Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Jon and I swap holidays and this year was our year to be with my family in Danville for Thanksgiving. We went up on Monday and came back on Saturday. Of all the Bryant Thanksgivings we've had this year was the best by far. It was relaxing (for the most part!) and loaded down with fun!! Per tradition we all met up at my Aunt Jan and Uncle Kiah's for Thanksgiving dinner and stuffed ourselves silly!! It was also the coldest year we've had in a long time which made it even more festive!!

I just finished writing out my "schedule" for the next 3 weeks and really want to take a nap now! I've got more to squeeze into these 3 weeks than ever before but I've promised myself that I will enjoy every minute of it and refuse to be a grinch this year!! I've also promised to blog every day or at least every other day so that I can document our Thanksgiving break and all the days leading up to Christmas. And I've got tons of pictures that I want to share as well and lets face it that's the driving force behind my blog! And just as a disclaimer my husband and brother in law were indeed present at all these functions but I only got like 1 picture to prove they were around! Buddy came down with a stomach virus Wednesday and stayed cooped up in his room until Friday and Jon kept his deer stand warm for a large portion of his break!! We did celebrate his birthday on Monday before we left and managed to squeeze in 2 hrs to go see Catching Fire which was AWESOME, btw :)

I read a post from a photographer's blog that I like to follow and she talked about how important it is to take pictures WITH your children while they are young. Not so much for yourself but for your children. They will want to remember what you looked like when they were young. It really touched my heart so that's another promise I've made to myself. To make sure I get in the pictures WITH them more than I have been. I want them to look back in 18 years when they remember what they felt and looked like as kids and have pictures of me to go with those memories. Think about it. It's so important for them. So important. It may not seem like it now but when they grow up, get married and hopefully have children of their own, how precious will it be to have lots of pictures to look at of me with them? I would love to have more pictures of me and my mom and since my kids are growing up in the digital age, I have no excuse to not make sure they have bunches of them :)


Becky said...

oh wow!!!!!! I love the new promises! Great, great pics btw. LOVE

Sam and Nelda said...

Awe... Great pics to go along with that wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Yeah you for including yourself with your kiddos!

Your dad says that you failed to mention Jon's deer!

Looking forward to those daily blogs!