be that way. Don’t know what happened to change her opinion of them. Crazy child. The thing doesn’t even have to be on and she will point to it and make this scared face and say “Uh uh uh uh” and I will say “Yes, that’s the vacuum” and she says “Ouchie, ouchie."

She is a hoot. And I am loving every minute of staying home with her. I wouldn’t trade being able to stop what I am doing to sit down in the floor with her and read her the book that she brings me for anything in this world. The Lord certainly has blessed me with 3 beautiful, outgoing, big personality babies. I wuv them so.

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Sam and Nelda said...

I can just see her and hear that precious little voice..

And I LOVE that you love that you get to stop and read her a book that she brings to you....

You're getting to do what I did with mine...

Thrills my heart~