Thursday, September 11, 2014

I’m NOT lazy!

For years I have been trying to figure myself out and have recently come to the conclusion that it’s an impossibility to do so. I have these spurts of creativity and great motivation where bam bam bam I turn projects out left and right, I never put my camera down, my house stays spotless for days at a time, no body is looking for laundry in the morning rush, I exercise, eat and sleep right, and I put Paula Deen to shame. And then somewhere, out of nowhere, I have 10 projects that I can’t even start, not sure if I even know where my camera is, my house looks like a tornado lives here(or 5), nobody can find any clean clothes in the morning rush, I stay up way to late, I eat ice cream right before I go to bed and the SHRED dvd gets “lost” and instead of putting Paula to shame I’m making my grandmother roll over in her grave. There’s lots more I could add to the “how my week goes wrong” list but I need to draw the line somewhere!

If there was some kind of magical way to make everything go right and smoothly 100% of the time my goodness I wish someone would pass the fairy dust!! But I think I have just come to the conclusion that life is tough and some days are better than others. Profound, I know! And you just have to learn to accept it and when you have bad days, look forward to the good days and when you have good days WORK YOUR BEHIND OFF cause it might be a few weeks before you have another monstrous spurt of energy that allows you to accomplish more than the surviving basics!

All that being said, I have managed to clean up my hard drive, SCORE! But am still working on organizing and then choosing some to print. It’s rather overwhelming but I did it to myself so I shan’t complain. 

As for this here blog, good grief!! SO MUCH has happened that I have not cataloged I don’t even know where to begin. That’s overwhelming as well. Not to mention the crazy summer we had, the busy fall we are having and the even busier winter that lies ahead!! There are just not enough hours in a day. And to think that I even contemplate the very IDEA of homeschooling when I get so frustrated with the ridiculous common core math that my 1st graders are coming home with. Somebody just shoot me now.

Happy Thursday everybody :)


Becky said...


Anonymous said...

OH! Be still my heart! You BLOGGED... With your schedule, I should understand when you don't but I SO MISS IT....

Oh girl! Sounded like you were talking about me... I am XX years old and have totally NOT found a way to keep myself in gear! I too go in spurts.
Totally impressed with your stamina and ability to do ALL that you do for your sweet family...

Keep up the good work and BLOG BABY BLOG!

Love ya, Nonie

Betsy McDaniel said...

I would just like to say thanks for blurring the background of the first picture, lol! ��