Monday, June 2, 2008

8 Months
My darling children, I cannot believe that 8 months has passed by so quickly. When I think about that, it literally brings tears to my eyes. I am thankful that the Lord has blessed you both to be so healthy and happy but oh how I already miss holding tiny babies in my arms. I love watching you two grow up together. It thrills my soul to watch the two of you smile at each other. If it has been a few hours since you've seen one another, the moment you spot each other you both break into huge grins and start laughing. You like to play on the floor together and you really like to sit in our laps together. And believe it or not, I think you actually like it better when you get rocked together. I love to come into the room and find James chewing on Audrey's toes and Audrey sucking on James' pappy! I love how you love each other! Having twins is exhausting but I wouldn't change it for nothing!
James Bryant you are the light of my world. I love it when you smile at me. Your eyes shine so bright and your tongue shakes while you laugh. You certainly have your Father's personality; easy going and even tempered. I love how you babble quietly to yourself most times. I could sit and listen to your sweet noises for hours. Other times you have a deep throated loud growl to let us know that you are in the room! However, you have a temper that can be scary when it rears its ugly head! Thankfully though it does not take much to calm you down. Usually a pappy and a hug will suffice. Small details interest you. You have a few taggie toys and you love to examine the tags for hours. You also LOVE to chew on anything you can get into your mouth, especially your daddy's finger! Starting solids has been so fun with you. I just knew you were gonna take to it like a duck to water because of the way you stare at the food on our plates at supper time. I was right! You made a few funny faces at first and you still spit some out but all in all you eat it very well. You son, are my snuggle bunny. You love to be held close and you loved to be rocked. I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams the day you came into my life James. To remember how fragile the first few days of your life were and to see now how the Lord has blessed you to grow into a strong and healthy little baby boy is one of the greatest blessing of my life. I love you my darling son.
Audrey Grace. You are my little sunshine with a smile that is captivating! You are such a pleasant and happy little girl. I love how every time you see me you smile at me like you are seeing me for the first time. You are our little wild Indian(some would say you take after your mama!)constantly moving. You always kick your legs wildly and since you have found your toes, they are always in your mouth! I love how vocal you are. Always screeching about something. The only time you are ever really quiet is early in the morning when you first wake up. You will lay there for a good 30 minutes just talking quietly to yourself, waiting for your daddy to come kiss you goodbye and me to come get you up for the day. You love to play with your brother's pappy and you don't mind stealing it right out from under his nose! You also don't mind taking whatever toy he is playing with at the moment! You love to look at books, especially ones with bright colors. You were a blast to watch eating rice cereal for the first time. The way you gaged and carried on was priceless! You like it now, since I started mixing applesauce in with it! You are our little angel sent from heaven. I was blest beyond my wildest dreams the day you came into my life. I wish I had better memories of your first hours and days here on this earth but I am so thankful that the Lord has been so merciful to us! I love you Audrey, my Princess of Grace.


su said...

Amanda, that is so beautiful. I don't have the words to tell you how lovely. I'm so thankful for you.

Dana said...

8 months!!! How how the time flies. They are so beautiful and you are such a good mother. What a tribute to your little ones! They will treasure it for many years to come.

the ladner family said...

that is so beautiful amanda! i think we got a bill shakespeare on our hands! i so wish we could come this weekend, but i don't want to chance it, i wouldn't even wish that sickness on my worst enemy. i know we will be seeing ya'll soon!

Becky said...

Oh my heart can't take it! You are such a sweet mother, and you have such wonderful babies. I love you all so very much.