Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who had the mostest fun? We did!!!

My sister and her family arrived late Friday night and after we got the kids situated and asleep, us grownups stayed up way to late laughing and talking. Like most sensible young adults with small children tend to do when they get together! We enjoyed a lazy (as lazy as u can get with 5 kids running around like wild Indians) Saturday morning and eventually got around to dying some eggs. I had forgotten how long it’s been since I dyed an egg and have to admit I enjoyed it almost as much as the kids!

We went out on the back porch to make our fun mess and it was a beautiful morning to do so. All the kids had a total blast and James and Audrey really got into it. They had a very successful, fun first time coloring and decorating eggs.

As soon as we got candy in the plastic eggs, me and Bets went to the front yard (still not sure why I suggested that locale when we have a hugeamongus back yard) to start hiding the eggs. The kids came out full force lookin for those eggs and the looks on Audrey’s face every time she’d find one was almost too much to take. You would of thought she had struck gold every time! James, Matthew and Hannah were scooping them up like crazy and Samuel was right behind them. I think he enjoyed his first little egg hunt as much as the others!

We had a wonderful weekend and in the crazy, crazy chaos that surround us on Sunday morning before and after church, we did not even attempt to snap some pictures of the kids or even ourselves in our Easter best. We will have to take some next time we get all dolled up and pretend that those are our Easter pictures!!!


Sam and Nelda said...

So glad ya'll had such a great time! Happy Days...Happy Days
Looks like the kids did really enjoy the dyeing process!
Interesting that James and Matthew both had their eyes shut in the first pic!

I'm holdin on to my raincheck for a fake Easter pic!

Dianne said...

L'il Samuel is a clone, isn't he? Of Buddy! What a fine group of chillun you and Betsy have. What an "instant" friend tank for those chillun in their cuz'ints. The scenes with the egg-dyeing were carried out here, too, with my littlest GRANDz and I, too, enjoyed as much as they. When you get 'rountuit', I'd love to them see gussied up in their Easter gear.