Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 Funerals and a Preacher

In September Jon and I will have been married 5 years. Within those 5 years we have made a countless number of trips to New Orleans and Mississippi to visit family and have been blessed to never have been called to come home due to circumstances within the church. Until yesterday

Tuesday evening we got a call that a dear member had passed away somewhat suddenly and since Friday is the 4th the family wanted to go ahead and have the service on Thursday. Jon decided he wanted to leave me and the kids in Mississippi, come home for the funeral and see about the family, and then come back to Mississippi to spend the 4th and get us. Will, being the kindhearted person that he is, offered to go with Jon and drive for him. Wednesday morning we got up and headed to Mississippi so Jon could see everyone for a little while before they needed to leave. Well, as soon as we got to Emily's we got a call that another dear member had passed away. Again, somewhat suddenly. The family had not yet made arrangements so we went back and forth for awhile about whether or not we should all just go home and plan to come back in a couple weeks or if Jon should just go on by himself and come back on Sunday after church to get us. After several other scenarios like poor Harrison saying "I know, just forget about it and stay here. I don't want to have to wait that long"! Poor baby, he didn't know why we were leaving. All he knew was that he had waited for weeks for the twins to come to his house and now he hears us talking about leaving 30 minutes after we get there. Now if that doesn't make life hard I don't know what does!
As you have probably already figured out, we decided it was best that we all come home and try it again in a couple weeks. Ah well, such is the life of a pastor and his family. You just have to roll with the punches! We did get to have a wonderful in time in New Orleans though and I'll have more about that later.

Our trip home yesterday was not the best. Not only were we feeling kinda blue about having to leave Harrison and his pitiful face, we were all tired, especially James and Audrey. Time change and all the activities that go along with vacations can wear little munchkins out. Needless to say they were slightly crabby and didn't mind letting us know. We ended up stopping 6 times and the closer we got to the house, the more things started to break down. How glad we were to see the sun go down, stop for the last bottle, put their pj's on and hear Audrey give her famous "last yelp" before falling asleep! We arrived home about 11 p.m. last night and successfully transferred the youngins to their beds without their little heads popping up! And boy were they excited when they woke up this morning in their own beds! They missed their house and are currently rolling around like maniacs on the floor behind me!


~sydney~ said...

wow mannio! i cant BELIEVE i missed u! i had SO MUCH FUN with yo daddy though! he's a hoot! we gotta talk soon! i miss u and those babies...oh...and of course Jon!

su said...

Amanda, you rock! And as Ronnie and I often say...Jon's ministry is blessed to have THE PERFECT PREACHER'S WIFE. And I'll try the new're such a beast. (Does that fit?) If not, please excuse and chalk it up to generational antiquity.

Dianne said...

Hey, L'il Sister,

I agree with Su. You are a huge contributing factor to Jon's ability to pick up and go when the need arises. You're a trooper. And, you've got the hang of this. First time Jon's ministry interrupted a plan. Won't be the last. God gives "grace" and He sure gave you a truckload.

I am thankful God called Jon out to minister; I am just as thankful He called you out to be Jon's helpmeet.

May He continue to bless you all,

Dianne (-:

Emily said...

Geez! What a mean Aunt! ;)

Just kidding, my dearest! Sorry things couldn't go as planned, and I'm sorry for the loss in your church.

I feel for poor Harrison though. I mean, I know how upset I am that I haven't made it back to see the babies yet. You know, the offer to send them to Brasil for a while still stands . . . you think that over some more next time you're awake at 4:00 am with a crying baby, please. ;)

Love y'all!