Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Because life is short and cake is good!!

What's the newest word Thing One and Thing Two have learned? CAKE! They really enjoyed eating the lemon cake that Grandma Su left over the weekend, so I let them eat one of those Oreo cakesters for "dessert" after their lunch. Boy howdy did those disappear fast!! (I think they ate it in like 3 bites) I never have let them eat a whole lot of "sugary" things like cake and chocolate and such. I mean, we all know that sugar makes kids hyper and lets be honest, I don't need(or want) any thing that's gonna make my kids more nutso than they already are! But I firmly believe that life is waaaayyy to short to deprive my beloved children(or myself) of the wonderfully delicious things in this world so I do indulge every now and then! Honestly though, the older they get, the less I care because it is pure delight to see their faces light up when I give them things that they know are a treat!

James has really started to enjoy tormenting his sister these days! We all knew she had it coming to her but sometimes it is pitiful so see the way she reacts to him not sharing and snatching toys away from her. She was really got the drama queen bit down lately. By that I mean hysterically crying when things don't go her way and falling to her knees and putting her head on the floors while the most awful wails escape her little lips. Just before they went down for a nap today, I was finishing up in the kitchen and they were playing very contentedly in the living room. All of a sudden I hear Peach's torturous wails so I went to see what James had done this time. Peach was standing in the middle of the floor holding a book and had the biggest crocodile tears ever pouring down her cheeks. James was sitting on their stool with a book looking at Audrey like "Get over it woman. I aint movin." I surmise that Audrey wanted to sit on the stool with her bubba and read a book but he wouldn't move his big behind to give her room. It must get old having a someone around that always wants to do exactly what you are doing!

Jamsey boy is totally obsessed with pulling his shirt up and pointing to his belly button.(Well any body's for that matter! I apologize in advance for any lude advances my son may make at you in the future!) I can just hear the parent/teacher conference now: "Mrs. Mizell, your son got his third time out today(his 100th this month) because he continues to terrorize his class mates by pulling his shirt up and showing them his belly button. He also has this horrible habit of licking random objects. Is there something going on at home that the guidance counselor should be made aware of?" Huh, who knew that kindergarten's had guidance counselors?!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One down, one to go

James had his EEG yesterday and lets just say it could have been worse. The day started off rainy which made us about 15 minutes late. The receptionist gave me a sheet to fill out and the first question was Has the patient had any thing to drink in the last 6 hours?
My heart immediately jumped in my throat because he had. He had also had a hand full of cheerios and half a nutri-grain bar on the way there. As calmly as possible, I told the nurse that no one told me not to let him eat or drink before hand. As nicely as she could, she told me she was certain she had told me that information because there is chance of aspiration while sleeping if they have had something to eat or drink 6 hours before given the medicine. I was on the verge of total hysteria at this point. Thank goodness Jon was there since he has the gift of what I call "silver tongue"! He persuaded her to find out if we could please come back later in the day since he had taken a day off work for this test. We went back out in the waiting room and about 10 minutes later she came out and said we could come back at noon. Whew, talk about relief! I couldn't bare the thought that we would have to postpone this test for another day because of an incompetent mother! Perhaps I should have known that this was procedure for all types of sedation tests, but I didn't. I have been over our conversation a thousand times in my mind and for the life of me I cannot remember her telling me no food, no drink. I don't want to point fingers since these people contact parents and give orders for tests on a daily basis but I just can't figure out why I would remember "Keep him up late the night before and wake him up early the morning of" and not remember "NO FOOD, NO DRINK or we can't do the test because your baby could choke to death." Thank God it all worked out and I learned a valuable lesson that I shall not soon forget!
We headed off to the mall for a few hours to keep James entertained so he wouldn't fall asleep.(he'd been up since 6:30 and had to stay awake until 12:00) I felt so bad when he started saying "nummy, nummy, nummy" with out even seeing any food. Jon and I were starving and so thirsty at this point but we couldn't bare to eat and drink in front of the poor little guy! James had a blast being the center of attention for a change and the time went by much faster than we thought it would. Once we got back to the hospital(that's where the doctor's office is)they took us right back and gave James his medicine which he was so excited to get. He loves medicine and he slurped it down, probably because he was so thirsty, and then his eyes got all watery and his face turned red. The nurse then tells us that this "medicine" is 95% alcohol! No wonder he looked like he was gonna throw up! It only took about 10 minutes for him to fall asleep(or pass out in a drunken stupor!) and took another 15 minutes for the nurse to hook all the electrodes to his scalp. He barely moved the whole time she was poking and prodding and I was thinking "Oh this will be great! He wont have any problem staying asleep for the 20 minutes of monitoring. HAHA! Yeah right mom! Almost 10 minutes into it (about the time she turned the strobe light on)he woke up sca-reaming and letting out some of the stankiest gas ever. I guess the "medicine" didn't agree with his empty stomach. Poor guy. I tried and then Jon tried to get him to go back to sleep but it wasn't happening. Especially when he spotted all the Nemo's on the wall! The nurse said that sometimes 10 minutes is all they can get and sometimes it's all Dr. Ayala needs. And since he his having an MRI done also, he probably wont have to have another EEG. Let's hope not anyway! Little dude was sooooo sleepy but he just would NOT go back to sleep. That goop was nasty that the electrodes had to be attached with and it left him looking like Albert Jr.!
He will go on Thursday, April 2, for his MRI. And rest assured I will be asking as many questions as my little brain can think of this time. I can only handle feeling like the worlds worst mother once a week!
We have been very encouraged this week by the progress bubba is making. A few weeks ago he would only take 3 steps at a time and his left leg would only take one of the three. But this week he's gradually been taking more and more and Friday night (of course while I was gone) he walked almost all the way across his room! He is able to keep his balance much better even though he is still on his tip toes on that left foot. But once he can get his left foot to go down he'll be in bidness!!! The Lord's blessings are abundant in his little life! Yesterday was kinda tough but the Lord still blessed and we're glad it's behind us. To quote a dear brother from home, "When you pray, remember us."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

God's Promises

God has not promised sky's always blue, flower strewn pathways all our lives thru.
God has not promised sun with out rain, peace with out sorrow, joy with out pain.
But God has promised strength as our day, rest when we labor, light on the way.
Grace for our trials, help from above, unfading kindness, undying love.
Though we have mingled sunshine and rain, clouds decked with rainbows, joys mixed with pain, let us still trust His mercies right on and sing His praises all the day long.
Written by J. Harvey Daily # 188 in The Old School Hymnal

He certainly has given us strength and blessed us with peace. Peace to be still and know that He is God. Last week is pretty much a blur to me. Looking back I can hardly believe that it went by so fast. I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers and thoughtful emails and comments. Our hearts are warmed knowing that James has so many people who love him and pray for him daily. We have gone through a string of emotions this past week and I am sure that will continue. We are still greatly concerned for our son and at times extremely sad thinking about his future. But, we have a peace deep within and only the Lord can do that.
Life goes on. Nothing has changed in the Mizell household except that we have greatly increased the time that the 4 of us spend together! James is still the same little boy he was a week ago, before we found out he may have cp. He is still trying to walk and has started saying "cold" and almost said "bath" last night. He still gives us that goofy, toothy grin all the time and is very, very generous with his kisses these days. It's like he knows how much we need them!! My daddy made the comment about how blessed James is to have a twin who can teach him things. How right he is! Audrey just flits about showing James new things to do and say all day long and if it weren't for her he may not be as far along as he is today.
In the middle of all this I was trying desperately to see blessings within. And thankfully the Lord showed me many. CP is caused by head injury at birth, fetal distress, low birth weight.....James had the last two. I can't tell you how many times I've uttered "thank you Jesus for blessing us with such great medical care when they were born". James weighed 3 lbs, 10 ounces when he was born and was in distress for just about 10 minutes before my doctor said I had to have a c-section right away. If I had had one of those doctors that said "well, lets just see how he does for a while longer" James could have ended up with a more serious case. I can't tell you how many times I've said "thank you Jesus for blessing our lives with this precious little boy and for giving us the last 15 months of pure bliss". Some families never get that.
So, all in all we are fine. The Lord has greatly blessed us to find comfort in Him, each other and our children. We still ask for your prayers that the Lord will continue to dwell with us and bless our son to continue to thrive. We believe he will! Now, on a lighter note I learned a valuable lesson today: It's probably not the best idea to encourage your children to pull your shirt up, poke your belly button and jiggle your fat. Because one day they might try to do it to a stranger. Oh yes!! Sweet baby James was making eyes at this little old lady in Lowes this morning and she couldn't resist the urge to come over. James smiled at her some more and while she was talking to him, he reached over and promptly tried to lift her shirt. Geez son, you can't even talk yet and you're already embarrassing me!! The little old lady was taken aback until I told her that he likes to poke my belly button. Then she started laughing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We need the prayers of those we love

For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God enlighten my darkness. For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.
As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him. For who is God save the Lord? or who is a rock save our God? It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect. He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, and setteth me upon my high places. Psalms 18:28-33

Tuesday was a bleak day. It hit us with a hard punch in the gut. We felt(and still do) as if we were walking around in a dream. All I kept thinking was "can I please go back to Monday and just stay there? Please." We do not have a definite diagnosis yet but the neurologist I took James to see said he appears to have Cerebral Palsy. Of course they want to run tests to get a clear diagnosis so, on March 27, James will have an EEG (to measure his brain activity) and as soon as an appointment can be made, he'll go have an MRI(to see where exactly the problem is). He has to be sedated for both procedures. He will also start PT, OT, Speech therapy just as soon as the referal is made. Dr. Ayala said he feels that it is Cerebral Palsy because of the stiffness of his left leg, the stiffness in his ankle and the fact that he walks on his toes. To be honest, after he told me he thinks our son has cp and explained why he thinks this, I lost track of what all he said. I was doing my very best to keep it together until I could get out of there. I was alone, as no one foresaw us getting this kind of news at that appointment. I had to wait 4 long hours before I could see my husband and tell him what our sons future may hold for him. It was just about the longest four hours of my life because I wasn't going to tell any one before Jon and I couldn't talk to anyone because I couldn't keep it together for longer than 2 minutes.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report; if there be any virtue, if their be any praise, think on these things. These things which ye have learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:6-9 & 13

I still feel as if at any moment I will wake up from an awful dream. I keep thinking "is this really happening to us?" I mean, you thank God every day for the beautiful blessing of your children. Seemingly perfect, healthy children. You've shed tears of sorrow and uttered many prayers for friends who have faced things of this nature. You know how blessed you are. Still, NOTHING can ever prepare you for the day it is your child that is possibly facing a future of struggling to walk and talk and God only knows what else. NOTHING can prepare you for the shock, the pain and the numbness that you feel all at the same time. NOTHING. But, thanks be to God that we are "rooted and grounded in the truth" and that "our house is built upon the Rock". Thanks be to God that there is a constant "help in time of need".

We hesitated to share this news in such a public way since we do not have a definite diagnosis yet. But we believe in the power of Almighty God through the power of prayer. Prayers for strength to face the coming days and months ahead as we wait. Prayers to heal our son of whatever infirmity he may have. So, we are humbly asking that all of you pray for our little family. Please pray for grace and strength to endure and peace to accept whatever it is that the will of God holds for our precious, precious baby boy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Afternoon delights

Audrey accidentally turned on our ipod player the other night and about blasted us out of the house. It scared them both at first but the tune was so catchy they forgot about being scared and started dancing away. Who knows how long we stayed in there dancing to the same two songs but we had the best time. Really. I don't know who had more fun James and Audrey or me and Jon!! So today after lunch they started whining for me to turn the music on and the following video is what we did for atleast 30 minutes before I MADE them go take a nap.( Jack Johnson would be so proud!!) Be sure and keep your eye on Jamsie boy, he threw in a little treat for everyone!! (actually peach did too!!!) And please remember him in the morning, we go for his neuro appoinment at 11.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Before we moved

A couple of tid bits for ya before we moved from Big Oak Circle. Audrey was eating her cereal one morning and James started crawling her way. She thought he was after her cereal so she started screaming at the top of her lungs(so looking forward to her teen years!). He wasn't trying to get her cereal poor guy, he had his own, he was just wanting to play in the play house with her. Well she was convinced he was after her stash so she opened the door to the play house, crawled thru and shut the door behind her! She then turned around so she could look out the little window at her "attacker". I haven't laughed that hard at one of my kiddos in, well, ever!And it's sad but true. They both got their first hair cuts the day before we moved, courtesy of our dear Nonie!! Poor bubba's hair was so long in the back you could literally pull it into a pony tail. It was time, despite what scorners will say! Him looks so cute with it all shaped in the back! And he did very well the whole time. Oh thank you Lord for giving me an "easy" child!!Peach only needed a trim. One side was much longer than the other and with two snips it was taken care of! Thank goodness because she was not as content as her brother to sit still!!
Now, if you will excuse me, I must go track down the hoodlum that has strewn my kitchen floor with all the paper cups, plates, utensils and napkins that we own!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home sweet....mess!

Well we're all moved in. We get our mail here. We sleep here. I cook here. We eat here. We bath here. We watch baby Einstein here. Not much has changed in our little family except that we now have many more rooms for thing 1 and thing 2 to roam around in and get into trouble. I chase these hooligans around all day long screaming "Stop that. Don't climb on that, it will kill you if you fall off. Son! We do no play with electrical outlets or cords! Don't touch that stove it will burn you Audrey. How did you get into that? No you cannot play on the stairs. Don't you want to stay in your play room? Jon!! When can we get more locks to put on the pantry doors????We are so very blessed to have such a spacious and lovely home to spend our days in and it's felt like home since the day we moved in. There are still a few things that need to be finished that couldn't get done by our move in date but we are just so thrilled to be living here! There is still a room full of boxes to be unpacked, not to mention all the things that got unpacked right after we moved in that have yet to find a home!! And it is next to impossible to get anything accomplished with two things constantly pulling things out behind you or clinging to your legs like stink on a monkey.To say the least things are a little chaotic around here for now but this too shall pass!!
James still isn't walking. He still stands on his tip toes on the left leg and drags that foot when you hold his hands and walk around. I took him to see the pediatrician last Wednesday because it was worrying me. (I was loosing a few winks at night over it.) Dr. Walker said he really believes he has high tone in his left calf and with some pt to stretch it out, all will be well. But and however, since James was 2 months premature he wants to air on the side of caution and have a neurologist(don't have an appoinment yet, still waiting to hear)check him out for nerve damage or other things that could have not developed properly since he was early. After hearing that word, I had a few more questions than normal for my dear, trusted doctor! He was very sweet and reassuring and told me to not loose more sleep than I have to over it. He really doesn't think any thing is seriously wrong because from the chin up he's so bright. I feel that way too but a mother can't help but worry about her baby. My brother-in-law who is an OT looked at him this past weekend and said he definitely has high tone. He asked a friend of his who is a pediatric PT for some exercises we could do at home. We've been slowly doing them this week(it takes a while to get used to "hurting your baby") He took 3 steps twice this morning on his very own!! He still was on his tip toes on his left foot but his right foot was flat on the ground! Now that is major progress for the little guy! James also had his yearly check up with the pediatric cardiologist and everything was great. His EKG was totally normal but the Dr. said he could still hear the 2 vsd's. By the time a child is 6, 80% close and 20% do not and you never know which ones will stay open or close up. Since bubba's were so small at birth there is nothing that can be done for them and they are not causing any problems so he doesn't want to see him back for another year! The Lord is still so good to us!

So in every picture my kids are in their pj's. Sad huh? But lately we don't get dressed unless we are going somewhere. It's just too much trouble right now and besides, this way I don't have to worry about Audrey's feet being cold since she will NOT keep her socks on. We were at Cool Springs this past weekend for their spring meeting (although this year it wasn't very "springy" since it snowed all day Sunday!) and had a glorious time. As my husband likes to say "Sometimes you need your spiritual batteries recharged" and boy did I ever need it! Anyway someone asked me how things were going with the move and all and I said "well you're all mighty lucky that we are here in church clothes!"In those last two pictures James and Audrey are eating taco shells. Audge dug them out of the pantry this morning, broke one in two pieces and took a half to her brother. Now you just can't get much sweeter than that!!!