Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I’ve been looking for Him

Today was Super Tuesday so of course I did my civic duty and cast my vote for who I would like to see in the race to the big house of white this November. Olivia of course was my faithful sidekick to the polling house this morning. I have the luxury of going during the time of day when I can walk in and walk out in less than 10 minutes!! As we were driving away she had a multitude of questions about what had just taken place and wanted to know who the President was now. She asked the following question: "Who is our President now? Swamp Fox? God? Or George Washington or something?" You cannot make this stuff up people!!

Also, Olivia has had questions for me daily about Heaven and about God. The typical "whats it like up there" and what not. Tonight at supper she asked her daddy and he gave her a really good description of what the bible says it will be like. She thought on that for a while and then looked up at me and said: Is God invisible? Cause I’ve been looking for Him.

I am choking back the tears still, as I type this. I had to come write it all down right away before I forgot. What a blessing this child is and she doesn’t even know it. Thank you, Lord.