Sunday, June 8, 2008

Y'all Better LOOK OUT!!
We went to my daddy's last Sunday and spent a few days in Bama just hanging out and relaxing! Nonie (that's what our kids call Nelda) has ALL KINDS of toys that she has collected over the years for her grand-babies and Audrey really liked the car. Next thing we know she will be asking her daddy for that Mustang he always wanted and I have a sneakin suspicion that he'll go right out a buy her one!

James LOVED the leap frog froggie and the walker (even though he can't move it yet!) I have an exersaucer at home and a few weeks ago I tried putting him in it and he screamed like a banshee so I hadn't tried it again. It is crazy how fast they change. As soon as I put him in the walker at dad's he started laughing and talking to all the toys on it and would stay in it for a good while.

Just in the last 2 weeks both of them have really changed. Their little personalities are really blooming and it is becoming more and more evident what they are going to be like as "little people"! James is so studious. He studies and examines everything he gets his chubby little fingers on. Like tonight, I had him in his exersaucer (there are about 10 toys on it) and he picked out this bear and stared at it for a good 5 minutes. Sometimes he would reach out and touch it, sometimes he would just talk to it and sometimes he would stare at it like he was trying to figure out how it worked. It was precious. I think maybe I am raising the next Albert Einstein!! And if an item he is playing with has a tag on it, he will find it and it will keep him occupied for ever.

Audrey, oh little Audrey. She is never still. She is never quiet. And boy did I get a reality check at church this weekend. My baby is no longer the quiet, still, little bit she used to be during church! She squirmed and she flipped and she flopped. She had to look all around to see what everyone else was doing and one night as her daddy was closing out the service, she saw him and let out one of the biggest squeals she has ever squealed! He couldn't help but laugh! She is definitely gonna be the child I have to keep shushing but she is sooooo precious. She smiles at everyone she comes in contact with and I just want to mash the stuffing out of her!


Becky said...
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Becky said...

If he doesn't buy her a Mustang, I will! Audrey looks like she just rolled down the window to say, "What, Mother." (notice no question mark)

Can't wait to help you mash out some stuffing this weekend!!!!!!!

(I was first)

Dana said...

How sweet. They just get more and more precious every time I see them. You look AWESOME! I can't wait to get my pre prego figure back! Hope yall had a wonderful meeting. I think about you so much!

Beth said...


They are just too cute! BTW, church is going to get interesting, Becca can't be still or quiet! She crawled 3 rows up Sunday and somebody else had to grab her, then she would not stop blowing bubbles. Oh well, I am having tons of fun, how about you?