Monday, June 9, 2008

True Love

I took a nap today. What!!!! Yep. I could hardly believe it myself. I haven't taken a nap with my babies in a long time and I really enjoyed it. I don't sleep during the day for 2 reasons: #1 I usually have waaaaay to much to do around the house to waste time sleeping! #2 If ever I do decide to lay down, they instantly decide they are done napping! But today I decided "what the heck" and I went back to sleep with them this morning. Well, the house is a WRECK. I have done nothing but feed, burp, change and play with babies, watch t.v. and eat junk food. We had fun and I wouldn't trade the memories me and my children get to make together for anything in the world. I am exhausted, once again, but oh so happy!

We tried chewing on cold, carrots today for their little gummies (which by the way James has 2 chiclets just on the brink of breaking thru!) and they really liked them. James more than Audrey though, he chomped on his for a long time and carried on quite a lengthy conversation with it too! Audrey got real excited when I gave it to her but after a couple minutes she had thrown it out and moved on to something else! Thanks for the tip Nonie!

I am taking the twins to a friends house tomorrow so I can do some serious cleaning. I have been planning this for weeks now and I am so excited. I know that sounds strange but I can't tell you the last time our house was really clean. I just barely have the time (or energy) to keep things sanitary!

The video you are about to watch is true love for sure. James thinks everything Audrey does is hilarious which is pretty smart because she is a crack-up for sure! (Be sure to watch James' expression in the 2nd part)


Beth said...

That is just too cute! James has the cutest laugh and Audrey blows bubbles just like Becca!

Have fun cleaning your house. I had a couple of helpers a few weeks ago and it felt so good to be finished with it all for once!

Take Care,

su said...

2 Much!

the ladner family said...

that is so cute! i have never heard them laugh like that before. i get so sad because i am missing so much! i neeeed to see them! Harrison said (in the most pitiful voice ever,) "i wish i was there, so i could play with them all the time. We loved the video!
He was so happy to see Uncle Jon yesterday, but really sad he didn't bring the twins. I had a hard time explaining that one! Love ya'll

Emily said...

Too. Stinkin'. Cute.

I can barely stand it!

Bizz said...

James' giggle and Audrey's squeal are the most adorable noises I have ever heard!

sydneyjo said...

I miss them so much! Jon did an impression of James and Audrey's diefferent personalities when he was here and it reminded me of the Tickle Box Video! HAHA! I'm lovin this high speed internet! See ya this weekend, Manio!