Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blue Toes The Thanksgiving Turkey

Audrey was invited to go get a pedicure last weekend with one of her little friends and since Jon was out of town I said yes faster than Audrey did! 2 kids vs. 3 kids is, well, it's one less kid and when you don't feel well that's like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's night :) (I came down with the flu on Friday.)

She was gone pretty much the whole day and when she got back she was telling us all about it and showing of her pretty sparkly blue toes and we were all ooing and awing. I went in the kitchen to fix her supper plate and she followed me in there and pulled me down to whisper in my ear "Mama we also got to get cup cakes at that nail place but I didn't want to tell James because he would say that's not fair! So don't tell him but I wanted to tell you." Two things struck my heart when she said those words 1. My daughter just told me a REAL secret!!!! and 2. She is such a thoughtful little kiddo and always has been looking out for that brother of hers. And this still baffles me to no end because she can push his buttons like nobody else and lovvvveeees to do it too!!

James and I enjoyed our little time together while Audrey was gone and while Sassafrass napped some of that attitude off. It's not often I get to spend quiet time with the twins (just two us) so this was refreshing. We played Memory and tied and then we played about 150 games of Candyland and laughed and laughed and laughed at each other. He took to stacking the deck once, so he could get all the fun cards. Mizell blood runs thick!! It was fun and we bonded a little bit that day, I think. Me and my son. I sure do love him!!


Emily said...

Okay that was super cute about the secret but the mizell comment!!!!???? What's that supposed to mean! !!!

Amanda said...

You know what it means missy :)

Becky said...

she pegged y'all, em. May as well admit it. How sweet is this post, though????????????

Sam and Nelda said...

Sweet~ love Audge's secret! Specially love you and James having some one on one!
LoL! Like Fadda like son! (Remember Jon in balderdash)