Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine:
But a Broken Spirit Drieth The Bones
Proverbs 17:22
Dana and Michael Hataway are 2 of our dearest friends in the world. They came for a visit this weekend and our hearts were truly made merry! When we lived in Gray we lived right around the corner from each other and got together quite often for suppers, game nights and not to mention seeing them twice a week at church! So over the years we formed a good friendship but since moving to South Georgia we've only seen them once and have deeply missed their company!
They have 2 year old Allie and baby Joshua due in about 6 weeks. It was so much fun to watch Allie play with the twins and imagine that next year at this time the twins will be almost as big as Allie and Joshua will be crawling (or running) around behind them!

We grilled hamburgers, laughed at the children, listened to Allie's sweet little voice sing her self to sleep, told jokes until midnight and laughed harder than we'd laughed in a long time. Jon almost came out of his chair after one that Michael told! We talked about church matters and scriptures and shared lots of memories of good meetings and dear members that have since gone on to be with the Lord. I gave Dana some of my maternity clothes to finish out her last trimester with and got all sentimental while I was going through them and said "Oh, this makes me want to have another baby." Jon immediately turned around and said "Be quiet woman"! I reckon that means the clothes didn't make him sentimental. Uh, go figure!If you tilt your heads side ways you will be able to see that Allie was trying to put shoes on James' feet! She tried to put Audrey's on but Audrey was too fast for Allie and scooted away.

Despite the wide eyed, blank looks on our children's faces in all the pictures, they really had a fun time playing together. The twins were so distracted they didn't get too cranked up around bed time for once. Guys, we had a great time and miss you already. We love you!

We are heading out for the Pine Belt tomorrow so once again we will be MIA for awhile!


su said...

Oh my goodness. You all made my heart merry just thinking about you all being together. I know Dana and Michael and Allie are so very special and I am so thankful you have friends in the Lord such as they...I , too, cherish the memories of your time in Gray.

Dana said...

I wish you knew how much we enjoyed our visit. Allie talks about James and Audrey a lot and even sings, "He's got James and Audrey in His hands." I wish we could see a whole lot more of you guys but we are so thankful for the few hours we had with dear friends. I thank God for our friendship!