Monday, July 21, 2008

The only thing that stays the same is
that everything changes

It is amazing how fast children grow up. One minute they are teeny tiny babies that can't do anything but cry, eat, poop and sleep. The next minute they are crawling, dancing, cutting teeth, pitching fits and having to have their cribs lowered to the last notch.

During the 2nd weekend of this month Audrey cut her first tooth and finally balanced on her knees long enough to crawl a few steps. And like I thought, once she got a taste of it she hasn't stopped. The same weekend she started clapping her hands sporadically and would twist her arms in a dance like manner whenever one of her toys would make music. All that happened in a couple days. Unbelievable.

With each passing day in Hattiesburg she just got faster and faster with the crawling and the new things wont stop coming. She dances to the muffin man when you sing it and will clap on command now. She can feed herself peach puffs and push my hands away when she doesn't want me to do something. She can pull up on her knees and last night for a fleeting moment she pulled up on her little feet. If she was animated before I don't know what to call it now. She chatters away and so many times it seems like she is trying to tell us stuff. She simply adores her brother and her daddy. And I think she likes me pretty well! I started calling her Normanette last week, you know, after Norman from Psycho! You have to of seen that movie to get why that is funny!

James is still just hanging loose and I am glad for that! He can take as long as he wants to sit up and crawl and do big boy things; mama needs a baby around for a little while longer! And if Audrey is Normanette then you better believe James is Norman. I'm not complaining, not yet any way! But poor James has the pink eye. He does not feel good and thinks he must be in my lap at all times so today has been rather challenging being here by myself. Especially after coming off a week long high of always having 6 extra pair of hands!

We had a great time in Hattiesburg. They had their first swim in a pool and just as their parents predicted Audrey took to it like a fish and James had to adjust before he liked it. Right away Audrey was splashing and kicking and laughing. James immediately leaned back with his arms at his sides and didn't move or hardly breath for about 10 minutes. Jon put a toy in the float with him and that got him interested enough to lean up. Once he relaxed he started splashing and kicking and the next day when he saw the pool he got very excited and started screeching at it!


su said...

So sorry to hear about the eye infections, but our James and Audrey seem so able to adjust to just about anything. I know it was hard today, Mama, and oh how I wish I could hold them for you!

the ladner family said...

tell them we are so sorry they are sick! we miss them so bad. and ya'll of coarse! they are soooo precious. we love you guys.

Becky said...

Missing y'all terribly this week! You captured how Hughston feels about Audrey in that first he in love, or what!? Sorry about my phone yesterday. Call me again when you get time. Love!