Wednesday, November 6, 2013

For crying out loud, Charlie Brown

Children bring so many questions to the table. And not just questions of their own that they literally ask but they bring a general sense of wonderment with them every where they go. Like a swirling cloud of dust that covers them. Kinda like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.

I bought Peach two pairs of those fancy church socks on Sunday during our outing to the mall. I took them to her room and placed them neatly in her sock drawer. That was just 2 1/2 days ago. I went up there this morning to pull out all her shorts and replace them with pants(because she is bad about putting on shorts when it's 40 degrees outside because they are cute!). I decided to just go through her entire dresser and remove all items that she could not wear any more or that didn't belong as I have found the occasional barbie doll stuffed beneath her panties before! I didn't find that this time. No, instead I discovered that 1 mate to 1 of the pairs of brand new church socks is missing. Poof, disappeared. 

I also realized that the child has so many panties in her panty drawer that it boarders on insanity. How did that even happen? I haven't bought her any panties for probably two years. 

As usually happens with me I go in to do one tiny project and end up re-arranging an entire room. No exception today. I ended up going through her whole closet and all the bags of clothes that were in there not to mention all the ones that were hanging on the double rack. It looks soooo much better and now she is set for the winter months and I wont have to tell her she has to go back up and change. Thanks to some sweet friends Peach is going to be rockin her wardrobe this year and I didn't have to buy one thing which makes it so much sweeter. I did realize though that she child's pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, and dresses now rivals her panty drawer :)

I moved on over to her brother's room to do the same and surprisingly he had very few pieces to pull out. I knew his clothes stash was considerably lower than Audrey's just because I have two friends that pass down clothes for her and none for James since since they only have girls but I did not think it was that much lower. Poor fellow. I need to go shopping for him so he can have 40 pairs of pants too :) I kid. But really I was thinking gee he needs pants. Fast forward to when I was heading down stairs and as I was shutting the linen closet door that is at the top of the stairs, I thought I saw the shadow of a laundry basket. I stuck my head in farther and sure enough, it was a laundry basket full of clothes. JB's clothes to be exact. You guessed it: That's where his other clothes were and Lord know how long they been there either. My kids are the worst stashers in the history of stashers. My mother tells me they get it honest but I'm just not sure I believe her. . . . 

And last for today is voices. Probably the greatest phenomenon in the world to me is how my kids will talk normal or less than normal in the car. They are always SO LOUD at home in the house and even outside. Like, they yell for EVERYTHING. From room to room, upstairs to down stairs. Fighting, not fighting. Does not matter; their voices are loud and shrill at most any given time. Except for when we get in the car and they are trying to ask you questions from the back seat. Then they decide to whisper or at least speak in a normal tone at a normal level. The one or two times a day that you actually need them to speak at an obnoxiously high voice level, they don't. They choose to speak normally. And then they get aggravated at you because you have to ask them speak louder please. I must add though that Miss Sassafrass keeps it consistent. She's just as loud and shrill in the car as she is at any other place and time. It's phenomenal.


Sam and Nelda said...

LOL! Been there big time with the socks! Poor Jamesy! So glad you found his clothes! Nonie was goin shopping!

As usual, the pics are all great but specially the dirty feet in a dress on a swing!

Dani said...

I've been catching up on 2 months worth of post tonight, but I HAD to comment on this. Britt and Ruth are so LOUD everywhere, and then I can't hear half of what they say in the car over the road noise. I complained about it to Britt the other day, and he said, "Momma, you are always telling me not to yell. I'm not yelling now!" Sheesh, can't win. :D