Monday, June 23, 2008

Mama Mia

I know. I know. It has been a little more than a week since the last time I posted. Sorry 'bout that but we have been extremely busy and it wont be slowing down too much before the Summer is over. Here is a little review of what we have been up to.

Thursday June 12: Audrey starts running a fever and eventually throws up. It was the first time she has ever been sick so we were a little anxious. That started the week-and-a-half long sleeping strike that has been going on in our little family!

Friday June 13: Posh and Becks and 2 of their 3 kids (thanks aubrey!) came for a church meeting/weekend visit. We had a wonderful time, of course. Who doesn't enjoy having celebrities in their home for a few days? So beast! Sunday June 15: James wakes up with a fever and thus starts the only wanting to eat 4-5 oz at a feeding which doesn't do mommy's nerves much good! But he never throws up and his fever is gone by Monday. (He has just started eating his regular amount yesterday.

Monday June 16: We load up and head to my sister's for the week. We had the best time even though the nights were dreaded. Seriously, the MOMENT I would lay my head down on my pillow and close my eyes one of my darling children would start moaning and groaning and crying out and tossing and turning. And, as soon as I would get one settled, the other would start up. It was like they were in cahoot's together to make my life as difficult as possible! I imagined them saying: "Okay, I'm tired now, it's your turn to keep her up!" This continued until last night!

Tuesday-Saturday: Hannah Grace was my big baby sitter. She helped me feed them their cereal in the morning and would keep them entertained for hours during the day. I told her when Uncle Jon has to go back to work in August she will have to come stay with us for a week to which she replied "Mommy, when is August"! Little side note: 2 sisters + 4 children (3 of whom are under the age of 2) = Complete and Utter CHAOS! But we made a lot of memories that wont soon be forgotten! (I forgot my digital camera so no pics from the week)

My children have been busy growing since we've been gone. Audrey can sit up now, completely on her own for a very long time before she topples over. She is trying her best to crawl. She will get up on her knees and rock back and forth. And if there is a toy that she wants she will eventually get it; she will scoot, roll, and stretch until she has it in her chubby little hand! She is a very determined little girl. And boy oh boy talk about animated and spastic! She will definitely keep you laughing.

James can roll really good now and he can also scoot around. He isn't too interested in sitting up by himself but he does love his bumbo seat and exersaucer. His gums I think are really bothering him now and maybe that is why he poops 100 times a day and cries if you look at him wrong. Or maybe he is just rotten. He cries if you lay him down and isn't in the mood to play by himself and he cries if you take something away from him but the moment I pick him up he hushes and sticks that tongue out in a huge grin which melts my heart and makes me roll my eyes because I know he's got me. It is going to be so hard to discipline him if he keeps the cute faces up!

They have both gotten the "We don't pitch fits in this family" and "That is not acceptable behavior" talks many times over the last week but I don't think they really get it. Oh well, I guess it is good practice.

I found their onesies at Wal-Mart and had to get them. After all, it is our family motto:
Sleep is for the Weak!


Dianne said...

Hey, 'Manda & Company,

I know what your "plate" looks like. You're a multi-tasking wife and mama.

Glad you've had the time with Betsy and Hannah and I know Hannah, Audrey, and James are going to be fast friends.

May you all be showered in blessings,


the ladner family said...

those picks are to die for! i can't wait to see them and get my hands on them. Harrison informed me yesterday that he will be babysitting so jon, manda, and myself won't have to. That second to last picture looks like Audrey is holding James up!
(just so you know i have been checking the blog twice daily, but i was pateint because i knew you were out of town! and i know i am not much better!

Becky said...

WHEW! I didn't think I was gonna make it. I'm a livinwithtwins junkie, and we addicts don't like to dry out. Thanks for the GREAT update. It was worth the wait! Missing you already...

~sydney~ said...

hey mannio! I've been checking EVERYDAY for a new blog! Love it!!! and not just because i actually was on the blog! miss you and the babies! oh yeah, and JON! i love u guys!

Nenie said...

WOW, Mannio! Come on, now! Any objective, clear thinking person can see by the pictures you post that there is no "fit throwing" or "unacceptable behavior" happening at your house. At least not by those two little innocent looking angels in the photos! So don,t try to pin anything on the
sweet, beautiful children, okay?

Love Nenie

becky said...

sxvdcbWHEW! I didn't think I was gonna make it. I'm a livinwithtwins junkie, and we addicts don't like to dry out. Thanks for the GREAT update. It was worth the wait! Missing you already...