Thursday, February 25, 2010

Faces of Grace!

A Bro. Jerry at the Fellowship meeting took these pictures of Audrey Grace and kindly sent them to me. The first one is simply a heart cruncher, I know! But the rest of them just cracked me up! She has so many facial expressions and I love to see them caught in action!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Florida Fellowship

We were blessed to attend the Central Florida Fellowship this year in Winter Garden, FL and were doubly blessed to have a few fellow Tired Creek members go with us. Well, technically they didn't "go" with us but we stayed at the same rotel (how our kids pronounce hotel), ate breakfast together, rode to church together and sat together!
We left Friday after Jon got off work and headed down. I had told the kids earlier that morning that when daddy got home we were all going on a special trip, a special church trip. Well, James was just sooooo excited (he is definitely going to be our little traveler) all he talked about for the rest of the day was our special trip. The moment he woke up from his nap he said "Mommy, I want to go on our special trip!" They were exceptionally good on the car ride down, probably one of the best we've ever had! And buddy, when we got to that rotel it was way past their bed time but they were bouncing off the walls! I wish I could have bottled all that excitement and energy that was coming out of their little bodies and used it for myself later in the trip!
We got up the next morning and went down stairs to join the rest of our crew for breakfast and then headed out for the church. We got to see some good friends we hadn't seen in a while, make some new ones, meet some "blogger world friends" in person for the first time and best of all hear some wonderful preaching and beautiful singing! It was a refreshing two days for us! The kids did great in all the services; again, probably one of our best times! (It didn't hurt though to have 10 extra hands, 5 extra laps and two book bags stuffed to the brim with snacks and toys!)
This was the kids first time (that they remember) to stay at a rotel (we will probably never say hotel again!) and the first time that they actually liked riding in an elabator (elevator)! They loved to push the buttons.

James probably had the most fun out of anybody on our special trip. On the way home he kept wanting to go back to the rotel and church and see Juanita and Cable (Caleb)! Once he realized that we were indeed back in Cairo, turning onto our street, he started to fuss saying that he did not want to go home. He did not like home. I guess he's just preparing us for the teenage years.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No title

I am feeling not so creative today. I am frustrated with my darlings and suffering from an extreme case of cabin fever. Oh how I wish Peter Cotton Tail was hopping down his bunny trail today! Only a few more weeks of this ridiculously cold and dreary weather, right?

James likes to put this colander on his head and call himself a robot!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Two handed situation

I am wondering if it's a good thing or a bad thing when I walk into a room to find my little ones playing with something that could be potentially hazardous to their well being and before I even started on my tantrum of "You could poke your eye out" or "If you swallowed that it would put tiny holes in your esophagus and maybe even your stomach," my darling angel of a daughter starts grabbing her hind leg and says "I want to go in time out mommy" and hops up in a chair.On the one hand, it's rather endearing that she knew if she was caught playing with something she should not be playing with, she would get in trouble. At least she is aware of bad behavior, right? But on the other hand, I think it's awfully telling of what our future holds that she "chose" time out rather than the alternative. I wonder if she will continue to do "naughty" things with the mind set of "Well, I can always opt out of the painful punishment."
Perhaps it's time to re-asses our present forms of discipline. Perhaps not. Either way, she's an awfully cute little rascal, don't ya think?!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free advertising

I really should be getting paid for this........

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Better late than never!

Last week Jon had to go to a conference in the ATL for two days for work and I did not relish the thought of spending those two days by myself at home with the kids. So, my dear friend Dana graciously opened her home to me and my youngins for a couple days and my dear husband graciously dropped us off, but not before watching the Super Bowl that Sunday night!We had a great time watching the Saints beat the Colts and especially watching Jon do his cheering silently! After the kids went to bed, he dared not to wake them up because he wanted to watch the game with out little voices interrupting him or little heads blocking his view! So, he did most of his "I don't know if the Saints are gonna win" then the "I can't believe the Saints really might win" and then the "I can't believe the Saints just won" cheering, all silently. I know most of you think that's impossible but he did and we were all waiting for him to pop!
Ms. Dana (as James quickly learned calling her that could get him anything he wanted!) fed them all chocolate ice cream for their Super Bowl treat and boy did they enjoy it!! She also fed it to them the next night and uh, lets just say they had a little trouble going to sleep that time!
We spent Sunday and Monday night with them and had all day Monday and Tuesday to hang out and catch up. The kids played really good together, for the most part anyway! James and Audrey (I learned) need to learn how to play with other children their own size. They were a little territorial over Joshua's toys, not for him but for themselves!
The kids not only got to eat whatever they wanted but so did us grownups! Ms. Dana cooked some of the most delicious meals I've had in a long time and talk about having to hit the gym H-A-R-D when I got back home! But it was worth it. You know, being from the South and being a Primitive Baptist, you really can't get together with friends and NOT eat good food. You really can't, I think it would be against the law or something!

I am so glad we had this opportunity to get together and spend some quality time with each other (even if we did have to do most of our talking at night time!). Dana is one of my nearest and dearest friends and I miss her greatly. I miss her being right around the corner from me but I am so thankful we've kept our friendship alive despite the miles between our families! So, thank you Dana (and Michael) for being "given to hospitality" and sharing your home with me and my kids for a few days! We love y'all and can't wait to see you again soon!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Friday evening around 5:30 it started snowing in little ole southwest Georgia!! I had been looking out the kitchen window all day with the hope of seeing some snow falling but had pretty much given up as I was getting supper ready. Then a friend called to tell me it was snowing at her house and the flakes were hugeamongus! About 10 minutes after her phone call, the hugeamongus flakes finally made it to our neck of the woods! And Jon got home just in time too!We threw some layers of clothing on the kids and ran outside. Oh the looks on their little faces! It was priceless. They were looking up at the sky in their childish wonderment and spinning around and around letting the snowflakes hit their tongues and what small part of their faces that wasn't covered!James was a tad more into it than Audrey. She enjoyed it sure enough but she is not a huge fan of things that are cold. (James can eat 2 bowls of ice cream to her one!)
It only snowed for about 45 minutes and it didn't really stick but it sure was pretty. The kids had so much fun and I am so glad that they got to experience it (even if they probably wont remember it!)and I am even more glad that we got to experience it as a family!
When I declared it time to go in, Audrey was all for it. James, on the other hand, was a little harder to convince that he was partially frozen and needed to go in and thaw out, so Jon had to stay outside with him a little longer. Snow is definitely a beautiful site and lots of fun to play in but I am soooooo glad that we don't live in a climate that has 22 inches of snow with more to come! I like my warm, sunny weather and will be glad to see it return!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our little gymnast

Nice shot, huh?! Couldn't resist. Besides, when she is a world famous gymnast competing in the Olympics one day, people are gonna want to know where she got her start. In my kitchen on the cold, hard floor with no pants. Typical way back when story, don't ya think?It's Audrey's latest thing and she cracks me up every time she strikes a pose. She's got pretty good balance and is quite limber. And she has perfected her little "head stand" so well she actually tried to do it the ''no hands way'' today which skeered her poor mama to death! I think it's time for some tumbling classes for our little peach!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boy toys

Perhaps this is the reason that his daddy throws the football with him every night when he gets home. Maybe it's why he wrestles with him a little too rough for my liking. Maybe it's why he says almost every day that he is going to buy him some GI Joe dolls and a whole list of other "manly" toys. He did buy James a little football figurine last week but within an hour of opening it, James had broken his leg off and a few days later he brings the little man to me saying "where is his ball helmet, mommy"? Somehow he managed to rip his head off. But when you have a little sister like Audrey who is so into her dolls and baby strollers and is slightly domineering, what can one expect?!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rock a bye baby

If they were old enough they could audition for American Idol, don't ya think?!

p.s. I finally feel like a human being again!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow White's been spotted in South GA

The good news is that the kids are well. The bad news is that the mother is not. I have got one heck of a nasty sinus infection. I went to the urgent care on Saturday because my face felt like it was going to explode and because my husband made me. Of course, on my way there, I got stopped by a state trooper. My first time EVER to be pulled over. I didn't know whether to call him ugly names for giving me my first ticket EVER or to start boohooing like a little girl. I did neither. All I could do was stare and nod my head, I think it was the Advil induced haze that kept my emotions inside. Any who, the doctor at the urgent care said that I just had a bad cold and it would have to wear off. But he would write me a prescription for an antibiotic but I needed to try and hold on to it as long as I could. HA! I almost laughed out loud at him. As soon as I left his office I went straight to Publix to get it filled, especially since the nurse told me to take it there and they would fill it for free. Apparently Publix has certain prescriptions that they give you, for free. JSYK.

I ended up having to go to our regular family doctor on Monday because my right ear decided to fill full of fluid making me deaf in that ear. (Not good for listening out for trouble makers but definitely good for blocking out the screaming of 2 year olds!) I had to take Thing One and Thing Two with me which, well, it was just awful. I will give one example of how our trip to mommy's doctor went: while I was trying to get the phone off of intercom with the rest of the office(thank you Audrey), James opened a drawer, grabbed a vile of some type of liquid, actually got the top off and started to drink it just as I was turning around. I freaked because who knows what in the world could of been in that thing but the doctor came in and said it was just water. I thought that was kinda strange, to keep water in a vile, but I took him at his word and James is still alive so.......

I am slowly, slowly getting better. I think. As long as I keep Advil cold and sinus in me I can function, on slow. Oh and my 2 antibiotics, Afrin nose spray and Zyrtec. I feel like I'm running some type of "you know what" out of my kitchen! Today, just before lunch I realized I was all out of Advil so I threw myself and the kids in the car to run up to Walgreen's since they have a drive thru window. But thanks to the real, stupid, idiotic druggies out there who like to melt medicine and smoke it off a spoon, you can't buy Advil from the window. Because you have to sign for it and of course now a days you must do so electronically. So, I had to get out and go in. I looked like death warmed over, James was decent except for his boots were on the wrong feet and Audrey, well, remember I threw her in the car. And didn't take off her Snow White costume. THANK GOODNESS I didn't see any one that we know