Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Snaggle tooth Bubs

His smile is infectious and so is his laugh. And I am going to be so very sad when those two front teeth grow back. I could look at him all day long he’s so adorable. He’s been so helpful these last few weeks; always offering to help me in the kitchen or his daddy out side. Which is not your typical 7 yr old behavior. He wolfs down his supper every.single.night. and always gives a rave review about it. Now if that won’t keep me slaving away in the kitchen I don’t know what will!!

 He’s hot to trot since he reached red dot status AR level at school and has been reading chapter books left and right and made all A Honor Roll, again :) Smarty pants.

He’s playing pitching machine baseball at the Rec Dept this Spring and while he and most of the other kids on his team are um, terrible, they LOVE being out there and are all in when out on that field. He’s made a few really good plays and while he’s yet to hit the ball while at bat, he’s still got a few more games to try! I bought him a T last week and have been “making” him (he gladly does it) go out there and hit the ball off it every evening.

He has started to care about how he dresses (at church) and I am beyond excited for this!! He and his little buddy Cason help lead sining at church every Sunday and you will just have to come visit us to see how stinking cute they are! And to hear them cause they sing just as loud as they can and even “start” a few songs here and there :) Absolutely precious!!