Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brother and Sister

On Monday’s while Audrey dances James, Olivia and myself usually go to Walgreens. Like I’ve mentioned before, I let James pick out some candy for him and Audrey. This time while we were going to go pick Peach up we had the following conversation:
James: Why does Audrey always have to get the same thing I get?
Me: Well y’all like the same things since y’all are best friends.
James with a weird look on his face: No we aren’t.
Me: You’re not? Why?
James: No. Because we are brother and sister.
Me: Well brothers and sister can be friends.
James: No, they can’t.
Me: Why not?
James very matter of factly: Because we are brother and sister. (If he’d been 10 there would of been a “duh” and the end of that!)

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Nelda said...

Love me some Jamesy! Such a boy, such a boy!!!