Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ain't no ham like Birmingham!

On Saturday of this past weekend, James, Audrey and myself loaded up and headed "north" to Birmingham to spend the week with my Daddy and Nelda. Jon was supposed to come with us and stay through Labor Day but sometimes last minutes changes occur. Especially when you are a preacher! We sorely miss dear dad but we are having a blast! We spent the day at church Sunday, got to catch up with old friends and hear some wonderful preaching! During the afternoon service James decided he wanted to help lead singing so he got himself a book a proudly marched to the front.Of course your camera never works when you want it to so we had to reinact the moment and of course it wasn't as cute as the actual moment but you get the idea any way! He was so cute standing up there. He stood up there for almost a whole song before he turned around and tried to venture into the pulpit! I really hope he doesn't want to do it next time we are in church. A two year old child standing in the front of the church, holding a song book and looking as natural as the 20 something year old beside him, is kinda distracting!!!Sunday evening some neighbors had some friends drop by with their horses so we had to go out and see them. James got to touch one and he loved it. HE loved the horses! Audrey did NOT. She didn't want to touch them or even get near them!

Yesterday we went to my absolutely, most positively favorite store in the whole entire world, Hobby Lobby. Yes, I realize that's a little dramatic description but it's true. I could stay there for hours and it's REALLY good I don't have one close by me. Jon might have to get a 2nd job to keep us off the street......Today we have just lazed around and played with the kids. Well, watched them play really. They have done an excellent job of entertaining themselves with all the new and exciting things that Nonie has!

Trying to peel something off the sidewalk
Pretending like they were babies
Getting ready to swap cars for like the millionth time

And my favorite, spanking their legs.

We will be coming home this weekend but I don't know how often I will be posting. At least with words any way. Last week I spilled some milk on my key board and no longer have the use of my L's, P's. It's really quite annoying to try and type with out using L's and P's. Have you ever tried? They are very important letters. It's amazing how many L's and P's one will use in a day.


Dana said...

Glad you are having a great time. Your children are absolutely precious. I love the pictures. Unfortunately the bald spot in the back of Allie's head didn't disappear, but it is much better!

Dianne said...

'manda, you make this old woman want to go adopt a couple babies! I love your adventures. Glad you're able to "travel" even when Jon's plans are changed and I totally appreciate how fun it is to go "home" and be with family that aren't so close geographically speaking. I'm with Audrey on the horse thang. I always imagined it would be SO fun to horseback until up at Dillard one year, Charles called my bluff and I was right up next to a BIG grey horse...I had a case of "dropsy" and had to defer. lol Great bylines and wonderful pics.

~sydney~ said...

How cute is Jamesy at the front of Vestavia leading?! Cute cute post! I forgot about your p-less l-less keyboard...my mom and i laughed at trying to figure out your statuses on facebook!

Emily said...

I love the pic with their sunglasses on top of their heads - waaaay too cute!

Becky said...

As aways, recious ost! (I know you are missing home, so I thought I woud he out...I do what I can!)