Tuesday, April 12, 2011

28 Weeks

I can hardly believe I am in my 3rd trimester already. Wowza! I had my 28th week appointment this past Wednesday and me and Tookie Baby checked out good. I no longer get an ultrasound each visit (BOO!) but do of course get to hear her heartbeat. (At the last two visits she has kicked the doctor when he tries to find her!) This visit I got the results from the blood work I had done a couple weeks ago to test for gestational diabetes and a few other things and it all came back looking perfect, thank the Lord. I wont say how much but I've gained the accepted amount of weight so far and had the doctor tell me I was a poster girl for pregnancy weight gain, woo hoo!!! Not so sure how that's gonna hold out though, I am starting to feel a little, um, puffy!

Took is moving around constantly these days and I mean constantly. Last night and this afternoon she kept waking me up with little kicks and bumps and rolls. I sure hope she doesn't keep that up, it's slightly annoying! She kicks and rolls so hard at times now, she can make my whole body jump! I've started having to carry a pillow to church with me for my back and can just barely bend over to pick things up with out toppling over and if I don't wear good shoes while I am up and about doing things, good gravy do my feet start aching within minutes! Oh and I really detest looking at myself in the mirror these days. Ugh. In my opinion gone is the cute baby bump and here is the hugamongus pregnant belly and everything else that accompanies it. No need to start naming all those things!

I have her room partly ready now. The crib and changing table are in her room finally and I have the bedding in the crib. Just waiting on a mattress and that will be finished. I have a few things on the changing table and all her clothes washed, folded and put away. I had none of those things accomplished when the twins made their surprise early arrival so I feel way more prepared this time!!! I honestly cannot believe that in just a few short weeks (11 to be exact, Lord willing) we will be looking at and holding another wittle baby girl. So exciting!!

I was 32 weeks (31 and 5 days to be exact) when my water broke completely and totally out of the blue with the twins so, just a little more than 3 weeks till I get past that “milestone" Lord willing, and am counting the days. I will admit that at times I am extremely wary and a tad bit (OK, more than a tad bit at times!) nervous that something will go wrong again. We've been praying about it constantly, that the Lord will spare us and our precious baby girl from another premature birth. We believe the Lord is able and are just trusting that He will take care of us but I still can't shake those little bits of fear from the back of my mind and have finally attributed it to the fact that there were no warning signs and no concrete explanations afterwards with the twins. Just speculation as to why my water broke. So, I really have slowed down over the last month and am not pushing myself at all. I have hung up the traveling hat for now,  the farthest I will go is to the doctor and back. My husband has been and I know will continue to be a trooper. I am very blessed to have him. So very blessed. And my children, I hope, will come out of this experience not as damaged as my very active imagination likes to tell me that they will be!!


Sam and Nelda said...

Wow Girly! That's all I'm gonna say bout the pic of your belly~
So glad that you're doin so well...So can't wait to meet Ms Took...

You ARE a trooper and your and you and Jon handle things VERY WELL. Thumbs up for everything being well under control.

No need to worry about your childrens...they are fine I'm sure. They've had a great foundation lain in these 3 yrs! nb

Becky said...

that belly!!!!! You sure you're only 29 weeks?????? :)
That's for not giving more info about J and A...imagine what I might have said without those two pictures!

Dianne said...

WHOA! That's a LOT'TA baby, 'manda! And, seems to just about be ALL baby. You're entitled to feelings of insecurity...you're a woman, a MAMA, a Mama-to-be...hormones are maxed. Go right ahead. Let me just assure you from my perspective, I've NEVER known more completely well-rounded children than your twins. Seriously. Y'all have been the most wonderful parents and you have the GREATEST "baby book" ever written that you USE to "nurture" them, and guide you and Jon in their care and feeding. Hope all stays where it needs to be till the ACTUAL date. Pray for you all daily.