Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Struggle Is Real, Y'all

The struggle of life is real. The struggle to stay on task is real. The struggle to stay caught up is real. But today the struggle to learn to ride a tricycle when you have extra short legs, now that is real. Bless her heart. We’re trying, we’re learning and one day our legs will grow enough where we don’t have to struggle!!

Real quick, I did send my camera off and I did have a few things repaired on it and even though I’ve only used it twice since it came back, wow. I wish I had sent it off months and months ago!! Well worth the money. And as far as printing off pictures goes, I finally dived in and tried a new printing company that had been recommended to me and printed of about 65 pics just to see and I was very impressed. Mpix is the company and I highly recommend them!! Super fast turn over time and awesome quality!! I also had 3 large canvas printed and finally got them hung on the wall. I’m no where near being done but I feel very good about my efforts and will most certainly continue!!


Becky said...

worth the wait...as always
She's GORGEOUS, by the way

Becky said...

Also, I ordered prints from Mpix yesterday. Thanks for the tip!!!!!!