Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Excitement

Our Summer just keeps getting busier and busier. What was supposed to be a relaxing-get-lots-of-stuff-done-enjoy-lazy-Summer-evenings in the South has turned into a constantly-on-the-go-one-thing-after-another event. My plan at the beginning of the Summer was to be gone so much that by the time Jon has to start back to school, we will be so burned out that I will be GLAD to be at home for a few months with out leaving my house except for church and the occasional trip to the grocery. Well, in less than a month my goal will have been reached! Now don't get me wrong, please. We have and will continue to totally enjoy all time spent with both our families! No regrets. Honest. Just exhaustion and lots of happy memories. Well, most of them happy. I wasn't too happy to find out what age Buddy's Wii said I was. Don't ask because I will never tell!!!

Hannah, Eric and Audrey

We got home last Wednesday night after cutting our trip to Mississippi short only to be home for 1 day before getting the call that one of my daddy's sisters had passed away and the funeral would be on Sunday at Cool Springs. So Saturday after a funeral here, we loaded up and headed north. Only to be at my sisters for 1 day before getting the call that a church member's wife had died. So we came back yesterday evening in time for Jon to make it to the visitation. We are beginning to think that for the safety and well-being of the rest of the church, maybe we should cancel all future trips! (just kidding y'all!)

Zach and James

Even though we were only in Middle Georgia for a short time and even though it was under such circumstances, we had a good time and I was overjoyed to see some of my cousins and aunts and uncles that I hadn't seen in years! Everyone was so excited to see us and our "infamous" children that they had only heard stories about from Uncle Franklin! And let me tell you, James and Audrey really showed out for every one. They were on their best behavior which meant that they charmed everyone in the building! They got passed around to so many people that I was afraid they would eventually start breaking down but they were so happy you could tell they were totally in their element.

Matthew Audrey riding Matthew's spiderman carWe are supposed to be here the rest of the week and into the weekend. I promise that next time I will have stories and pictures from our trip to New Orleans so stay tuned!


Becky said...

Don't worry, manny. I'm 48 on the Wii...something must be wrong with the stupid thing

Amanda said...

I wont reveal the real number but mine was ALOT bigger than that!I agree, I think the thing is stupid!

Dianne said...

What's the Wii...BEAST? Like Phat? I'm so out of the loop...but, whatever you are talking about I am still a big fan.

Just reading your blog made me feel like I needed to take two aspirin and go to bed. What an amazing ride you all have.

You are my heroine. You do it all so well and the babies...they were born to enjoy people. Perfectly acclimated for this large extended family, naturally and spiritually speaking.

May God bless all and ever.

~sydney~ said...

Ok this wii thing is really weird! i'm 14 NOT 32!!!!!! my wii trainer asked if i find myself tripping as i walk!!! How rude!!! The babies are so cute and i am ONCE AGAIN so mad that i will b gone when u get back to mississippi!!! i'll be at another camp!!! ugh!!!